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    The Sfa Cup

    To be fair, a club like Motherwell needs it finances run tightly and if I'm not mistaken we are one of the very few clubs in Britain just now who have been running in the black (?). No doubt a result of taking tough decisions like giving the cooper to old firm fans. Without seeing and scrutinizing the club finances we can only assume it's sound a financial decision. Whether it's the right decision or not is entirely subjective. For examples sake, would you be happy with the situation if John Boyle came out and said the extra revenue created from giving the Cooper away allows us to pay Klimpl's wages? That's a pretty straightforward scenario but who knows, I've got a feeling it is as simple as that sometimes.
  2. CoF

    The Sfa Cup

    Yup, the question will be whether or not we will fill it or not. If Johnny Boyle thinks we will fill it then I do believe we'll get it. I think the natural instict is to say "Celtic in the Scottish cup, Fir Park will be rammed with 'well fans" but as Neil says, we were given it in the League Cup and didny fill it.
  3. Aye saw that, nice to see a player doing that. No doubt his 'duty of care' mode kicked in.
  4. CoF


    Haha, pish goal line clearance. Nay luck.
  5. I think his comments are spot in. What's the point in bitching and moaning about whether it was a 4-5-1 or not? Push the wingers up ten yards and it becomes a 4-3-3 anyway, which incedentally was exactly what was happening at the St. Mirren game. By deal with it do you mean turn a blind eye? I think he's dealing with it pretty well considering he has managed to hold back from saying "a good chunk of our support act like wee cocks week in week out".
  6. Maybe I need to change seats. For most the game I thought to myself that for such a tall laddie he should be winning much more in the air, think he won about 1/3 of the long balls sent up to him, and that's being generous. I'm bamboozled anaw. Sound's like half the crowd watched the game in an alternate universe. Anyway, MOTM for me was buzz. Quite a few players had good games (D. Smith, Klimpl, Clarky) but buzz plain and simply kept is in the game.
  7. Canny see Sutton starting to be honest. I don't think McGhee has complete faith in him yet. Probably see sheridan getting a star this time. Jay's line up looks the most likely I reckon.
  8. I always thought the reserves were a vital step between U19s and the full team, giving younger players the chance to play against more experienced opponents and giving injured players the chance to work their back into the game. That said, having read the responses on this thread it would appear that I'm talking shite.
  9. I only read about this yeterday however it was announced last month so don't know if this has already been discussed. Don't know the in's and out's but apparently the SPL are planning to scrap the reserve league next season in a bid to cut squad sizes and remove some of the financial pressure SPL clubs are feeling a the moment. Someone else may be able to expand on the reasoning behind it? I know nothing about economics in football so it's not really my place to comment on whether this is the right move or not however it is without doubt going to damaging to Scottish football as a whole for a number of reasons which I canny be bothered going into just now. The reserve team has always been an absolutely integral part of the club and is surely a necessity to ensure a strong first team? While the move is applicable to all SPL teams and might not give any one team an advantage I think this is surely a massive step backwards for Scottish football. Surely it's no the only option?
  10. Yup, it will be interesting how this pans oot if we get past St. Mirren. Will Johnny Boyle have faith in the Motherwell Support to fill the place or not? I think it's entirely at Celtics discretion however will already be dealt with in the loan contract. If they said he's to play in nay games ever against Celtic then there isn't much we can do about it.
  11. I think the problem is that the majority of fans at Fir Park sit in silence for 90 minutes, leaving gaping holes of silence for the numpties to fill with their shite. According to the poll about 94% (rough and shit maths) of folk support the team while only 6% boo underperformers. If we took those numbers to the stadium every week then you would never hear the boo boys in the first place. Funny how the boo boys seem to disappear into thin air when thing's like this get brought up. Much like the thread on how shit our supporters are, almost every response is from the perfect fan.
  12. What's been said? You got a link to the article?
  13. To be fair to McGhee, I don't think he's got complete confidence in John Sutton and he's not seen Sheridan yet so his options were limited yesterday.
  14. Aye, me anaw. Thought it was straight after the Forfar game.
  15. Good point. A few folk seem to have forgotten that another fan favourite is on loan and currently keeping those contracted to Motherwell out the team. Step forward Maros. I personally don't think John Sutton has quite proven himself yet. He scored 2 the other night but according to the radio that was 2 out of 5 or 6 very clear cut chances. Obviously I'd love for him to do well and assume he will start but I don't know if it's a straighforward a decision as it may seem. Before monday night he had scored 4 goals in 17 starts. Sheridan has 4 goals in 7 starts with smelltic. I think the fact that Sutton will be playing in a team he knows will sway him in McGhee's favour for Saturday.
  16. Ahhh, I just looked at the picture that came with it. Canny see the game being off on Saturday anyway.
  17. Reserve game against hibs two days ago was called off because of the snow on the pitch although I wonder how much effort they would have made to get the game on.
  18. Jingso. Line-ups were on the radio half an hour ago. Didny catch all of it but Sutton, Murphy and Lasley were in. JOBby and Clarky were on the bench. Hope I'm wrong cause I've got a fiver on clarkson to score a hat trick.
  19. Sutton in, Clarky out.
  20. Excellent price on that, too bad he's on the bench! Typical!
  21. CoF

    Inverurie Pitch

    Ref just said "Game is on". Mark McGhee is smiling.
  22. CoF

    Cillian Sheradin

    Most Celtic fans are numpties so I'll reserve judgement till I've seen him in claret and amber.
  23. CoF

    Cillian Sheradin

    He'll do us a good job I reckon. I do believe McGhee has an eye for players that will fit into the Motherwell team so I'll put some faith in his decisions here. Take Jim O' Brien as an example, McGhee squished that square peg into a round hole and it appears to have benefitted the team significantly. That comment is not inclusive of Bobby Malcolm by the way.
  24. CoF

    Cillian Sheradin

    I'll take that. Saw him play against Man U and done quite well.

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