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  1. Looking for a copy of the programme for the Scottish Cup 4th round tie versus Falkirk , February 1991. Needed for special project. Willing to pay £15 for copy in good condition.
  2. I agree with the optimism at the start of the season. The programme for the Dundee Utd game on the Wednesday night (the day after Ally was sacked)obviously had his Manager's column where he said he was glad that the League Cup had reverted back to a section of 4 format as it prepared us perfectly for the important league campaign, and that he was confident that we now had the team that would take us back to the top division. I feel that if he had been left in charge that we would have won the league and of course we wouldn't have been looking for a new manager for the following season after Hay left us hanging on while he waited for reply from his big job in America.
  3. According to SFA Disciplinary site he is out for "2 FIRST TEAM MATCHES IMMEDIATE" That makes it Saturday's game against Hibs and tomorrow's game against Accies - so back for our game on Saturday
  4. I have been concerned about the budgeting at the Club ever since the first Well Society meeting when it was stated from the directors that we budget for a top 6 finish and a good run in both cups. I thought at the time that it was lunacy! I am also concerned that "The financial position of the club was assisted by the initial share subscription from the Well Society of £150,000". I was under the impression that the shares were gifted to the Society ( to be handed over when financial targets were met), not that they had to be purchased, and that the money would be purely a loan to the club at times of cash flow problems. I therefore thought that my contribution was always going to be there, either in the Well Society account or as part of a loan to Motherwell FC - not that it would be used to "purchase" shares when the club required cash.
  5. JimH

    The Well Society

    It is more normal to ask candidates for a statement of a particular length, say 250 words, so that all candidates know what is being requested. Without such an instruction you get what we have here - a couple of people giving just a short statement to someone completing their CV as though they are applying for a job, with all the rest somewhere in between. It has also become the norm where more than 1 person is to be selected to use a form of proportional representation. This would mean indicating at least you first 4 choices on the ballot paper with say the Single Transferable Vote used to find the 4 successful candidates. If each member only has 1 vote, what happens in the event of a tie between 2 or more candidates?
  6. From BBC "Sportsday Live" Website _ Polish international midfielder Dariusz Dudka agrees a deal to join La Liga outfit Levante subject to a medical, the Spanish club confirm. The 29-year-old is out of contract after four seasons with French club Auxerre.
  7. Just sent the £20 to reach your total. Jim
  8. I agree, but would go further. When you see Rangers being treated in a preferential way to keep sponsors (Sky particularly) happy, then questions really have to be asked about how far would they go (or have gone). We have all been at games in the past where outrageous decisions mostly fall in favour of the Old Firm. Similarly we've had the jokes about warm and cold balls during cup draws. But after this who is to say that our half hearted claims of bias haven't been in fact the way Scottish Football is run - ensure Rangers and Celtic have and extra chance of winning games, reaching later stages of cup competitions to keep the sponsors happy. Then of course, as been asked before, what would happen if Rangers, or Celtic, were vying with another club for the final top six place. Would the referee be "instructed" to ensure that the Old Firm teams wins to ensure a 4th "Glasgow Classic". The powers that be don't seem to realise that bending the rules because of one team (a team that has been found guilty of gaining unfair advantage through not paying taxes and "possibly" through double contracts)they end the last vestage of hope that the game in Scotland has any integrity left.
  9. The statement from the Club did not make pleasant reading, and certainly wasn't what many on here wanted to hear, but it certainly highlighted the predicament the club , and others, are in. While I personally want to see Rangers punished fully for their cheating over the years, I don't want to see my own club go down the drain because of the decision taken. We don't have a sugar daddy to tide us over for a few years until things flatten out so ditching Rangers will mean an immediate cut in budget for Motherwell which will obviously result in a savage cutting of the playing staff. The club statement said that we depend on SPL monies for about 36% of our income - that's not spin - you can check past annual reports. However, no matter what we trim we can't cut on the club's overheads ( rent, electricity etc) so the major cutting would need to be done to the playing staff- perhaps a 50% reduction. So to all those who are demanding a staight "No" I ask - "Who would you get rid of"? Take what you would consider as your choice 18 line up for a Saturday and then pick the 9 you will put out the door. Then tell me you will be back at Fir Park every second week to watch what's left.
  10. JimH

