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  1. How do we know it's SM and not Flow
  2. Cant get Radio Scotland for some reason on my ipod, i have to listen to Real Radio of love in show
  3. Dibble keeps e-mailing him and telling him Gannon is a better manager than him any day
  4. We need to give them a pumping! Im sick of Accies coming to our back garden and doin us.
  5. Thats a great point, and i agree. Thing is if you have a link to Scotland (like SM his dad was Scottish) then that's fine. Do you think Mackie, Bardsley,Gilks anytime a Scotland game came on were down the pub in the tartan singing the national anthem? its only to add some value onto them that they play. James Morrison though is a guy i like for Scotland, at 22 he choose to play for Scotland, i dont know why because i think he is a great wee player so i have no problem with him, the same with Steven Fletcher because he was raised here
  6. And broon could stay at the but n ben anytime he wanted!
  7. Their not even allowed to cover the games live from the stadium
  8. I tend to agree, Tam cowan said that to Stuart Cosgrove on off the ball and he even said his team should be punished, Im not into the whole "suspended fine" and things i mean look at Wigans pitch!. But the fact St J and Dundee utd are not getting and abuse about this and we got everything is not fair! i still get folk telling me we should have been kicked out the league
  9. Now that you mention it, their hasn't been any updates the last few days
  10. I can fully appreciate the guys here who pick Scotland over the Well, sometimes i wish i was more patriotic. As i said, i find it hypocritical to support a bunch of players who i either dont like,dont support/abuse or never heard about. I never like it how it feels to myself Motherwell are always looked over for players getting call ups. I grew up like most folk dreaming about scoring for my country, we all did it when we were younger. But the fact that during international week all you read about is "41 year old David Weir has pulled out of the squad, a random English guy born in Southampton and is 27 who players for Kettering Town has been called up to replace him". The amount of English guys in our team is another reason i dont support. It's the Scotland national team, not team GB! Our players might not be good enough but more fans like me would care if they had more actual Scottish players in the squad
  11. belter weeyin! I would love SM to come out and just challenge folk in his emails "And see Gattuso head butting Clelands finest? he wouldnt dare try that with me! i'd drop him!"
  12. Fantastic idea! Thing is the Scotland team dont really bother me, i mean i was them to do well and i watch the games but im a Motherwell fan and im more passionate about my team. I dont understand why say we play Celtic one week and were abusing their fans calling them all the names under the sun, then Scott Brown he's this and he's that and all the abuse to him. Then at the Scotland game he scores and im celebrating with the celtic fan next to me who i was just abusing. I cant do that. Dont get me wrong i love my country and love us to do well, but it's Motherwell all the way for me
  13. We better not get beat on Saturday, im with the Prawn Sandwich crew for the game! dont want to cause a scene when im hurling abuse at Simon Mensing
  14. I spoke to my Rangers mates at work about the game and their still ripping me for the game
  15. Auld sly fox eh? couldn't resist the whole win percentage thing
  16. that would be well funny if a bird shat on someone
  17. I guess so, i know Sky ran the story to death when it came out and so did the BBC but the press up here never did anything about it
  18. The thing that confuses me is that why has the whole Jennings betting thing never been mentioned? of course im glad it doesnt but if it was either of the OF we would still never hear the end of it
  19. Awwww i cant wait for Auld judas broon's interview! "Me and Archie hold Motherwell in such high regards, they have a fantastic group of players and John has worked wonders as a chairman" "Stuart is a great man, when he played for me for Scotland he always gave everything and he's a tough player which he has installed into a great Motherwell team"
  20. Now you've said that im sure Blackman will get a hat-trick
  21. Or just read something Andy Devlin writes
  22. Well we lost 7 to Celtic, but it finished 7-1 so i guess you can say that's 6 goals
  23. Spot on Steve, it really pisses me off, and when we play Celtic it's always Randy being interviewed because he's from Ireland, Before the semi final there was an interview with McCall and McCoist having breakfest and talking about the old days at Rangers, and thats it! It really pisses me off that they chuck in any old firm reference just to sell the paper

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