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  1. Just noticed on BBC MY SPORT.


    A Celtic supporter is complaining about our kids abuse of the Rangers players saying it was disgusting and he wouldn't let his kids go to games if they behaved like that.


    What is he on about???


    Is it the old Peado thing. ;)

  2. Why do youse come on here moaning.

    Dae something about it.


    Get up a petition for JB coming back from OZ.

    Dae these wee lassies have Food Hygiene certificates if not they shouldn't be touching food.

    The wee kiosk does it conform to the Health & Safety requirements for serving food,there should be hot running water for cleaning utensiles, clean uniforms, gloves etc. etc.


    if the lassies have certificates then they should be on display.


    You should make sure JB knows that if there was an outbreak of Ecoli or Salmonella then Motherwell FC would have to share some of the guilt. BAD PR.


    It might just work and you might get edible food.


    If the petition doesn't work then get a sample of the food and get JB to eat it after he's been sick he might get something done.

  3. Santa brought me a wee book on football wit perhaps these two might explain our problems just now,


    From Tommy Docherty::

    When I signed Jim Holton from Shrewsbury for £100,000,

    Harry Gregg told me I had a player who didn't know the

    meaning of the word defeat.

    I told him defeat wasn't the only word he didn't understand.

    There was also pass,control,dribble......




    From Alastair McSporran(who???)on Jim Baxter:::

    Slim Jim had everything required of a great

    Scottish footballer.

    Outrageously skilled,totally irresponsible,

    supremely arrogant and thick as mince.



    ANY OTHERS??? :woop:

  4. The only time I have stood with opposition supporters was at Fir Park.


    Back in 1974 The Well were to play Celtic in the Cup. I didn't really fancy the game,and I had arranged to go to Edinburgh with the girlfriend but her kid took sick and she called off. I had tickets for the Scotland game on the following Wednesday so that was another reason why I wasn't bothered about the Well, we were in a bit of a slump at the time.

    I was in The Horseshoe having a pint when the Celtic supporters came in,after afew drinks and a bit of banter they persuaded me to join them at the game.


    35 minutes in the score was Motherwell 0 Celtic 4


    I had taken a bit of a slagging, so while they were hugging each other after the 4th goal, chanting thier usual chants etc. and dancing about and as I was holding their carryout, I slipped away and went hame.the game finished 0-4 as the Well picked up a bit in the second half.


    I didn't enjoy the game or the score but I did enjoy their whisky and beer going down the road and I kept some back for the Scotland game. :D

    So as long as you are getting free food and booze I don't see any harm in it.

  5. I put this topic in to see if anybody came up with anything, a little mind exercise.


    As above most nicknames of this type are started by reporters, some click with fans some don't.


    The Ancell Babes clicked because they were a young team who played free fast flowing football as it should be played.

    In the fifties there was no 4-2-2, 4-3-3 or even 6-3-1, we had centre forwards,wingers,inside forwards and half backs, we had no Tartan Army or even Dossers, so who knows this team might become good enough to earn a nickname.


    I was just interested to see what you lot might come up with as SOME nicknames seem to be relevent today.

  6. I meant to put this in before, I haven't saw it anywhere else, for give the delay but I'm on a lot of pills just now.


    One of the reporters, after the St. Midden (3-3) game,in the NOTW or Sunday Mail called the team in his report:: GANNON'S GOSLINGS (eg. Ancell's Babes)


    If we were scoring freely eg. 3or4-0 then it could be Gannon's Cannons.


    Anybody got any other ideas.


    I quite like GOSLINGS myself.

  7. I can't remember much about it as I was young at the time but Bobby McCallum and his girlfriend used to babysit me and my wee sister.

    My wee sister, when a toddler, had fallen arches in her feet and "Uncle" Ben Ellis used to come to the house and give her exercises to cure them.

    I even got Archie Kelly's jersey from 1952


    My Mother,"Big Isa" helped out at the 'Ark in the Forties and Fifties and as I went to every game home and away I must have met quite a few of the players but don't remember much about them. My Mother & Father seemed to have open house for 'Well supporters and players around this time as I remember being packed upstairs wae other kids while the grownups partied downstairs and, in the morning, the women would be cooking full breakfasts with fried dumpling.Just the thing for the players.


    I met Paul McStay in the Eighties, in Edenhall Spinal Unit, he had come to see a young Celtic supporter, but, he had gone out for the day, so he had to make do with some friendly advice and abuse from a small contingent of 'Well supporters. He took it all in good part and seemed to enjoy himself.


  8. I know it was a different era but I followed the," ANCELL BABES" , home and away, all through the Fifties and early Sixties.

    They didn't win any cups or leagues got to a few semi finals though.

    Bobby Ancell was advocating summer football, short pasing, keeping the ball on the deck etc. long before anyone else.

    I and many others followed them because their style of football was outstanding as I said on the last site buses came from all over Scotland to watch them.

    I remember packed terracing and even sways, like in pictures of the old Kop.


    Football was a working class game. Saturday was for the Fitba' not shopping with the wife at Ikea or playing golf or any other middle class pursuits.

    There is no hard core working class any more everyone is aspiring to become upper middle class. No steelworks, no fitters, no large boilmaker plants, only one or two shipyards there was very few cars, now we have 2 and 3 car families.

    I could rant away for the rest of the morning but as has been mentioned before Thatcher,the Tories and greed changed the face of Britain.

    The SPL was formed through greed especially the Bigot Brothers but the wee teams followed along at their a**e.

    We need an 18 team first divivsion not an elitist premier league if they want more TV coverage then build up the League Cup. Every player must sign a 3 year contract, that way there might be more stability.


    Anyway rant over. I'm away for a drink :cheers::cheers:

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