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  1. Not sure if this is the right place for this, I've had time on my hand whilst being furloughed. Some of you may have seen this on twitter/insta but I've designed and ordered the first pin in hopefully a series of monthly pins based on current or past 'well heroes. The first one is David Turnbull. I've limited it to 100 pins and I'm donating to the well society from the sale of each pin. Sold just over half of the David Turnbull pins so far so if anyone fancies having a look or put in a wee order that would be great, cheers! Twitter page for updates and links is http://twitter.com/steelmenpins Link to the online store http://www.steelmenpins.bigcartel.com
  2. Clocked Del Potro wearing a potential Well third kit today at the French open
  3. Paul dixon is being released by Grimsby as he's looking for a move closer to home in the SPFL, any chance he would be a decent addition to ease our left back issues?
  4. Not been to a game for a wee while, been looking forward to it for a few weeks now thinking we could produce a decent win. How wrong I was. Can't believe what we had to endure as supporters As others have said you could clearly see the formation was all wrong. Players blootering it to nobody as if we're 1-0 up in a cup final with 2mins to go but this was the entirety of our game plan I guess? The management have to take responsibility for that performance today. Very worrying times ahead.
  5. That's my money sent across via paypal, cheers
  6. that fixture run in to the split is horrendous
  7. Stick me down for a Tenner, Will paypal it across at the end of the week, cheers!
  8. Gamst

    Loan Signings

    Ruddy, Jutkiewicz and Grimshaw seem to come to mind first for me as good/great loan signing as you said Taylor and adding Calum Elliot to that list are the two that would put you off loan signings for life
  9. top 3 games ive seen in the flesh for me have been 3 - Skippy Sunday 2 - Hibs six each 1 - CIS semi against hearts - Probably the first time watching the well where I felt like we actually achieved something, like it was all worth it!
  10. yes the 1st half was poor but the managers had 2 days training. hes still trying to find the right tactics to get this car crash of a squad playing at a better level. he addressed some of the issues at half time and we played better. the amount of boos the team got at half time was embarrassing.
  11. Gamst

    Baraclough Out

    Didn't see the board making the decision before the game on saturday, but its the right decision, out of his depth at managerial position, seemed like a nice enough guy but the results and performances speak for themselves
  12. nah, we can still do deals with English clubs up till our window closes
  13. feels like barraclough is trying to form a fantasy football team of all strikers. Theo does seem like a decent signing if we didnt have 18 thousand strikers already. we have priorities elsewhere to be dealt with!

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