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  1. he's one of the worst footballers ever. no ability whatsoever. he tried his hardest but was total mince. probably a nice guy but you don't get paid by a football club just for being a nice guy.
  2. i reckon either led zep's rock n roll or the police academy theme
  3. jamaican me crazy with all these puns
  4. at least we don't support a team famously associated with bigotry, glory-hunting and manky priests. 'mon the well.
  5. fergie-mfc

    John Sutton

    when 2 fans join the club's board, i hope they read fan's thoughts on things like this. it'd definitely boost morale to have him back and i reckon he'd score even more goals than before.
  6. meechan played against rangers a couple of seasons ago and looked one of the best players on the park. then he was sent out on loan and done well by all accounts. i've heard from a few different folk that he liked a wee drink and mccall wasn't too pleased at that.
  7. jamaica don't have better individual players than scotland, but they play better as a team and have a good work ethic. scotland keep chopping and changing team and picking absolute numpties. until we start developing grassroots football better and get in a decent manager, then we're screwed!
  8. i reckon omar daley will do a good job for us. think how good mcfadden was for us, but he hasn't had the same adulation down south. maybe daley will be exactly the same and shine north of the border.
  9. what was with all the morons jumping about outside stadiums on sky sports news?
  10. must be. just thought it was a weird way to word it. the reporter is foreign right enough.
  11. talks for finstad broke down according to twitter. apparently we're "intimidated by requirements". must have been lost in translation as that doesn't make much sense.
  12. the guy is called thomas finstad. the reporter is otterstad (i think) check link on firparkcorner (which i can't explain) http://www.motherwell-mad.co.uk/stabaek/player/season_140/thomas_finstad_5035458/index.shtml
  13. if we keep playing this style of football i reckon higdon and murphy can both score 20+ goals this season. plus hateley, law and humphrey should be looking for 6+ each. i think we can keep beating the teams outwith old firm regularly and finish 3rd.
  14. over the last few meetings, clancy has been killie's standout player against us.
  15. sometimes he was our most dangerous player. granted, at other times he was crap but he would walk into our team now. same with clarkson and reynolds.

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