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  1. Cheers CoF, I might be able to zoom in for what I need, ta
  2. Maybe a bit of a long shot but does anyone have a photo of the bucket seats in an empty PO’D that they can share please, preferably taken looking straight into the stand at the Cooper end?
  3. The Lotto site isn’t a new site though, it’s an old site that needs updating. And I’ve reported it to the club twice now, once last year and again last week, same response on both occasions - ‘I’ll pass on your comments’. You’d think they’d want to sort it out as it’s a revenue stream. Edit - Just realised that wee yins post wasn’t in response to mine!
  4. The ‘Well Lotto is so un-user friendly that I’m probably going to stop contributing. Not for the first time I can’t buy new credits (server was down on Friday apparently but not been able to purchase since), only get the email results sporadically, have to keep logging in to see if I have any credit in my account, no details of winners beyond one week, it’s just shite all round. I only have 2 entries so unlikely that my £104 per year contribution will be missed but it’s just so frustrating that it’s so difficult to put money into the club.
  5. Called and the club on Friday, they’re being issued w/c 23rd July
  6. Ben Heneghan released from Sheffield Utd
  7. Looking at the league table based purely on home games we would actually be top of the league (albeit Celtic and Aberdeen would have a game in hand) so anything less than 3 points will be disappointing when I'd normally be happy with a draw against this lot!
  8. Thought it was quite ironic that both sets of 'Bois' at Perth on Saturday, home and away, seemed to be co-ordinated in displaying their 'anti-Bill' banners at kick off then at full time some of them were kicking seven shades of shite out of each other down where the buses were parked. Yeah, it's the establishment's fault....arseholes.
  9. So, you are saying that some have been shite and should go and some others have also been shite but they should stay?
  10. I would go with Sutton for his goals return. Think Craig Reid also deserves a mention in this thread though as, IMO, I reckon he's been one of our better and most consistent performers since he signed, really hoping we sign him up longer term.
  11. Some fat guy in the main stand was repeatedly shouting at McCall for a few minutes to "get rid of him, he's f*cking sh*te" (ironic considering the same fat guy had been shouting at someone else in the main stand to "watch their language, there's kids about" a few minutes earlier, not sure what for, I was too busy supporting the team). McCall then, rightly IMO, started shaking his head and asked the guy if he wanted him to 'do it just now?, do you want me to take him off just now?'. The guy never replied until McCall turned to focus back on the game and then the fat guy just shouted the same abuse again. Couple of things with this: 1. The fat guy needs to have a look at his double standards over his choice of language 2. More importantly, and I'm all for constructive criticism, that level of abuse, and booing him off at full time too, is not merited IMO. Goalkeeping is a 'confidence' position, and this level of abuse can not do any good whatsoever.
  12. Whichever one earns most cash for the club
  13. Whilst she has provided a reason I'm not sure that it actually stacks up....if it helps us with an extra day recovery time for the next game by bringing it forward does it not actually give us one less day for recovery after today's game?
  14. Garry o'connor,Derek Riordan have both been released by their clubs.Dont think we need them though. Guy I know at Hibs FC told me that O'Connor was at the Hibs v Hearts cup game a few weeks ago and popped in to see him. When asked how things were going in Russia he claimed to be getting released from his contract and something was being lined up (pardon the pun) for him in the States. He was then questioned if he would be allowed into the country with all the drug stuff hanging over him and he replied that he'd be getting cleared of it all and it wouldn't be a problem. Then, as was widely reported in the press, the stupid big chunt then proceeded to go out on the piss in Edinburgh after the match and (allegedly...) got caught with narcotics on him again, putting an end to that wee plan Good player but a fuckin idiot of a laddie.

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