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  1. Can't let a thread like this go by without mentioning my dear Ol' Dad, who without his influence the "Fergiecrew" wouldn't be what they are today, and a dear friend Rab McLaren, who made the bus trip to Katowice almost a pleasure. I'll have a tear in my eye just before kick off thinking about them roaring our favourites on from above !!!!
  2. Apart from the standard of Groundsman , nothing has changed much at Fir Park since I first went in '68 !!! I'm more embarrassed about some folk on here spending way too much time and effort slating the Club for everything and anything that isn't up to scratch as they see it. If you're no' happy, go and watch Airdrie or Celtic or Rangers or Motherwell Miners, and gie us all some peace.
  3. See if you're all that embarrassed about this fiasco, and embarrassed about the Groundsman, and embarrassed about the Board of Directors, and embarrassed about the standard of players on the park, and embarrassed about the nick of Fir Park, and embarrassed about the average attendance of MFC......then what the hell are you doing on a MFC supporters forum. Seriously, get a life.
  4. Very intelligent post by Mio !!!
  5. Done a "Scream Team" to accompany a "Dream Team" I did for GLF a few years back, and the line up I came up with was, 1. Stevie Woods, 2. Peter Carr, 3. Billy Dickson, 4. Allan Mackin, 5. Karl Ready, 6. John Capaldi, 7. Mike Cormack, 8. John Reilly, 9. Jim Gillespie, 10. Davie Shanks, 11. Gordon Mair. Enjoy the memories !!
  6. I've got to say that the alarm bells are ringing loud and clear at Fir Park in my humble opinion. Not particularly as far as results and performances are concerned (I kinda expected a tough season), but the recent demeanour of our manager, his interviews, criticism of Referees, and now his own players is worrying. Yesterday he sounded like Berti Vogts during his Scotland days with his " what more can I do" line. His claim that his players can't pass properly, and can't defend properly, no matter how much he coaches them, don't go down well with this fan, and sure as hell won't go down well with his playing staff. I get the impression, and have had for a period of time, that Jim Gannon will be back down South sooner rather than later. That doesn't concern me in itself, but I'd hate to think the Club is going along with, and standing behind the current manager in his discourteous remarks regarding players who have served this Club with distinction for a number of years. Man management is an art that perhaps Jim Gannon should brush up on.These guys deserve MFC's, and our respect
  7. Thought it was a 3-4-2-1, with Reynolds and Yass supporting O'Brien and Murphy.
  8. The Club is in no position, with the paper thin squad, to get rid of anyone, never mind the Club Captain. To me it looked like three OG's/deflections, surely we don't start childishly blame defenders for getting the "last touch"? Also you've got to give St. Mirren some credit for putting dangerous crosses in loading pressure on our back lot, something we painfully failed to achieve.
  9. Absolutely gank. It's been a long time since I've saw a Motherwell team that had 14 god awful performances within it. In fact make that 15, cause Jim Gannon had an absolute nightmare. This is the kinda stuff I expected pre season with the collection lower league English , players from our under 19's and those left from the Fir Park summer fire sale that Gannon cobbled together, although it disnae make tonights result any easier !!!! The early games had given us some promise, but let's be honest, tonights result has been on the cards for weeks. We were fortunate against Caley, Falkirk, Celtic and on Saturday, when we've got the breaks, but now is the time to call an egg an egg. Keep trying to play football in your own half (and at times penalty box) will not be rewarded with a top six finish or anything like it. Tonight, we could argue about the rights and wrongs of the starting line up, but, the way Gannon tinkered with it defied logic. The three players with any kind of pace, and therefore a degree of threat (all be it minimal !!) were eventually withdrawn in a cup tie that was slipping away from the first 15 minutes.
  10. To be fair to me, who started this thread. It wasn't based on rumour, it was info which I thought (wrongly as it turns out) might be of interest to this Board.
  11. Boy this has grown arms and legs !!! I was under the impression that the first post was quite positive, in that although he'd require another op, he did see his immediate future at Fir Park. This bizarre condemnation of his character (and his advisors), which have followed leaves me regretting starting such a thread. The next time I hear a bit of gossip, I'll keep it to myself !!
  12. Slane knows, Gannon knows, and we all know, that Paul is far from being the finished article. To describe him as the most exciting prospect in years, and comparing him to James McFadden just is laughable, he's nothing more than just "another" prospect emerging from the Motherwell youth system. As I said, he knows he has to develop in the Motherwell 1st team for a couple of years to continue his footballing education. However tempting it may be to him to join Celtic, he knows Fir Park is the place for him at the moment, and will tie himself to Motherwell. As to why he hasn't yet signed that contract, I honestly don't know.
  13. Heard today Paul Slane has to go for another operation, putting him on the sidelines for 4/6 weeks. Celtic are definitely chasing him, but he sees his short to mid term future playing first team football at Fir Park.
  14. Why would anyone better then Motherwell want to offer Jim O'Brien a better deal than what he has got at Fir Park ? Paul Slane is nothing more than a "Promising Youngster" with nothing to offer the first team other than, an occaisional bit of magic. These two players could leave and I wouldn't miss a heartbeat. MFC will move on !!
  15. Dearie me guys. Zemmema scored a crackin' goal and celebrated in front of you. It's football, deal with it and move on. Had Motherwell won 4-3 would this thread have happened ? I don't think so. We love the celebrations following a Motherwell goal, let's no' get too disheartened when it's the other lots turn !!!

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