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  1. I dont think any statement should have been released just opens a can of worms. I have followed the well since my dad first took me in the late 60's the game has moved on and with three young kids I don't get along to games as much as I used to. I was totally embarrassed by the paedo chants from some of the Motherwell fans at the final I had to ask a woman to be careful what she was saying as my kids were sitting with me and I was cringing as I was in the section right next to the celtic fans. I don't care what they sing we cannot resort to this type of stuff to get back. Sing Motherwell songs ( and there are a lot more now) and back our team.
  2. I used to go to all of the games then home and away and my recollection of the season we finished thrid was that had we made a quality signing after christmas we would have won the league. Since the early 90's if over a five year period we could have kept ssome of our best players together we would hgave challenged every season. We have always unearthed some gems in the 90's the Scotland national team was pepered with ex well players and of course Coyne for Ireland. Just wish we could get the crowds we got then but pro rata is was so much cheaper
  3. if anyone has a couple of spare vouchers I wouldnt mind taking them off you. keith
  4. as a follower of southend united many of their gsames in the 70's and 80's were played on a friday night. This was to get a better crowd as people travelled to watch WEst ham, chelsea, spurs etc in London, so yopu can see the similarities. It did work but football was cheaper then and many people could follow 2 teams. The atmosphere on friday nights was great under the lights so much better than a saturday. anyway give it a go and then see, nmany of the wells great game shave been under floodlights have they not
  5. as a well fan for over 30 years there have always been players who are targets for the boo boys, but for some when the fans have realised this and got behind the players they have improved. If memory serves me right Steve Cowan went from zero to hero and even had a song after him, hes fat hes round hes worth a million pounds. he was pants in his first games with us, but once we got over that and got behind him he improved and startd to score, kept us up against Dunfermline I beleive. Even after months of abuse the fans got behind Andy roddie and he started to improve ( slightly). There are many other examples fans could give i am sure so how about a dedicated song for Humphry and get right behind him.
  6. southend

    Cup Final Tickets

    I have tickets for the ballot but have already won them in a competition it is 2 adults one child if anyone is interested e mail me [email protected] i still have to collect them so let me know asap
  7. southend

    Cup Final Tickets

    Been a full time well fan since 1980-81 season, before that my dad took me to the odd game when we were up on holiday, was a stweard for 10 years and had a season ticket for over 7 years let it lapse the last 2 years, entered the ballott and still not heard anything, got a phoe call yesterday from the Wishaw press i won 2 tickets from their competition, brilliant only thing is I need another one for my boy, hes 31/2 should I chance sneaking him in or would that be too big a risk. I have phoned hampden to see where the tickets are for but they havent got back to me yet. I asked them if I could buy another ticket . It will not matter where as long as its in that section as he will sit on my knee anyway.

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