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  1. rex everything

    Siwy Fanzine

    If anyone is willing to post issue 1 down to Yorkshire please send me a PM. I I'll transfer cost of the fanzine and what ever it costs to get it down to me by payal or however it suits the sender. *Edit - Now sorted, many thanks*
  2. As freindlies go I thought yesterdays was pretty good, decent value for a tenner.
  3. Great going forwards, only Norwich scored more League goals last season http://www.statto.co...011/attack/full At the same time shambolic at the back, the game against Preston NE last season springs to mind. Somehow Leeds managed to throw away a 4-1 home lead, ending up losing the match 4-6. More League goals were scored in games featuring Leeds last season than any other club in the division (an average of 3.28 goals / per game) http://www.statto.co...otal-goals/full I always had the feeling last season that Leeds needed to score two to have a chance of getting a draw. Grayson has made changes to the midfield and at the back in an attempt to correct a porous defence. If I was a betting man however I wouldn't put any money on goalless draw on Saturday.
  4. Adults tickets were £10 + Bates Tax from LUFC.
  5. I think a few who are doing the trip up and down in the one day have been put off by the train timings. Last direct Motherwell to Leeds train leaves at quarter past five, I assured quite a few that this left enough time to get out of Fir Park and make it to the station. You could forgive those that haven't been to Fir Park for discounting the idea as it could have left them tight for time. If you miss the quarter past five slot, you're looking at the 19.14 (16 hour journey time) or the 22.47 (13 hour journey time) As this is the case I think a good number will drive to Preston and get the train up from there, hard luck for the driver if he had fancied a pint.
  6. Ross McCormack's done a piece on the Leeds club site on Saturdays game & his time at Motherwell http://www.leedsunit...2247585_2387458
  7. Will I be able to pick up a fanzine at the Leeds game? If so where abouts can I buy one?
  8. You seem to be suffering from selective memory. The Carlisle fans were innocent victims & Leeds players the pantomime villians according to you. You didn't mention however... The "celebrating" Carlisle fans who assaulted 3 Leeds players on the pitch? The "celebrating" Carlisle fans who attacked Shane Lowry from behind on the pitch? If you missed it the BBC reporter didn't (see audi on the bbc link below). According to you Leeds players assualted "celebrating" Carlisle fans but Cumbria police arrested 10 Carlisle fans during the disturbance? Seems Strange.. The "celebrating" Carlisle fans that needed mounted police to disperse them? The "celebrating" Carlisle fans who's mugshots Carlisle United put up on their official website asking for help to identify the culprits? The "celebrating" Carlisle fans who threw missiles at Leeds keeper Ankergren during the game and shone a laser pen in his eyes during the penalty shoot out? (again if you missed it, the bbc reporter didn't, see audio on bbc link below) My memory of the game is very different to yours. http://www.independe...ns-1895191.html http://news.bbc.co.u...ted/8507677.stm Leeds are no angels but lets not pretend the Carlisle fans were whiter then white.
  9. Tip of the iceberg, Ken was bankrupting banks long before it became fashionable (see links below) Ken Bates / Irish Trust Bank Collapse Ken very nearly caused a coup in the British Virgin Islands following a real disaster of a property development project. The British Goverment were so worried they stationed a Royal Navy Gunship off the islands & ended up coughing up millions to get him to leave. http://issuu.com/daz...magazine-oct-74 http://www.islandsun...al5-v16i11.html
  10. Transcripts of Ken Bates Wednesday Yorkshire Radio interviews are posted on Leeds United messageboard Waccoe, the following was posted on the site today, I'd post a link but only registered members can view the board. From Ken Bates Yorkshire Radio Interview with Tom Kirwin broadcast today. Tom Kirwin " Elsewhere, just away from transfers, the pre-season tour to Scotland is not confirmed yet but plans are place to play a couple of games north of the border against Motherwell and Falkirk". Ken Bates" Yeah, I think it is nearly done now. We sent Dusty Miller up this week to inspect the training and dormitory facilities to make sure they are ok. I understand they came back and the report was positive so it looks like it will be subject to contracts. They had to get permission from the Scottish FA to play friendly games against foreign clubs because we are, in football terms, a foreign club as far as Scotland is concerned. But subject to that being approved, I see no reason why we shouldn't get the approval then it will be Falkirk and Motherwell as well as Newcastle, Sheffield Wednesday and Rochdale". *Dusty Miller is the nickname given to 1st team coach Ian Miller.
  11. I'm not sure if LUFC are culpable in this or not, what I can tell you is that Shaun Harvey is in charge of transfer activity at Elland Road as Ken Bates can only spend 90 days a year in the UK as he's a tax exile. I wouldn't trust Shaun Harvey to run a bath. Sorry the deal didn't work out, would have been good for all parties concerned. I don't know how involved Stuart Mcall is in player transfers, however Shaun Harvey worked at Bradford City for 10 years, IIRC he was there for a period when Mcall was also there. They grew up a stones throw from each other, if either had question marks over the deal picking up the phone to get clarification should have been dead easy.
  12. Grella links deleated, bad news for all concerned.
  13. Possibly the worst effort I heard while he was at Elland Road was that version of Rihanna's song Umbrella, can't remember the exact words only that it ended "Grella, Grella", thank God it didn't catch on.
  14. Not so good at the moment, I lost my Mum over the Christmas break and the idea was to get my Dad back into the football to keep him occupied. I thought I could get him up to Fir Park when ever Leeds weren't at home & it'd take his mind off of things. At the moment he says he's not up to the trip, however I'm sure he'll come round given time & I have all the info I need to organise things in the future thanks to the help from this boards members.

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