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    Vs Falkirk

    I think that's part of their problem, they are inconsistant and constantly go from one extreme to the other. I have only seen full matches once or twice this season and I agree with you, they have been pretty uninspiring but seen plenty of highlights and they are capable of putting together outstanding passages of play by the looks of it. One goal stuck out a mile and I canny mind who it was against, might have been hibs in november but they patiently strung together about 20 odd one touch passes before scoring. Their first game of the season against Rangers sticks in my memory too, they were fantastic that day. I'm looking forward to Saturday regardless of how they play, if they are pish we'll hump them and if they are on form then it'll be an outstanding game. Both situations assuming we pick up where we left off against Dundee United of course!
  2. CoF

    Vs Falkirk

    Falkirk are a weird team due to the fact they always give teams a tougher game than their league position indicates. Massive under-achievers when you consider how good the football they frequently play is. As for predictions- after Saturday I think it's an absolute shot in the dark. We seem to have gotten ourselves out of that massive black hole we were in last month however the fear is still there. Confidence will be running high and the belief is back by the looks of things so I reckon we'll put 2 or 3 past them. 3-1 Motherwell.
  3. Jings, I completely missed that word. Selective vision.
  4. The article says John Boyle was a witness for spencer against MFC. If that's the case then who was pursuing the money? Surely that would mean a divided back room?
  5. Oops, sorry. That flew completely over my head. No pun intended.
  6. Eh? Where did that torrent of abuse come from? Geez a reasoned assessment of his comments and folk might be able to understand yer point. Remember, Buzz was apparently the lowest paid keeper in the SPL last year and as far as I know still is. If that's true then he's shown a great deal of loyalty to the club by staying on this season after more than proving his worth last year.
  7. CoF

    V's Dundee Utd

    Fair play to him, always liked the guy.
  8. I understand yer point but what's the solution then? They'd get slated for assuming the pitch will be frozen. An automatic move to Fir Park isn't really in the spirit of the game. I guess this is another advert for summer football though.
  9. CoF

    Falkirk Tickets

    Does that mean there is more than one voucher H in the book?
  10. CoF

    Falkirk Tickets

    Ok doke. Cheers for the help!
  11. CoF

    Falkirk Tickets

    Nice one. I'm not actually a season ticket holder, just trying to scrounge the spare from my mate. He hasn't recieved the letter, didn't know about the ticket offer till I mentioned it tonight. Is it definately Falkirk or Hamilton? Not Falkirk and Hamilton? I take it they all need voucher H?
  12. CoF

    V's Dundee Utd

    Considering all the mental statistics that went along with the game we canny argue with that to be honest. Utter delighted anyway. Good to see midefielders getting goals and having someone who isny scared to have a go from outside the box. Exactly what we need! Wednesday will be interesting but cannot wait till Saturday!
  13. CoF

    Falkirk Tickets

    Am I right or wrong in saying that season ticket holders could pick up free tickets for the Falkirk game? I'm sure I'm right but it's no on the official site.
  14. CoF

    V's Dundee Utd

    Avoided the result all day today and just watched the highlights on setanta. Whit a ridiculous three minutes of my life! Outstanding!
  15. CoF

    V's Dundee Utd

    Is naebody excited about this game or something? I think it's going to be one of the hardest games of the season, that's including the OF. If we can get a draw then a very good result. 1-1.
  16. CoF

    'Well Newsletter...

    Great idea this.
  17. It's no a real photo. I'm sure it's a screenshot from sim city.
  18. CoF

    Scottish Football

    I don't think it's fair to say a managers 'make up is wrong' if they fear relegation. It's an idealistic situation you are hoping for however I'm guessing Scottish football simply don't have the number of quality youngsters coming through, at least not enough to fill out SPL first teams. I do appreciate the sentiment of this thread however you are probably in the minority in thinking we have a few hundred Scottish youngsters in the game just now that should be getting into first teams.
  19. The thread title is a wee joke. Took me a minute to piece it all together too.
  20. Sounds like a quality game and a hard earned point for both teams. Can't wait to see the highlights. Canny grumble.
  21. CoF

    Do You Remember

    Motherwell 6 - Hibernian 2. 31st january 1998. Not a game of great significance apart from the scoreline. two nil down after 7 minutes, 3 - 2 at half time. 6 - 2 full time. Good stuff. The 2-1 game against Aberdeen last season was a blinder too. Dairylea punting us into Europe.
  22. I agree with that and I've recently come to realise we might not actually be aware of how much they do. I work with adults with learning difficulties and the company's most recently newsletter had a wee article about Bob Malcolm and Mark Reynolds visiting one of our residential care homes just before Christmas. I'd never have known this if I didn't work for them. I wonder how much more the players do that goes un-noticed?
  23. CoF


    Aww, lovely. Now you have to spread the dirt. Who has been a right shower of bawbags?
  24. I think McGhee has addressed this situation quite a few times and it was evident all last season too. Under McGhee we continued and will continue to gift goals to the opposition however the masterplan is to always score one more than them. I'm paraphrasing but that's the jist of what he said and it might seem ridiculous however the 'lose hunners of goals but always score one more' did take us to 3rd last year. I'm happy with that tactic as long as we have strikers who are on form and midfielders who can supply which up till yesterday was a problem. Who knows whether or not we can continue where we left things on Saturday but here's hoping!
  25. CoF


    Aye, good stuff today. The team really worked hard and the scoreline isny a reflection on play at all. Could have been 4 or 5 - 0 to us. Clarkson was magnificant today and looked desperate to get on the ball and have go, exactly what we have been lacking the last wee while. Craigan seemed to have the defence much more organised today despite the dodgy first goal and soft penalty. One thing that stuck out like a sore thumb was O'Briens contribution. He really ran his arse into the ground today, chased every ball and skint their right back dunno how many times. Even right before he was subbed he was still running half the length of the pitch to stick a toe in. Put a few decent crosses into the box and hopefully began to answer any critics who wonder why he was ever signed. Here's hoping he can keep it up. Good to see the crowd showed their appreciation with the standing ovation when he was subbed. That should do him a lot of confidence which is exactly what individuals in the team need.

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