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  1. Ok, so I'm sure like me, many of you received the email this week asking to bring a friend etc...may I make a suggestion the those in authority within the Well Society....Posters...with Anier....Dundee Utd Striker! Surely someone can sneak a wee fly hour aff their work & run off 20 or so new ones with a current Well Hero....I suggest Boab McHugh! After all, we know what he's like with the burds!!!
  2. Ok, so it's now apparent baraclough is right out of the bargain basement bin....but the question I my lips is, who in Gods name interviewed this excuse for a manager? Surely playing champ manager after school 5 days a week isn't the pre-requisite for deciding the future of an SPFL Football team ...well, for now anyway! Embarrassing!!!
  3. Here we go again! Are you still bleeting that Fraser and Smith are better keepers than Ruddy? I'm guessing....and this may be a long shot (& appologies if this has been previously banded about), but the story you told a few months back, about seeing some of the players at the pics, and hearing someone refer to you as a gimp....Do you have a wee incling this was John Ruddy...? Maybe a long shot, but it's the only expanation I have for your ludicrous opinion on the best keeper we have had in the last 20 years! RANT OVER!!!
  4. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!! That about sums it up!
  5. Just opened my email for the morning, and got email from the clubshop offering BOGF on all of this seasons Canterbury gear. Appologies if I have missed this anywhere, but I assume that means we are only getting the one season from this? Not having any weans, I'm not under great pressure when the new strips come out, but not great if you have a family of Well fans, and they all want the latest clobber! Also, given the oppinions on here, we have the most liked away strip for many's a year (which I do have!), best since Shivute yella!! One season wonder then?
  6. To anyone in the know.....Accies had their chance at home against Rangers, so they are going oot tonight! Whats the chances of a good old Home/Away double header against our Manky Lanarkshire cousins on 6/13 Feb, as I'm sure 6 Feb is pencilled in as Cup week?
  7. 21 pages on a run-of-the-mill, average young defender on loan, the mind boggles! One of our previous managers famous theories was, "if they aren't any better than whats here, we don't need them" With Saunders, Reynolds, and I would even say Lasley, all on our books and more than cappable at RB....Good riddance Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas....good luck to you, but you were gash!
  8. In reference the the OP, and I just couldnt be arsed quoting, OF COURSE we are a Fickle Bunch! In fact, I would go as far as to say that each and every football fan, whether it be Motherwell, Hamilton, Arsenal, or Bagdhad Rovers are fickle! We always have been, we always will be, and ANYONE who claims they are any different....YER TALKIN PISH!!! It's just one of the great things that makes being a football fan such a brilliant way of life. ....And as for the Pish Chants....thats a whole different rant!
  9. Keep it in the family.......Mark Hately.
  10. Well, I've heard it said from quire a few sources that the man was very hard work to get on with behind the scenes for many members of staff, and that ran right through all aspects of staff. Reading into some of Boyle's comments it would appear that this had some truth in it. I know I, like many others, felt that he was attempting to manufacture his way out with all the outbursts, and maybe even down to team selection and tactics in recent weeks (3-1 down, Lucas off?!?!?! ). Maybe he just wasn't the messiah he seemed in the first month or so. I'm not sad to see him go, his constant tinkering with playing staff and formations, even during games baffled most. Yep, that kind of thing can work...when you have the playing staff to work it with. Which, I'm affraid, we dont! On a wee side note, I think we can kiss goodbye to Ruddy, in 5 days his loan deal is up, unless we have someone in the wings to get that bit of business done quickly.
  11. I'm very surprised that this is the first mention of Andy Goram! Loved watching Man U in Champs Lg, subs bench read Goram (Motherwell!!) Quality. (Unless I'm totally mistaken, but as far as I remember he was with us in 2000/20001) Goram Jim Patterson Kaiser Craigen Reynolds Rossco O'Donnell Lapin (maybe only for that day at Smeltic Park where they all thought we had blown their league!!) Faddy Porter McDonald
  12. And the posting of the Slane-Pearson picture is not idiotic? .......Away n' take a look at yersel! You were WRONG to post that particular picture...simples! That is the only propblem in your argument i'm affraid
  13. I think Frazzle is just anti-Ginger, he didnt like McLeish either! No place for this type of intolerance in todays game. He should be banned (from here) for life.....or maybe at least 20mins....MODERATORS?!?!
  14. Im saying you are a potential unsettling influence to this board with ludicrous posts such as this! Maybe you should consider your options....Kerrydale St has openings available!

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