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  1. Went along to the Singaporean League opener tonight, where Brian McLean was playing for Brunei and was pretty brutal in a brutal standard of football. Hard to believe he was the same guy that played for us. Not much more than pub league standard.
  2. One of, if not the only real asset from Baracloughs time. He's has a very good return so far in what has been a very poor team. I'm sure there will be a lot more to come from him and unlike the other potentially decent players who seem to blow hot and cold, he seems pretty consistent.
  3. Ruddy was a class keeper, Randolph all in all the best we have had in a very long time. These two guys may have raised the expectations a bit much. Ripley seems competent for his age and would probably be on a par with a more experienced but lesser keeper in Samson. The likely scenario is Ripley goes, no1 is Samson with Dan no.2 and a re-address for next season. Would make some me sense.
  4. I'm not sure how much McGhee can achieve right now. The slide started under McCall with a few average players replacing what we had. Baraclough was brought in to re-address things and given enough rope to hang himself financially, which he done in spectacular style. His signings appear to be less than average SPL and below and this is what McGhee (or any appointed manager) would have to work with. I'd reckon McGhee right now just wants to grind out any results he can to stay in an acceptable 'starting point ' come January. Where by then he hopefully can send some of the loans home and bring some capable players to get us out of trouble (probably just and no more by the way things are going). You never know, some of the people that come in may be German. :-)
  5. Bart Verheul, looked to have all the talent and attitude until his injury
  6. That bloke was hardly a footballer never mind striker, luckily he has not been mentioned in the list. He should only appear in one list, the subject of motherwells all time worst players. Funnily, over the last 10-15, maybe even 20 years it would be hard to include any players that played for Motherwell in a worst list alongside, Night mair, John 'The cat' Gardener, etc. But in the last year or so we may have a few contenders. Seems Straker and Law could be right up there.
  7. 91 semi replay, like most people. Not the game itself, but the manner we won the game and the rage it caused. 1-0 against Rangers at the at the start of Souness' reign. Beating Forfar away 2-1 in the old first when Forfar had been unbeaten at home for some time including games against Rangers and Celtic. Just knew then that we would be coming back up. Beating Brechin at home the same season to win the league. Dortmund away Albania away, just because I was there.
  8. Aluded to that possibility in the Baraclough out thread. Just have a gut feel that Baraclough has loaded the team with utter dross, not helped by some of McCalls previous signings and us being a bit blinkered and excited by Unknown prospects, who particularly shone when playing against such a terrible Sevco team. I'm quite sure a lot of the players will be leaving at the end of their contracts on frees.
  9. McLean took over a relegated team in the first division. Baraclough took over a struggling premier league team. At times McLeans tenure was torture, but you could never doubt he was playing to strengths and trying to move the team forward. From my point, time will tell if my assumption is right or wide of the mark. I just have a gut feeling he (Baraclough) really had no idea about the quality truly required. We may make a profit on some of his signings or they prove to be the backbone of a revived team, time will tell. But this 'must have knowledge of the English lower leagues is something that could hold us back. It has to be the best man for the job and would be wise to involve someone with football experience in the selection process to ensure we don't get another Baraclough.
  10. Taking over an 11th placed team should have suggested he needed to improve the quality and as you mention he hasn't. That stops at his door regardless. So it would appear he may have got it wrong. It's just a thought, there seems a lot of 'best staring 11' and 'if players can reach their potential' but maybe too many are substandard. I would also say that the decline in player standards was probably happening with McCall as well. Just a hunch though.
  11. Nope, I wouldn't say miss management at all. Just appears the appointment of a guy who had absolutely no idea of the Scottish leagues and a budget to hang himself. Unfortunately the club and any future manager has to carry these mistakes.
  12. Maybe Baraclough really misjudged the league and the players are actually just not good enough, making t a hell of a job for Craigen or anyone else.
  13. Sad news, great guy and great family. Thoughts are with them.
  14. Was going to reply to the original comment (Bobby Watson being the worst), by god, Hynd was brutal how could anyone forget that. Not really sure about the comparisons between Baraclough and Gannon, both unknown, both English and that's about it. I tend to fall into the Baraclough completely underestimating the league and his strengths and I do think his signings will probably reflect this through time. As for the new manager, as I said a while back, the board have to involve some experience during the interview process to ensure they don't get dazzled in the headlights of bullshit so they can pick the best man for the job regardless of English lower league knowledge or contacts.

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