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  1. Aye, they have just realised 70 minutes into the game that we can still catch County. Minging.
  2. Any plans for any displays? or is it the classic beach baws etc?
  3. Feel sorry for people of they are being stung. Arranged a payment through PayPal so hopefully I should be able to recover my cash.
  4. For people who've booked through the Motherwell times, the guy confirmed it would be ok to pay through paypal, so I've registered a credit card and sent it that way. I've also checked in for all the flights and they are legit so I guess we will wait and see!
  5. Is the South stand open for 'well fans?
  6. Also, Liligo are only a search engine for flights and nothing is actually booked through them. Also, the email contacts are all @liligo.com which again makes this boy seem dodgy, as his is [email protected]
  7. The guy could have paid via credit card though, then claim his card was used fraudulently and reclaim the money. If you look through the terms of easyjet/bmi etc I'm pretty sure it says something along the lines of 'if for any reason your payment is declined or recalled you will be refused boarding'
  8. Nah, it does seem quite dodgy to be honest, thinking this is kaput now. Anyone found anything reasonable for flights over the last few days?
  9. That's what I was thinking also.
  10. I've emailed the guy to seek an alternative method of payment. I'll post any updates.
  11. Would PayPal allow me to send it securely?
  12. He's sent us all our flight confirmations etc so it does seem legit, although they are wanting payment through bank transfer which I have no clue how to do with a Spanish company. I'll probably wait until I'm checked in etc before I send them they payment across.
  13. I've emailed the guy a couple of times, all Ryanair/Easyjet flights have now been snapped up, however there are some alternatives available. Some weird routes though, I'm looking at flying to Paris Then To Valencia myself.

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