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  1. Very good effort at the 1952 retro shirt UBH.


    I don't have the software or the expertise, so could I ask you to make a coupla changes.


    I maybe wrong but I don't remember short sleeves in the 'fifties all had long sleeves and rolled them up.


    Have another look at the photo. The collar is similar to a shirt collar and the white extends into the amber,noone ever used them but there was a button at the top and one halfway down (you can do with out them).


    It's only my opinion but I reckon the shirt collar adds too the style.


    Have a go. Ta :thumbup:

  2. Albi


    I take it that your Email complaining about the sectarian chanting from the Celtic end all through the game yesterday is winging its way to UEFA headquarters. It was even mentioned at half-time on the BBC.



    In the dim and distant past when I got to the games and did quite a bit of drinking and partying, I have been in the company of 'Well supporters who after a few enjoyed singing the Sash etc.

    I have also been in the company of 'Well fans who after a few missed Dear Auld Ireland and sang rebel songs. Enjoy yourself,have a drink and do what I did and join in with both lots.


    It's much more fun.

  3. I was also just on the Kerrydale site and noticed a lot of them saying that cup final tickets shouldn't go to 'WELL fans who don't attend games.

    They went on to say that as they live in Motherwell it's a really scummy town and the only good thing is the Railway Tavern.


    They don't see the irony of them leaving every saturday and not supporting their local team.

  4. There I was sitting watching the tele the other night, when the Hovis advert came on.

    You know the one, crowd of farmers having a race.


    The tune they use is The william Tell Overture.

    It was used back in the late 'fifties for 2 shows on the tele,The Lone Ranger and William Tell.


    Anyway, I remembered the words they used on the William tell show and found myself singing;;



    Come Away Come Away with Motherwell


    Come Away With The Team That Does So Well


    What a Day What A Day For Motherwell


    What A DAAAAAAY For Motherwell




    I'm not that good with words etc. but I'm sure some of our musicians and lyrcists out there could maybe tidy it up.



    Try it and see what youse think???

  5. Twenty years ago, as I have mentioned on other threads,I had been ill for some time and was waiting to go into hospital for an operation. I, therefore, missed the Semi-final, the replay and the Final.

    Low and behold,I have been ill for some time and I am waiting to go into hospital for a few operations and will miss the Semi-final tomorrow and if we get through the Final.



    Good Luck & Best Wishes to all at Motherwell FC.

    The Management,Backroom staff,but, in particular, the Players and Fans.


    I hope it's a day where you can say, "I was there" and talk about for years to come.







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  6. This in NOTW,



    "Brown claims he is due around 8,000 in bonuses following Well's progress to the

    Scottish Cup semi-finals---even though he quit Fir Park before the last eight

    triumph over Dundee United."





  7. What I took from the papers this morning was that it was not an unpaid bonus from last year, but, because we have reached a semi-final, he is expecting a bonus of GBP8000.







    Sorry no pound signs on this American laptop.

  8. I was 4 year old with measles.Vaguely remember listening on the wireless with my gran as the rest of the family were at the game,mum,dad,uncles,aunts,whole family has always been motherwell daft.

    My mother had a drink from the Cup and I got Archie Kelly's jersey.I remember it was kept in a drawer but through the years it vanished, haven't a clue what happened to it.

  9. I just thought that I would add my opinion.


    First of all it ain't petrol blue, if anything it's sky blue,I notice on that site of old jerseys that we also had, yellow and black stripes,plain white and a snazzy maroon, will we incorporate them.


    In 1913, we started to wear claret and amber and for 98 years that's been our colours.


    My opinion is we should stick to claret and amber but put a petrol blue badge or maybe epaulettes for those who want to wear blue.

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