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  1. I ended up Sunday night being in the Woodcutter with Dougie Arnott talking to him about Van Der Gaag's goal against Dunfermline. It was a really weird night
  2. whats it like being the only guy in the Celtic team who cant speak English? ya mutant fiend!
  3. Well we went in the gate for students and as i said we went to the wrong one first, i got in fine but my mate who was paying wasn't allowed in and got moved then moved and then moved again etc
  4. We might have went to the wrong one at the beginning but he was told 3 different times to go to a gate which turned out to be incorrect, so the staff might not know either which gates to be at.
  5. Finally! i know why he got kicked out now
  6. Was that not the stewards and policy at the St Mirren game this week?
  7. the folk working the gates at the east stand aren't that helpful either sometimes My mate went to the game the other night, he doesn't like football but goes if i ask him and he had to pay in, so he went in the gate after me and handed over the cash and the guy told him this was the students bit and to go to the gate at the end, he waited in the queue again and then when we got served they told him it was the kids and OAP's turnstyle then to go to the one next door and he waited in the queue again and got moved once more. I tend to find this when i was paying with money myself to get into the games they seemed to just move me around and noone ever seemed to know where i was to go.
  8. I still want to know why that one wee boy was kicked out the other night by the policy
  9. Or when the St Mirren player tried that scissors kick and fucked it up, or the ref not giving us a penalty for Lasley being taken down
  10. Thing i notice is when things are not going right this is what always happens: Radolph throws to right back/left back who passes to Craggs, who looks up and launches a shite pass at Sutton, Sutton backs his ass into the defender and either gets taken to the ground to give them a free kick or he wins the header. If he wins the header Jeffers or Murphy will collect then try to throw it in the box again for Sutton to header, hit the first man then we lose possession. Of course it doesn't always go like that i mean. Craigan making contact with a pass? but it usully ends up being that
  11. Who voted for Craigan? Jenno gets mine, Would have given it to Jeffers, he made neat wee runs and tried to lay off a few balls but he's not got the players to help him So Jenno cause he was the only one who showed commitment
  12. That was my main problem, why couldnt Hateley be moved back and put gunning in midfield? St Mirren deserved the win, they were all over us after 25-30 mins Does anyone know why the police kicked that boy out of the east stand? i know the stewards came round to complaing about something(surprise) then the policy came and kicked one wee guy out
  13. Thanks Mr Boyle for running my club, For a man who is a genuine fan of the club, put so much money in that he did and to give up his shares and not look to be bought out? fantastic! I think now would be a perfect time to buy a club if someone wanted to invest in a football club
  14. Yeah, just seen on Sky Sports that it runs till the summer of 2012
  15. Heard Barnsley are going for him now, i still would take him
  16. Where did they get this? we could never afford that guy
  17. I think it's come out because Jenno and Suttygoal want to stay and are wanting new contracts, I would welcome it and it makes sence why they both would come out and say it
  18. Im sure Jennings came out the other day and said that he likes working under SM
  19. The youngest in the premier league and i think it's quite good a derby i enjoy the games. Also the penalty and the stewards throwing folk out were during the game. BR and SM commenting on the game was after i'll give you that one
  20. Gunning for me Hammy has some challenge now
  21. One thing that pisses me off is the fact no Radio Station focuses on our Derby game, It's either the OF or the Edinburgh one. I know ours is the youngest but it's always a good game, a good battle as well, full of contraversial moments (sutton's penalty) crowd moments (guys get chucked out for celebrating) and manager spats( BR saying sutton dived and SM saying that it wasn't the case) Our game was miles better than that pile of pish, it tends to piss them off anyway when you say you dont watch it cause the games shit
  22. I was in the exec boxes in the south stand and seen it. I seen all you lot celebrating and the stewards came into the stand to pull some of you lot out, the Hamilton fans in front of us were confused as well and were shouting at the stewards, all the stewards from the away section went to the east stand when there really wasn't any bother at all
  23. Just asked a few of the guys in work if their manager emails them, We seem to be the only one who gets a managers email moan the well!
  24. Really? i didn't know you could just get up and move stands

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