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  1. Rico

    Atmosphere At Fir Park

    Different drummer last night,will be back to the usual slow (probably not as good) drummer on saturday. The aim is definitely for it to spread throughout the support rather than just 1 section like what happens at some places.
  2. Couldn't agree more. Always said our fans are one of the worst for negativity towards the team. Picked up by Derek McInnes on Saturday and he commented about how quickly our fans were to have a go...if he notices it the players certainly will...it doesnt help! 1 bad performance on saturday and its all doom and gloom....we're sitting third ffs! Get behind your team! We all know higdon isn't an athlete,but he scores goals! My money's on him to get more than Sutton did last season.
  3. Rico

    Atmosphere At Fir Park

    Best i can remember fir park in a long time. Amazing tonight and definitely helps make the defeat a little easier. Thought tonight was a great game as well which helped the atmosphere but the section was bouncing tonight...literally. More of the same on saturday hopefully .
  4. The Union Jack is not my cup of tea and i would never personally take one with me to the football,however its not my place to tell folk what to believe in. We all know how diverse our support is so surely it comes as no surprise that we have different views. On the 'sieg heil' incident i can assure you that as bop says it is none of the main organisers however we do know its happening and are trying to cut it out for the exact reason that it aleinates us from the rest of the fans. As someone said previously though there are a lot of people who stand and sing with us at games and its easier said than done to point out who it is. First game back at parkhead in 3 seasons and it'll be the last time i go back and the bulk of our group feel the same. We've spoken a couple of times about organising a full fan boycott of parkhead to make a statement however we realise that there would still be fans who would go to the game...boycott or not!
  5. Think it was first sung a few seasons back in a drubbing to Rangers...6-1 at Ibrox possibly? The game Hutchy scored....2009 in fact. That along with the tune to kingston town. Sang at Hibs 6-6 game when we were 6-2 down,which made it a keeper .
  6. Reason for sitting where we sat at St.Mirren was cause we were later in the ground so by the time we'd got in it was oretty much the only section we could all fit in . Definitely agree though that sitting up the back allows the noise to carry through the stand better and create a better atmosphere...more folk joining in etc. Im one of the lads who refuse to go to parkhead purely because of the way we have been treated in the past. We've had no bother at all this season though so tempted to go to Parkhead to see what it would be like there. Things are going really well at the moment,so hoping it continues,
  7. Rico

    Atmosphere At Fir Park

    Standing or seated the main aim is to improve atmosphere at Fir Park something which i think we are actively achieving. The flags and drums which have been introduced are clearly helping to improve it and the players seem to appreciate it. So stop the f***ing arguments and enjoy being top of the league .
  8. Only bonus is that Jimmy Floyd is also suspended and he appears to be there main threat. Must say though i was more confident of winning today than next week,they're playing some really good football but i think if Law,Murph and Humph are on there game we'll sneak it and stay top.
  9. Right i have been in contact with the club and once again as Bop has said the club have been fantastic with us. We were lead to believe that a complaint was made about the chant being racist however after some more in depth discussions we have now been informed it wasn't the chant or in fact our group that the complaint was made about. Couple of individuals sitting elsewhere within the support apparently is all i know. Onwards and upwards viva heartbeat!
  10. I have no idea,but somehow an unfortunate fan was offended by it.
  11. The new Chris Humphrey song which was sang on Saturday to the tune of heartbeat contains the lyrics Humphrey Oh Chrissy Humphrey Runs down the wing for me! Do do do do do etc
  12. Rico

    Atmosphere At Fir Park

    Wee bit on safe standing http://www.bcfc3lions.co.uk/page221.html
  13. There is a massive difference between Tynecastle (the best atmospheric stadium in scotland and Rugby Park . After being to Norway the ideal Stadium would be to build something similar to Aalesunds...smaller scale if need be. Just as long as if (maybe when) we move its not the plastic arena's that we now see at ict,st.mirren,hamilton and falkirk.
  14. Rico

