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  1. Cheers. Can’t believe there’s no sports bar at the Magic Kingdom. Total f****g Mickey Mouse set-up.
  2. Total long shot, but anyone know how/where to watch England game at Disney’s Magic Kingdom...??? Have a nice day! Syd.
  3. One for the trivia buffs: is Aaron Taylor-Sinclair our first ever hyphenated player???
  4. Stevie Kirk, Iain Angus, Jim Griffin, Craig Paterson and... cannae mind the other one. (Maybe Davie Syme?)
  5. Guys and Gals, A wee heads up for this event in the Centenary Suite at 7/7.30pm. As well as a quiz based on events in 1991 (film, telly, sport, music and, of course the game at Hampden on May 18), we'll have a Q&A with no fewer than FIVE members of the victorious Scottish Cup-winning team. Prizes galore on the night - including one for best question to the panel - and all info on the MFC website. If you're still swithering, the only thing on the telly that night is a Scotland game... Cheers, Sydney Devine
  6. We had an artificial pitch a couple of years ago - a mud/sand combo - and it was shite.
  7. I trust you mean jokes about Susan Calman, rather than Susan Calman jokes (of which there are few)?
  8. Terrific idea! And then I'll be free for the game. Okay, can you find out who the guys would like to hear - I have contact numbers for Sandi Toksvig, Susan Calman, Janey Godley and a couple other comedy giants.
  9. I'll get the real one to stand in for me...
  10. "Ya beezer!" (Mr S Kirk, 18th of May, 1991)
  11. Unable to send you a PM. Can you send one to me with your email address? Cheers, Syd.
  12. Just had a word there with Professor Stephen Hawking and he says we should sneak third spot if we end up with more points than the team in fourth...
  13. Guys and Gals, At the risk of plugging my own show, check out Tam Cowan's Magnificent Seven on the BBC iPlayer - the seven-part series started yesterday on Radio Scotland (6-7pm) and my first guest was our former chairman who talked about the club, his life and his music... Cheers, Syd PS. It's worth it just for his touching tribute to the club's secretarial legend Betty Pryde.
  14. Any possible players that I've missed out? Trying to get a full line-up (that punters outwith Motherwell would know) for my column in the Record next Saturday. All suggestions welcome... Syd
  15. EXCLUSIVE! Here's the Motherwell line-up for Parkhead on May 15 if Celtic need a victory to win the SPL... 1/ Liz Mullen 2/ Christian 3/ Bill Dickie 4/ Leeane Dempster 5/ Alan Burrows 6/ John Swinburne 7/ The Guy Who Reads Out The Half-Time Results 8/ Ross Forbes 9/ The Doorman From The Fir Park Social Club 10/ John Boyle 11/ His Cousin, Susan (NB. John Boyle may be dropped before kick-off. He hasn't kicked a ball in his puff but, if Glenn Loovens is playing, he might just get a hat-trick. So we'd plead with Aberdeen to let us have Nick Blackman back...) Syd
  16. Latest total at about 4pm... 6500 and counting. Still time to switch it to Tynecastle!
  17. Drop a text to the show today anytime between 12 and 2pm to remind me and I'll strive to get it on the BBC website. Text 80295 (or email [email protected]) Syd
  18. Chaps, Taking part in a special 20th anniversary Cup Final show on Sportsound tonight (7-8pm, 810 MW). In one sentence only, what is your lasting memory of May 18, 1991 and I'll try to get as many on air as possible. Cheers, Syd
  19. From our vantage point in the Phil O'Donnell Stand, my mate Liam reckons that, as she walked along the front of the East Stand, you could almost see the first ever Mexican Wave of hard-ons...
  20. Any little ditties aimed at Messrs Brown & Knox last night? Let's hear from the Lennon and McCartneys who made the trip... Syd
  21. It's a proper nosebag - bevvy included - for you and a pal, partner or a Motherwell legend - and, apart from the original outlay, it won't cost you a bean. A wee souvenir write-up will follow in the Daily Record Saturday mag (one for the grandweans...) That's it. Happy bidding! TC
  22. Too many youngsters on here who only know the grunge garage indie rap artistes...
  23. Have we got him permanently... or is he only on loan from Black Lace?
  24. sydney devine

    Russell Rodger

    Dealt with Russell on several occasions and he always had the club at heart. Was an old-school absolute gentleman (never saw him anything other than immaculately dressed) and he was always genuinely concerned with all matters MFC, never more so than during the traumatic period of administration. Tam

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