    Fans' Game

    Home Team Manager – Scott Leitch 1 - Martin Whiteside 2 - Neil MacLeod 3 - Andrew MacLeod 4 - Jack Reid 5 - Scott McEwan 6 - Mark Johnston 7 - Craig Ramage (The Ram 89) 8 - Scott Brazil (Brazilmfc) 9 - Jonathan Warnock 10 - Michael Wilson 11 - Kenny Muir 12 - Philip Speedie 13 – Jory Robertson 14 - Ian Buchanan (Yabba's Turd) Away team Manager – Stevie Kirk 1 - Allan Burton. 2 - Alastair Reilly (malf) 3 - Peter Bruce 4 - Alistair Logan 5 - Finlay Ferguson (Finlay) 6 - Fraser Anderson (Bop) 7 - Allan Williamson 8 - Stuart Reilly 9 - David Tonner 10 - David Graham 11 - Graham Kerr 12 - Graeme Thewliss (thisGRAEME) 13 - Stewart Palmer 14 - William Lynch Final score - Home Team 2 - 3 Away Team Highlights on Motherwell TV later
  11. JimH

    Fans' Game

    Today at 3 o'clock. If you've nothing to do why not get along and give some of the fans the abuse/support given to the players. Entry to POD Stand - £2 adults/£1 juvenile.
  12. Assuming Rangers make it until the end of the month - sombreros, beach balls and inflatables galore on the 31st?
  13. Good win today. Would have taken a point before kick off but to win is a great result, never mind by a 3-0 margin!
  14. Could I be first to congratulate those who put the work in to give what was a tremendous display. Just back from the game and it's the only part of what I recorded that we've looked at and it looked great - just like it did on the diagram. So a huge thanks to those who worked so hard to make this happen, just a pity that the rest of the day didn't work out as we would have liked - but that's part of being a Well fan and it's never changed in the 50 years I've been going to Fir Park. So bring on next season and thanks again lads.
  15. Was over in Sweden for a few days and found this van parked outside the Ystad Film Studios!
  16. I suppose if we got anything like the £20 million per season TV money Wigan get then we may be able to reduce prices a little. It's not just in the quality that the chasm exists, it's the whole finances of clubs here compared with England.
  17. Inverness Caley 0 - 2 Motherwell (Jutkiewicz, Lasley)
  18. JimH

    Mcghee Era

    After only a month or so at the club, Mark McGhee stated that the team would need to score at least 2 goals in the early part of the game because with our defence we would lose at least one goal. I felt that he hadn't fulfilled this part of his job by the end of last season because his eye had been on the hearts job since the January, but a year on and he still hadn't strengthened the defence at all. Similarly, I felt that we were a one trick pony. Our speed and one touch football ran over most teams but when this didn't work there was no plan B. Also in crucial games if he tried to tinker with our style of play (the cup, Nancy at home and St Mirren at FP when fighting for top 6), we were always found wanting. There is no doubt that the transformation from May 2007 to the 2007/08 season was the most dramatic turn around I've seen in a group of players in the almost 50 years I've been going to Fir Park. However, I'm sure that, although we just missed out on a top 6 place, there weren't that many games I remember from last season that were a patch on 07/08. I think that the core group of players we now have at Fir Park are better for Mark McGhee having been there but I'm not sure that overall, (depth of squad etc) a new manager will inherit much more than McGhee did.
  19. JimH


    I at no time claimed that the football team sponsored the players, but only that this forum originally developed from the same group of people that were involved with the WTFC.
  20. JimH


    Yes, but was that not mainly due to the problems with the site at the beginning of the season?
  21. JimH


    As someone who doesn't have anything to do with FirparkcornerFC or WTFC (or the Trust, but that's another story) could I comment on the above. a) Understanding the size of the Trust membership, that wouldn't be hard. b) Grievesie has already answered this. c) Before the relaunch of this forum it was in fact WTFConline. As such we, the forum members, contributed each year for the sponsorship of various players. I don't know how many we sponsored over the years, but I am sure that on a number of occasions there was 3 sponsored at any one time. In addition as WTFConline, it gave access to the workings of the trust with a separate forum, therefore promoting the Trust to many more than just those who play for the team.

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