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  1. Tried to pm you

  2. I only require 15% royalties for my appearance in that video....my agent shall be in touch! We really did score some cracking goals last year...lets hope for some more from now on!
  3. The golf day is on the 10th of may at covillie park golf club but prices are tbc
  4. There was a testimonial dinner last Friday night in Dalziel park, must have easily been over 200 folk there
  5. Hey all After the success of Sir Stephen Kirks testimonial night at are any of you guys going to the golf day? Hopefully there's the same turnout as there was on Friday there to honour the great fella! And if it's half as entertaining as the other night it'll be a roaring success!
  6. So where is everyone meeting up? Currently in the hotel watch pano play malaga! Any other well fans in the eurostars? Where you's heading to?
  7. What stations that mate? I can't get it to work?
  8. think i'm going to be struggling here fly back at 10am on the friday but i cant find transport to get me from valencia to alicante?
  9. How are you getting from Alicante to Valencia? how is anynoe travelling from city to city? i've tried the website posted up for train travel but it cant get anything between these 2 cities?


    How are you guys getting to and from the stadium for the game?
  11. the stream is fine now that gers are 4-1 up
  12. first row is working for me
  13. anyone getting a better picture than first row
  14. yyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssss

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