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  1. My dad got ours in the general sale this morning for the back row of P3, if that gives any indication as to how many sold...?
  2. Was Hammerfist not this guy...? http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/child-porn-perv-turned-fake-11283029
  3. Just caught up with Sportscene. I don't understand how anyone can be defending McHugh...two rash challenges. The other two, Carson is outside the box, and Dunne didn't touch him. Regardless, some absolute comedy defending from Tait Dunne and Kipre which will need to be sorted.
  4. Maybe I was at a different game. At the game I was at he played multiple long balls to no-one, failed with crosses, was ponderous in possession and dropped a Zak Jules that better teams would have punished us with. Similar to the other times I've seen him in a Well shirt. He might come good but I don't think he'll cut it at this level.
  5. Plummer in for Dunne please. For Wednesday and forever - the guy is a bombscare. Not quite as bad as Tony Straker, but close.
  6. Kipre easily our best player so far. Fisher is trying, running the channels well but no service. No creativity at all.
  7. Dembele has been in lower league French football then eventually making it to Rennes where he didn't seem to make the cut. He then moved to Stevenage and then to Barnet. Tuton has come from Barnsley via loan spells at Grimsby and Barrow (who we play a week on Tuesday).
  8. Agreed its too early to judge fully but everyone is entitled to a first opinion.
  9. HARRY - I think we are being a bit polite about Clay - he's rotten. Personally I am not that sold on Tait either really, he's OK and not much more. Would rather have Tom Hateley. A big step up for both.
  10. Well Charles Dunne was absolutely rancid against Stirling Albion...Straker Mk2
  11. In short, it was very much a pretty season friendly with a team who hadn't played together. The first half team were poor, and we should have been 2 down easily. There was a lot of midfield graft and movement of the ball with Campbell and McLean but no real penetration. Looked like we played a 433 with Campbell, McLean and Rose in the middle, Frear wide left and Tanner wide right. Second half was the same formation with Cadden right, Thomas left, Clay, McHugh and Gordon in the middle with Bowman up top. The 2nd half team looked much more comfortable and played better stuff. McHugh was very good, as was Cadden. In terms of the new guys... Kipre - he was OK. Looked a little slow perhaps and caught out of position once Dunne - awful. Wasteful on the ball, played everyone miles onside once, was very fortunate not to give a goal away with lack of tracking back, and generally looked lethargic and uninterested Rose - never got into the game and looked cumbersome and lethargic also. Dispossessed a few times and did nothing of note. Tanner - started out right and didn't see any of the ball. Drifted infield and looked OK, although seems to have no right foot. Looks like he has a decent delivery with crosses. Tuton - didn't see much of the ball but when he did he looked good. Fantastic goal really clean strike of the ball from about 25 yards top corner with power. Dembele - looks a bit ungainly but didn't put a single foot wrong, nearly scored from a header and even took it a wee dribble. Looks good.
  12. Turgid. Not been in a while through various reasons and i wish I stayed in the house. Hoof ball can get to fuck. keep it on the ground and play.

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