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  1. Did I read somewhere that anorthosis are having to play their European game behind closed doors?
  2. Tragic news, great ambassador for the club and a great servant rip Bill
  3. How many seats would you say are in the last 2 sections ? Say 500 give or take a few I really don't know exactly. But for arguments sake say 500! So to Maintain the same capacity and add the safe standing at 84quid a pop it is going to cost the club 42k a worthwhile investment? A ground move planned in the near-ish future hmm not so sure! Would absolutely love for it to happen all the same
  4. Got it, 25 quid and I was sorted.
  5. Hope so guys thanks for all the help! Fingers crossed!
  6. Turns out I cannot find my season ticket anywhere! What's the protocol for this can I get a new one tomorrow before the game?
  7. Novo was on my plane home from America, wouldn't read to much into it. Still lives in Scotland I believe.
  8. That tannoy system is a joke was walking to the game with a belter of a hangover and the tannoy at the gate nearly knocked me over! Just get rid of it.
  9. Just a thought, see with this new UEFA rule about club debt etc, I think it's where wages cannot exceed club turnover. Where exactly would Hearts fit in with all this. Is there wages not at around 126% compared to their turnover so would that not mean that in the following years Hearts would in fact be banned from European football? Again just a thought not sure when this is being implemented etc. All the best Sutts decent servant had worse had better let's move on!
  10. Had an absolutely fantastic day yesterday thought that our fans were excellent and the majority can say that they conducted themselves in such a manner which represented Motherwell Fc brilliantly. A thing that cannot be said about a lot of Celtic fans. I had the displeasure of being spat on by a celtic casual on the bus back to town. Absolutely disgusting could not believe it! On a side note why is it that the second a well fan who considers themselves as British and is proud of that fact is automatically classed as a 'h*n' by other well fans ?
  11. Absolutely phenomenal day! Still cant believe that we are in the Scottish cup final!
  12. Got my tickets today and one of the guys behind the desk said that St Johnstone had sold 3500 tickets but didn't plan on selling any on the day. I take it we will still be selling tickets right up till kick off then?

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