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    Away Leg

    I'll be there just after 6. Yas!
  2. Jonny_Kerr

    Away Leg

    Forgot all about that place. Good shout. There is also a Panathinaikos supporters club who meet at the Dolphin Hotel near Paddington. Their website seems a bit out of date though. The last news article was posted in January.
  3. 06.30 Heathrow - Athens on the Wednesday. Back at 19.10 the following evening. Not sure where I'm staying yet. Any suggestions?
  4. EDIT: Fuck this actually. I'm no even getting involved
  5. The council are currently putting bunting up around the town. It's already up in the town centre next to the train station and they have just started on Airbles Road and Windmillhill Street. Took a picture from the roundabout on Airbles Road but it's not the best. I'll put more up in daylight tomorrow.
  6. Anyone got a link for the radio coverage?
  7. Jonny_Kerr

    Club Statement

    Good luck to them beating Celtic in the league cup so we can hammer them in the final!
  8. Thought I would only make the away leg but I just found out that I'm no longer needed at work tomorrow or Friday so I'm on the 11.45 bus from London tonight! Can't wait!
  9. Says on Reuters that they are meeting BAA on the 16th and they must give 7 days notice before a strike. We'll be fine.
  10. Just of the phone with Jim, the owner of "Ryan's of Odense", the Irish bar over there. He seems keen to look after us in his pub while we're over. Says it will be about £3 a pint in his pub when we're there. He wants to know how many would be up for heading there while we're over. There's a big area downstairs but there is another bar upstairs that could be opened if there are loads of us. Also, he says there is a big square outside the pub that can take a couple of hundred fans. Apparently the Odense fans are likely to come down after the game to join us for a few drinks too. He's a sponsor of OB and he's coming to Motherwell for the return leg! Here's the Facebook group: Ryan's of Odense Sounds ideal! Thoughts?
  11. I take it you've got the Inter-railing pass? I'm in the City Hotel on Wednesday and Thursday night
  12. Is there a square in the city centre we can meet up and drink at in Odense similar to Stanislas Place in Nancy?
  13. Out: Departure 06:40 Wed 18-Aug London - Heathrow (LHR) Terminal:3 Arrival 09:30 Wed, 18-Aug Copenhagen - CPH (Copenhagen International Airport) Return: Departure 20:10 Fri 20-Aug Copenhagen - Copenhagen International Airport (CPH) Terminal:3 Arrival 21:05 Fri, 20-Aug London - LHR (Heathrow) Terminal:3 British Midland Airways
  14. So is the first one drawn, the first leg?
  15. Ended up costing me £9.49 after exchange rate, charges and all that to watch that pish stream. Robbing bastards.
  16. You only sing when you're whaling
  17. Anyone got a better link for the game? The justin.tv link stopped due to copyright violation and the one the now is showing barca tv
  18. Mind though, they close the campsite at a certain time each night so make sure you get up there on time! I'll be at T from the Thursday so will probably just watch it on a portable telly if it's on BBC or head in to a pub in Kinross where it will probably be on.
  19. Got an exam the next day as I said to ye but I'll sort out gettin some raffle tickets with ye Sparra

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