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  1. JBA

    Motherwell V Celtic

    Great game, was flicking between it and the Bayern / Dortmond game in the first half but this was a cracker. Great team performance, well deserved win. Law was outstanding today. Not wanting to be overly critical on what was a great performance but sometimes Humphreys decision making really lets him down. Took his goal superbly however.
  2. I've been absent from the board for a while, mainly due to the dross which has been spouted of late, however I was shocked to see this thread. What really do some Motherwell fans expect? The old 'punching above our weight' cliche sure springs to mind. We have had a relatively high turnover of managers in the last few years. Personally, i would like McCall to be in charge for a few seasons yet as I think it is important to have stability at the club. If anyone thinks that bringing in another manager will produce better results they are seriously deluded.
  3. JBA

    Cash Converters

    Fantastic news, gives us some much needed guaranteed income.
  4. I would sooner have david murray as our midfield linchpin than have brian kerr back. a complete and utter waste of a jersey at any price
  5. This is called cash flow. If we have short term shortfall and cannot pay our bill / wages, we go into administration. Simple. Doesnt matter about any "long term rise" you speak of. You predict more fans through the gates, but this is by no means certain. What is certain, is that we are going to be worse off without Rangers in the league. The full repercussions will not be known for some time yet.
  6. JBA

    Steelmen Forever

    Anything that will stop him and his horrendous mash ups.
  7. Italian fans regularly threaten the clubs players and management to get their own way, many clubs train behind 30ft steel fences to keep them out! Disco, your defence of rangers is ridiculous. We cant make up rules or change them just to suit one club or one income source. There will be a major fallout whatever decision is made. We need to make the correct one and deal with the consequences accordingly.
  8. The clause is that they get 4 old firm games a season, not that both teams are in the SPL, although the two are interlinked obviously. If they ever did either of these, they would re-negotiate the deal. Quite simple really.
  9. I think it was a reasonable assumption to make that celtic/rangers would be in the SPL and to maximise the deal we got from sky accordingly. Its a bit of a nothing arguement to say we shouldnt have negotiated a deal which ensured the spl got maximum revenues in return for a certainty. Things have obviously happened which nobody could have predicted, cant really blame Neil Doncaster and co for that. Whatever happens there will be a massive fallout. We may as well come out of it with some credability for Scottish football than to chase the pot of cash.
  10. Doubt we will be signing anyone given we have absolutely no idea what our budget will be next season except for the fact it will be £200k less than last year. A considerable sum without factoring in what will happen with the whole Rangers scenario.
  11. Exactly. And we say the OF are paranoid! This is the correct move by the club and the statement leaves in absolutely no doubt that the 'Well Society members will make the final decision on how we vote.
  12. Its way to early to start speculating on this sort of thing. Nobody will know for sure what funds we will have until matters draw to a conclusion.
  13. The club are in a very difficult position and that statement does lean towards a yes vote. However, the club must be thinking about its future. Its all well and good us saying (and for what its worth i'm in the 'no' camp) we must vote no, but the reality of the situation is that the clubs income will be severely dented. Before even considering the sky deal, the money from rangers coming to FP 2/3 times a season is a lot of money to us. That is a fact. Will the club have to lay off staff? players? the club will have to consider all these things and at least be sensitive to their situation because staff at the club i'm sure will be worried about the future. For me however, the integrity of the game comes over everything. I think we just have to be patient; it will be disasterous whatever decision is made.
  14. When Rangers are forced to start from the 3rd division, Celtic will have to drastically reduce their wage bill, no question. So will other clubs perhaps, but hopefully it will reduce the gap between Celtic and the rest. However, it may be a bridge too far to suggest another team would give celtic a title run.

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