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  1. Pepe? Allan? Ted?!

  2. Hi there,

    Just saw your post about arriving in Athens on Tuesday morning. Me and my mate are also arriving on Tuesday morning on the flight from Heathrow and are getting a taxi into town, our hotel is about 850 metres from the Novous City Hotel if you fancy splitting the fare? My details are as below if you want to get in touch?

    Andrew Allison


  3. Seems to have been removed now, had to do a double take when I read it!
  4. I thought it was only me that was irritated by the 5 tunes mixed into one! I assume it gets pumped into the away side dressing room to completely bamboozle them before the game starts?!
  5. Missed Saunders big time, just watched the so called highlights and realised that Hately was out of position for a few of the goals. Not pointing the finger but would rather see Saunders back there soon
  6. Wasn't much of a protest from Saunders, so I'd assume that it did hit his arm, not sure if he could do much about it though
  7. Well-fan

    Steve Jones

    What was everyone's first impressions of Jones? Thought he had a good game, linked up with the rest of the team well considering the limited time he's had with them. Threw some good balls in and looked decent with the ball at his feet
  8. Good luck Mr McCall, hopefully you'll not need it!
  9. Well-fan

    Ex Old Firm Fans

    My family brought me up to support Rangers, only went to a couple of games a season, always follwed them though. Went down to Manchester in 2008 and that was it really, I always supported the team but all the p**h to do with religion just destroyed the experience. I hadn't realised just how bad it was until that trip and not long after became a regular at Fir Park, this year having my season ticket and loving it. Always a good aptmosphere and great banter, even if we are gettin pumped! Lookin forward to a wee European tour this year! (fingers crossed!)
  10. Blackman - will come good again, needs more support and a better supply. He's quite often left with far too much to do, in a bad spell just now but his goals will come back. Hope we can keep him to the end of the season Gow - has been disappointing for me, has an amazing touch sometimes but is slower than a week in the jail and loses the ball far to frequently. Can be on the park for hours before you notice him, would love to see his form come back of a few years ago but i'd rather see someone else come in. Worried that McCall will want to keep him seein he's been at Rangers... Fitzpatrick - squad player, as long as he's happy with that then give him another year

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