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  1. St Mirren next - a further extension of top of the league is very possible.
  2. Some of our north-west clubs do offer really good value on season tickets, though of course it's those stadia that are rarely full - Blackburn, Wigan, Bolton. I think at Blackburn you can get the best seat in the house for under £400, which is superb value going by EPL prices. Mine this season is somewhere around £750 but of course that's only for the league games. Then you need to add about £42 a time for champions league and domestic cup games. Scandalous, but inevitable when players are earning over 100 k per week.
  3. I'm the same. I'm not registered on those things ( I know nothing about them ) and just got a log in page. So I'm trusting the author's word about the book, though I shall be keeping my receipt By the way, Brazilian, is there a player sponsorship this season, or have we missed the boat there?
  4. Enjoyed your reminiscences in your other books, Matt. Let us know when it's released.
  5. Put those claws away, Mr Chomper. Ask a civil question. At least check your briliantly thought out retorts are spelt correctly. Kinda undoes all that good work.
  6. And it's only a few years since they knocked Celtic out of the Scottish Cup, when they were a Division One side. What caused their freefall, was it money problems?
  7. Well that was yesterday. You can always rely on Hearts to provide the off-field entertainment at least
  8. That was a poor result for Hearts today. Though they're still the team most would look to to split the Old Firm, the club has been a circus since the Lithuanians arrived and it never seems a happy camp. So much internal politics and general craziness can't be good for morale. Are their players at least getting paid these days?
  9. Law's name was mentioned a lot online, LD. It's hard to tell when you can't see the action, but it sounded like he was in the thick of things.
  10. Good stuff. Let's hope your travels are rewarded this season
  11. Strong words there, Jim. Do you really think the Scottish game is dying? I know it's a whole other thread but why do you think that is, and what needs to be done?
  12. True. Do you travel to the away games yourself, mate?
  13. Almost a thousand away fans for Killie is a good number, yeah? Certainly sounded more like a home game online, with a good atmosphere.
  14. Managed to hear the second half online. Sounds like Law had a good game, and as wellfan09 said, another clean sheet. By the way guys, how many fans on average do Well take to away matches these days? On the radio they sounded much louder than the home support.
  15. Cheers for that, we'll take a look if we have time, though Gallic commentaryis something else! Glaswegians are easier to understand!

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