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  1. Alex Spark

    Tom Coakley

    Paper the other day reported property developer Tom Coakley bankrupt;had also been taken to court by a firm re non payment of six figure sum Believe this is the guy who was interested in taking over MFC a few years back?
  2. Alex Spark

    Joe Mcbride

    Joe McBride,played for Motherwell from 62/63-64/65,played 115 league&cup games,scored 78 goals,passed away
  3. Sorry to say but i think it's a 100% certainty M'well board will vote to keep the weegie cheats in SPL What makes it even worse is the Well Society was supposed to give fans a genuine say in the running of the club and decisions it makes,unless and until the club consults and listens to the fans on this matter the aim of being a fans run club is dead in the water We are obviously so reliant on money from the Old Firm that the prospect of losing three or so seasons income from one half's absence overides any principle or intergrity
  4. Outstanding result and now on the verge of an incredible achievement! However can Stuart McCall please refrain from his patter that we could be in Champions League by "default"!His old club have broken rules and rightly been punished,MFC have done everything by the book,if that means champions league entry then fantastic.
  5. Would urge anyone who can to take out Well Society membership This is a great opportunity for our club and for the fans to have a far greater say in running the club Hope to see&hear a lot more players,especially the long serving ones,joining up in last few weeks!
  6. I was assured when taking out Well Society membership that subsciption to MFC TV would start immediately Having sent countless emails on the subject have never been told anything to the contrary(eg it was dependent on Well Society launching sucessfully)
  7. Sorry to be critical but took out community ownership in mid January having been assured that MFC TV subscription was included and would start immediately I therefore cancelled my subscription at end of January,but despite countless emails the club have still not been able to provide the info to access MFC TV Would have hoped/assumed this process would have been worked out at the start of the launch of community ownership
  8. Very good! If you aren't bothered then chill out! Personally want to see MFC being as independent as possible,therefore don't think it's a good idea to play OSB,a song hijacked/tainted by one side of the Old Firm That's my opinion,but i'm sure there will be other M'well fans who agree
  9. Wouldn't have thought MFC were suddenly celebrating a fanzine name after around 20 years of its existence Thousands of tunes we can play after a goal,don't want to hear a song now tainted by association with one half of the Old Firm
  10. Agree with previous post re playing One Step Beyond,no idea the relevance to MFC as a club The H*n of course don't own the song either,but the fact they have played it for a while means we should avoid it like the plague,we should be doing everything to distance ourselves from them
  11. Unable to access MFC TV for 5 days now.keep getting "apache tomcat"message Have emailed for help but still can't get access
  12. I thought at Dunfermline i heard several "seig heils" being thrown in by the singers at the back,any praise for creating atmosphere goes out the window when nonsense such as this is being chanted,pack it in Everyone knows the conotations of the "union"flag in this part of the world,we're supposed to be a family club heading towards community ownership.leave the petty minded symbolism to the old firm!
  13. Nothing to lose today,excellent start to season with healthy points total means there should be no pressure
  14. That's the one,thank you

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