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  1. Griffiths missed a pen vs Stjarnan and there was some debate whether Ciftci should have hit it or not. Fast forward to today. Celtic are awarded another penalty and Griffiths subsequently coverts (albeit fortuitously). One penalty miss doesn't mean you should be stripped of the role. Ronaldo, Messi, Balotelli have all missed penalties - doesn't stop them stepping up again. McDonald should remain as penalty taker for the timebeing.
  2. If Dan conceded the goal vs Sligo, then he would have been crucified. Terrible goalkeeping. Let's not forget that for months people were considering Dan to get back into the first XI at the expense of George Long. The two playoff games seem to have clouded people's judgment on how successful Long's loan was. He wasn't much better than Dan. Yes, stats appear to be in Long's favour - but it was Ebbe Skovdahl that said "stats are like miniskirts, they look good but hide the important bits". Long ticked all our boxes - Young, tall, potential, highly rated down south. And with the extra expense was he really that big an improvement on Dan? Dan may not be terrific, but he doesn't give you the fear anywhere near as much as Hollis and Neilsen. And he was for 6 months on course to win our POTY. People are easy to forget that. He was crucial in the points we did pick up, and kept our hammerings down from cricket scores. Check out the highlight of the defending vs Dundee and Accies at the start of last season. And you'll see how much Dan saved us at times last year. The year we finished 2nd we managed to do this with Neilsen and Hollis. Widely recognised as far inferior goalkeepers than Dan. That's because in the SPL - a prolific striker/strikeforce is far greater requirement. And with McDonald/Wes/Moult we may well have that again. Thus relieving the pressure on our "inferior" goalkeeping position. Of course Dan will be replaced as Bara has stated. But certainly not the disaster that everyone reckons.
  3. For those trying to use pre-season games as a basis for the forthcoming season are crazy. Remember we lost what 5-0 at Ayr? We then proceeded to have one of the best seasons, with one of the best Motherwell sides of the recent generation.
  4. This^^ Nail on head. Best way to look at this signing.
  5. Am I just imagining this or did McDonald and Clarkson not get on particularly well during their first period at us? I know Mcdonald is a petulant prick at the best of times, and may just be a simple case of this.
  6. Kerr is no longer a Well player.
  7. Use him as the fast mobile striker, and limit his defensive commitments and we may see the best of him. Would far rather see him causing defences problems than Moore. We know he has the pace, and we know he can finish.
  8. Zaluska is Celtics backup to Gordon, Cierzniak is the United keeper who is fucking dreadful.
  9. There will be far bigger clubs with far greater resources than us that will be seeking Zaluska. He will end up at the bottom of the Championship or most likely a return to Poland.
  10. Scored with his final touch of the ball for us. Apt way to go. All the best to him.
  11. Was being linked with Olympiakos prior to the playoffs. So he will be headed for pastures far greater than FP. Not to mention his International manager doesn't seem too keen on him playing in Scotland.
  12. Aren't we obligated to give Erwin an offer of equal or greater terms to ensure that we receive the compensation for his development? Just so people dont get lulled into believing there is any chance he will sign the offer. Pretty sure it's all formalities us offering him a contract, and the speech play to plead that he stays. To ensure we receive as much compensation as possible.
  13. He's not even Thistle's best ex-Well player.. Killie are welcome to him.
  14. Can someone please GIF Nicky Law falling on his arse when Marvin turned him inside out about 5 times in a row. GLORIOUS!

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