    Atmosphere At Fir Park

    A lot of time and effort was put into the display especially when a good few of us had holidays etc and trips to norway in between so a big thanks goes to everyone who joined in with the confetti and balloons etc. It looked amazing standing underneath it and also the flags which i know a few of the younger lads have made themselves only add to the colour about FP. A few good songs and chants yesterday which will hopefully catch on,but after 5 years of hard work i feel that we are eventually making a difference to the overall atmosphere at FP. We currently have a great relationship with the club,which certainly helps but i also think a lot of regular fans are now making a difference too and supporting the team in a more positive manner than what has previoulsy been the case. All in all a great start to the season both on and off the park...lets hope it continues. PS for the record,we're miles ahead of the rangers group .
  15. http://a1.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/228179_10150177421265474_647995473_7306188_1364392_n.jpg Highlight of today. Thanks to all who participated,a fond memory of what was a pretty non eventful cup final in the end. Makes all the hard work and effort put in rewarding. Also thanks to all who donated to fund this display and i hope that we as a group proved a few people wrong in terms of "auch it will just be spent on smoke bombs" .
  16. Aye he mentioned he'd spoke to a few people, if you're going straight to Hampden I'd suggest being there for around 1 mate .
  17. Yeh the Green Brigade will also have something planned,however like us i imagine their display will be kept under wraps. Would be nice to 'bump' into them . Thats a good point anyone who isn't involved (they will find out when they arrive at Hampden if they are or not) take plenty of photos and videos. Also anyone who has any 'friends' in the opposite end ask them to do the same.
  18. Right guys as Dee has posted previously we will be needing a hand with the setting up of the card etc at Hampden. We have been allowed access to Hampden on Friday so to allow this to happen the club have kindly agreed to use the two club minibuses to transport people from FP to Hampden and back. The arrangements is to meet at FP at around 12.20 so that we can get into Hampden for 1 and set things set up as quickly as possible. Unfortunately due to health and safety and the level of increased work it would cause by opening toilets etc only males are required to help out (message Dee just gave me). Looking for around 20 helpers if possible so if you could post up here if you are willing and able to help that would be appreciated so that we can gauge numbers.
  19. Rico

    Final Anthem Poll

    Seven nation army is a cracker and I'm sure everyone would join in. 2mins 47 Since I was young, I've followed on, Motherwell FC, The team for me! Shu lu lu luuuu....
  20. Rico

    Motherwell Bucket Hat

    Actually spoke to Gordon Young about these a few weeks back as a way of raising money for youth development (mostly cause i was after one) but he didn't think they'd sell.
  21. This is a great amount raised and we will continue to raise as much as we can up until the final home game of the season v Killie. After this we will total up what we have and see what we are able to afford display wise. The full card display isn't cheap though so one big final push will help to achieve the aim of this. All going well these cards will also be a great souvenir of the day to those who wish to keep them. Thanks to all those who have donated so far to make Hampden as colourful as possible to inspire our boys onto victory on a sunny 21st of May!
  22. Exactly Haggis ! Overachieving every year hmmmm!
  23. Not sure who you pm'd welshmaninwell,but i can assure you we are very approachable people (most of us) . Always looking for more folk to come sit with us and help create a better atmosphere etc. In terms of displays; a lot have been on a smaller scale so the usual folk usually meet up and get the stuff done however we would always encourage everyone to be creative and design/make their own stuff. Know a lot of the younger lads going to games keep inquiring about flags etc and we're always available if yeh need a hand.
  24. Till rolls were being handed out at the top of the stairs rather than being placed at specific seats. As Dee says we're looking at possibly a card display (size depending on finance basically),but we'd hope to involve all fans if possible. I'm an ex well boy lad and when we existed done many small displays and tifos however none of us have ever done anything of this size before so bare with us. What i will say though is that the support we are receiving from both the club and fans is muchly appreciated and the enthusiasm of everyone really is brilliant. Lets not let it stop here however. As a 'well fan I'm all about trying to improve the atmosphere and overall experience of watching the 'well. I'd love it if we as a support could carry this through to next season and beyond, because i genuinely believe we have the power to make a difference in a match. Viva 'Well

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