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  1. Out of sentiment voted for Uncle Phil.


    But why no Ancell Babes.


    St. John, Willie Hunter, Pat Quinn(the wee barrel), Andy Weir,Charlie Aitken.

    What about Ben Ellis, Andy Paton.

    These were all great players. I'm sure some of the older guy's could come up with others.


    BIG TACHE:: Do you think we should invite wee Colin over to sit in the dugout when we play the Sc*m just to keep Mr. Grant in his place. :nod:

  2. The Flamengo game was in 1960.


    Flamengo were Brazilian Champions at the time and had three or four players from the Brazilian 1958 World Cup winning squad in their team. They had a winger called Baba who was supposed to be brilliant.

    They played Hibs on the Saturday and drew 1 all.


    They came to the Ark on the Wednesday.


    I was there and managed to get the full squads autographs on the programme.

    Flamengo played very well and were winning 2-1 at half time.


    Motherwell came out and scored 8 goals in the second half, St. John got 5.


    Final score: Motherwell 9 --Flamengo 2


  3. I've not been on the booze or at the wacky baccy. But I agree with Haggis.


    If Mr. Gannon gets the players he's after then I think we're in for a great season.


    He does not have the same mindset as the other SPL managers who have a great fear of being at the bottom of the league and losing their jobs.I think we will see a confident team playing on the deck which will bring it's own rewards.


    The boss wont have the same fear or respect for the H**s or Sc*m and judging from last season they can be beat if you get in their faces and stop them playing, their defences are very vulnerable, especially if you have players with pace. Too many managers play to keep the score down rather than having a go.

    I am optimistic. Judging by the reports from Stockport, we have a manager who with a few new faces will bring a breath of fresh air not only too Motherwell but to the whole SPL.


    So get behind the team 100%,strap yourselves in,here we go again.

    ENJOY THE PARTY :blink::O:cheers:

  4. A wee bit of nostalgia.

    Does any of the other older fans out there remember The Probables V The Possibles.


    These were games played usually at the end of July before any friendlies,usually a Wednesday night, the gates were opened so you could just wander in and before under-19's,under18's etc.


    The Probables( First team) played against The Possibles( Reserves and Trialists) although at half time and the game could be stopped and changes made.

    I might be remembering through C&A tinted spectacles but I seem to remember warm Summer nights, pie and Bovril with no waiting, chatting to players and a lot of banter, especially at some of the trialists.

  5. In the article in the paper, he also said some good things about the Ancell Babes.

    He said that they were an attacking team always going forward and sometimes scored 6 or 7 goals but unfortunately in other games were let down by a small defence(ring any bells).


    He mentioned the fact that Fir Park was always mobbed in those days, a few of the better players, Willie Hunter, Pat Quinn etc.and the fact that the Well had beat Rangers 4 times in the one season.


    The paper is probably in the bin by now, but may be lying about somewhere, so I'll have a scout about, in case there is anything else of interest.


    Otherwise try and find Wednesday's copy of the Sun.


    I remember his hattrick at Easter Roads, I was 11, it was a windy day, there was very fine ash round the pitch, when he scored I was jumping about, when my mother looked I was rubbing my face she thought I was greeting because he had scored and tried to console me, but I had bloody a ash in my eyes and they were red for days.


    Sorry delete not working. :P

  6. Obviously, all of the above at various times but may I also mention:


    Wullie Hunter,Andy Weir,Bert McCann,Hastie Weir,Andy Paton(especially when he decided to go for a wee dribble and beat 4 or 5 players in his own penalty box),Sammy& Billy Reid,Big John Martis,Bobby McCallum(one of the best full backs the Well ever had, I've got to say that as him and his girlfriend used to babysit me when I was wee) Matt Thomson and Big Jim Forrest.


    I could probably think of others but it is late. So I'll stop there. :huh::P:D

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