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  1. Thought we got turned over by a more experienced team. Overall I didn’t think we deserved that score line. thought wee Campbell bossed it in the 1st half but he and the others just ran out of steam, which is understandable in the heat. add that to some shit defending and we were never going to turn this mob over with our lack of decent strikers . i thought for 60 minutes we gave a reasonable account, but after Dicklan lost the plot, we were fecked. thought Watt was immense up front and showed Long up for the moody lazy twat that he is.. sad the adventure’s over but some money in the bank is better than a kick to the baws.. hopefully we can batter the h**s this weekend..
  2. Scout from ,Sheffield United collecting his tickets in front of me yesterday....
  3. Credit to the Daily Rager for picking that up.
  4. Haven't been on for a bit but a brilliant effort today by everyone; thought Gomis and Leitch worked their arses off considering they were both on yellows. Just an aside, the response from the crowd today on 16th minute for the young Aberdeen supporter who lost his battle with cancer will no doubt be completely be ignored by the media but it brought a lump to my throat. The fact that the Bois actually had a personal message for the lad speaks volumes for them. Fantastic gesture by them. That's all.
  5. Great reading this thread!! 81/82 season full of brilliant memories as was the cup run of '91, but the start of that run up in Aberdeen was probably.... The most memorable game for me as the sheep were cup holders and nobody gave us a chance. I drove up from Sheffield and picked up my pals en route. The Beach end was jumping that day and tbf, when Kirky came on my pal Floydo said he's gonna score from this free kick... Aye right! Then boom! Fantastic night spent in Edinburgh that night!!! Even got a kiss of a WPC guarding is in the Beach end at the final whistle... Great times!!!
  6. bladesman

    Baraclough Out

    I'd be surprised if a settlement package hasn't been discussed by the board, and it'll be done within the next few days.
  7. bladesman

    Baraclough Out

    I have seen no improvement in the few games I've been to this season. Add that to the fact that IB has now been in charge for the best part of a season, and now has a team made up of predominantly HIS players, then he's either incompetent as a manager or he's lost the dressing room. Regardless of which it is, the buck has to stop with him. Yes, we beat the pretendy rainjurs, but it was only the Glasgowcentric pish media that had the currants as nailed on favourites, so in reality there should have been no surprise that we beat them. Those 2 results papered over the obvious cracks, and Baraclough was given another chance; this had come home to roost now, and the board must realise that regardless of how nice a bloke he is, he's not the man to take us forwards, unless forwards means years in the wilderness of the lower divisions. I hope this can all be done quickly and relatively painlessly, because if the board allow it to drag on the future of the club/ Well Society will look gloomy at the very least.
  8. Overall a very lucky victory tonight! Thought EF's Nathan Austin showed our front 2 how to play a strikers role. He was superb and thankfully got flagged offside when he put the ball in the net when they were 1-0 up. A reflection of how good he was came when he got a standing ovation from the Well fans, me included. He had Laing breathing out his arse in the 1st half and gave Kennedy major problems in the 2nd. If we had some money in the bank, I'd snap him up without a second thought. I thought overall Kennedy seemed solid enough beside Laing. Our midfield was waste of space for large chunks of the game, Las is past his sell by date, Leitch chases shadows and contributes very little, and with Marv on no show and Ainsworth fading in and out, this had the hallmarks of another shocking cup exit! I hope I'm way off the mark but I haven't seen any improvement team wise from last season. On a positive note, I thought Thomas was outstanding when he came on. His link up play and runs at defenders are a joy to watch. All 3 goals well taken, but for 90 minutes it was hard to tell who were the team from the top league.
  9. Tbf, it's a telephone call and a reply too me. Still waiting, even after a call at 9 to FP this morning. Ain't impressed!
  10. You can try that Tony, but I bought my tickets over the phone 1st thing yesterday morning and despite promises to phone me back to confirm where I could collect and 2 reminder calls from me, I'm still waiting to find out! Not too hard a job to let me know you'd thunk....
  11. 1. Aberdeen 2. Celtic 3. Hearts 4. Motherwell 5. Dundee 6. Dundee United 7. StJohnstone 8. ICT 9. Partick 10. Accies/Kilmarnock/Ross County 11. One of the above 3 12. One of the above 3 I may be a mile oot, but I fancy the sheep to do the mhanky mob this year. Hearts have got a very exciting young team who have had a season and a half to gel, and I think Dundee under Hartley will do well this season. Could be utter bollocks tho....
  12. No trialist tonight. Well the better team, but PNE were clinical for their goals, where we weren't converting our chances. First half Marv, created 2 good chances for himself and their keeper made a couple of decent stops. Their first was down to an error from McManus and the 2nd was down to our midfield not tracking back. 2nd half we were much better, and were the better team by far. All the subs made an impact, especially Ainsworth who had a cracking shot from 25 yards palmed over by their keeper. Not sure about Chalmers as he was played out at left midfield and he looked lost for long periods. Moult was terrific when he came on, looks as if he has a touch on him and linked up with Ainsworth well. He took his goal really well, timed his run to outstrip their defence and waited and waited until he slipped it past their goalie. Thought the team that finished the 90, linked better than the starting 11. Be interesting to see who gets the front man's role next week up by. Fletcher looks kinda leggy for me and doesn't appear to have the pace of Moult.
  13. That looks like Bobby Watson...
  14. Jóhannes EðvaldssonFor me when I see that strip...

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