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  1. Showing Celtic far too much respect. We’ve allowed them to advance far too high up the park all day without really pressing and when we have pressed, it has been very bitty. Very poor performance overall - midfield has been incredibly weak. Grimshaw and Goss in the same 3 is useless and the less said about O’Donnell, the better
  2. Far from our best but a big result. We’ve got a really tricky 3 fixtures coming next so a win today was massive. Also…. Absolute joke of a referee today
  3. Only a few matches in but the signs so far are positive. We look organized defensively. Ojala has improved us in terms of shape and unity at the back and whilst I’m yet to be fully won over by Mcginley, he has certainly improved (despite one or two weird moments yesterday). I’m being extremely critical however I cannot help wonder what this side would have looked like with a ‘top quality (spfl)’ central midefielder in it - rather than 3 wages in the stand In Lawless, Crawford and Parker. No harm to Grimshaw or O’Hara but someone that can really shift the ball and link middle to front and we wouldn’t be a kick in the backside from a squad that could compete for the top 4/5 - from what I’ve seen so far of others (which means home drubbing by RC is incoming).
  4. A clear penalty denied. some things never change
  5. 2-1 well and a chorus of Twist and shout echoing from living rooms around North Lanarkshire:
  6. I’m not privy to every decision however there is certainly a danger if the former - as per my topic from last week
  7. I listed last week on another topic however yesterday was another example. Supporters asking a question of signings and that being ‘announced’ on Burrows personal Twitter page, in my opinion, isn’t acceptable. If people post on the clubs page and the club as a society funded entity finds it appropriate to respond then they absolutely should do so - however it’s the clubs news to share.
  8. I think there is some considerable misunderstanding of my criticism. I have absolutely no problems with Burrows as a person, I’ve never met him (as I said) however the guy clearly comes across as a supporter and someone with the club at heart. Those things are commendable and great but those are not essential attributes of a CEO. My criticism is based on his inability to abstract, which I believe is making for often poor optics and decision making - purely from the perspective of management. Alan Burrows and Motherwell football club are not one and the same - perhaps from his perspective (again not a criticism) but it should not be the perspective of the club. Read / listen to any CEO of a major Corp, ngo, charity or other… a CEO is the personification of the company, the company isn’t a personification of the CEO, unless is it a founder/owner. The values must remain distinct. Hopefully, they largely align, otherwise it’s the wrong CEO, however there must be separation in order to incorporate other objectives and ways of doing/thinking.
  9. Watt showed before joining us that he was quality and clearly well equipped for our level - it was never in doubt. There were serious question marks surrounding his attitude as per all previous clubs will attest to however he has dismissed them completely. This isn’t the case for Goss. As for Burrows, I don’t hold some active Vendetta against the guy, I haven’t met him however I’m sure he’s very pleasant - however that’s not what I’m critical of. I’m often critical of his actions as a chief executive which i often find below the levels required/expected; that’s very different.
  10. Can I ask what part is miserable? Goss has history is Scottish football, we know, give/take 10%, what we’re getting.
  11. Yes, yes I have seen him play.
  12. For a club moaning about a lack of money constantly, we don’t half spend what we do have on some amount of mediocre drivel
  13. I have to agree, Burrows conflates personal and professional to a degree far beyond that which is acceptable. There’s information posted on podcasts, online interviews etc. that isn’t shared with the wider community and this information flow is limited to those actively seeking - which is totally wrong for a fan owned club whereby any and messaging should be available to all. I posted elsewhere last week about his personal account communication which I found below that standard which should be expected and once again, it has happened. Signing news, views on the club or strategy are not burrows to share, they are the clubs. A CEO position demands that those two things remain fastidiously aligned.
  14. Mugabe as some sort of makeshift RWB is certainly interesting
  15. Without doubt. The work done around suicide prevention, for example, is hugely commendable yet unfortunately required. I have no issues with the clubs community outreach but I have problems with it’s apparent primacy. We have begun a season with a first team/squad which is still under developed/not finished , languished against lower league sides in the group and of yet another cup; it’s not even September. Our community contributions are all worthy clauses however a successful football team is priority number one. It’s a convenient deceit to be “a rollercoaster” “great wee club” Etc. We, as supporters, ‘deserve’ product for money (to be blunt) yet we are not receiving it.
  16. Thanks for the nuanced response and counter.
  17. Perhaps you can re-read my post?
  18. As I mentioned in my first post, I fully accept that Flow didn’t make the comments In the original article. I’m also not posting about anything relating to the article - I’m Posting about what Burrows, felt the important points to repost. A CEO role requires a constant and precise vision of what success looks like and steering others In that direction - his tweeting does not reflect that - it reflects a fragmented vision of success and that is not what the job, In the context of football, requires.
  19. On the back of an article posted in the i newspaper titled: "Motherwell and their free season tickets: A community club like no other", Alan Burrows has taken to twitter to post the following: "Motherwell cannot promise to compete for trophies every season, to break Scottish football’s duopoly or to make extravagant signings; nor do they wish to. They cannot ever be a replacement for lost income and lost opportunity.... "But if Fir Park can be a sanctuary, an inclusive enclave for every person in the town who wishes to depend on them, they will have done their job" Whilst I fully appreciate that these words were not written by Burrows, his re-tweeting is an endorsement of the sentiment and quite frankly, it is fucking dreadful. I, like many on here contributed to the low income season ticket scheme - it's an excellent initiative and should be celebrated; together with many of the actions by the club. However, I, like many on here, also contribute to the well society. To be completely transparent, I have never seen the money leave my account every month and thought, how great, we will feed an under privileged family in North Lanarkshire, I have more thought, as I'm sure many have - I hope that it funds youth development and bringing through the next batch of talent for us to enjoy in claret and amber. I am ever more aware that under the tone of social media output and the sentimentality surrounding it and now with this latest twitter statement that we seem to have changed our mission statement as a club - we no longer seem to want to compete but are rather acting as a community centre. I also regularly donate to food banks in the area (which should not exist, however 55% voted no, so they still do) but that is separate from football and football club exists for a reason - to compete, challenge and win trophies. We have gone through a barren 30 years whereby those around us have won honours (and been relegated) and that is part of football. We have begun a season after seeing numerous talents leave the club over the past 12/18 months - bringing in high revenue - yet as a product, we have an under developed squad which shows little sign of competing for anything again this season other than trying to avoid the playoffs. We, as a club, are in danger of disappearing up our own arse in a sea of "great wee club" feelings. Motherwell football should exist to improve peoples lives, but not as a community outreach program, but rather as a competitive side that carries its own weight as the 8th largest club in the country. Success on the pitch must be the ultimate and sole aim for any football, us included. Community outreach is important and part of the fan ownership model however the tone of utter resignation which Burrows has retweeted and the apathy it projects is utterly appalling for any supporter to hear and better yet, contribute more. Investment in our area must start with investment on the pitch, which we are not seeing, breeding success and a desire for people to want to attend matches and form a bond with the club. Free season tickets or not, struggling sides are unattractive for supporters and sponsors alike. I am proud of what we do as a club but success on the field is absolutely primary and a CEO who isn't constantly driving that message is unmistakably in the wrong role.
  20. Proper moneyball vibes about this
  21. I for one am absolutely astonished that with a half completed transfer window, largely mediocre signings from down south, not signing the second centre half, midfielder and winger that we have been crying out for since 2019 that we have 1 point from 6 and are out of the cup. Who would have thought it.
  22. and one of the worst funded and least internationally engaged leagues in europe My point is that we've apparently given up on the thought of exponential growth in the product which is leading to cyclical decline - saddening

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