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    You've mentioned that twice now, despite surely knowing the difference? If Lawless was texting his comments to other Rangers-supporting mates then there's no issue. He's posting them on Twitter, knowing fine well it'll annoy the fans of the club he's currently playing for and who are paying his wages. Big difference.
  2. I've had my vaccine, but if we see this passport thing implemented I'll not be back. I can't and won't support the idea of bullying people to get a vaccine with the threat of social exclusion. Not really something I can get behind.
  3. Our fans demand top half of the table, playing great football, and all new players hitting the ground running. Do keep up!
  4. You did say "on the back of an article published in the i newspaper...," though, didn't you? So he's obviously going to Tweet about the subject matter of the article. It would have been a bit weird if he'd tweeted about the article, but said something about the youth setup at the club. I think you've taken what he said and twisted it somewhat.
  5. Make your choice.
  6. Not all that impressed by the away kit, but then again I'm not the target market I guess, even if I buy every home and away shirt without fail for collector purposes. I'm guessing we'll probably shift as many of them as we usually do most years, with the majority of sales being to the younger end of the fanbase.
  7. Not using my position at all, just posting like anyone else. You seem to have an issue with O'Hara. I'm not the only one who's noticed it. Other members get a little jab when they're seen as being a bit OTT, don't they? Take it for what it is. A bit of a ribbing on a football forum. Not all posts are cryptic you know.
  8. Are you surprised? I'm more shocked when we see a post of his that doesn't mention O'Hara. He has a weird, creepy fascination with the guy. Maybe it's his hair. Or his winning smile that he loves? Who knows.
  9. This is it for me. What's the point in bringing in a manager with experience in that level of English football if it's not to at least try to take advantage of his knowledge? I'd rather we brought in players that he considers to be of a certain type of character, and who have the ability to fit into his system than bring in unknowns. The less risk we can take with a player, the better.
  10. I believe that his recommendations will play a part in that process though, won't it? Look at it this way, if they say nothing everyone moans like fuck, complaining that clubs are being kept in the dark and unable to plan. If they give us a tentative date so that clubs can start planning, everyone moans like fuck. I'm personally just happy to start seeing actual dates being mentioned.
  11. Here's my question: Why would he even say it if it was just a load of bollocks? We've already seen how cautious our government has been on such matters, so why would he even mention that date if he knew it wasn't going to happen? Honestly.
  12. It's all about getting internet search hits though, as that's what drives on-site advertising and pays the bills for many of these sites (and even some traditional newspapers). Quite simply, having Rangers or Celtic in the title will garner more hits than Scunthorpe or Dundee.
  13. David

    Stevie O'D

    While Patterson may very well turn out to be a really good player, I find it amusing at the amount of people who have just bought into the narrative that he's top class. And this isn't aimed at you specifically, by the way. He's 19 years old, and made seven league appearances last season with five European appearances as well. Four of those league games saw him come on as a sub, including one game after 86 minutes, while he came on as a sub in two of the European games. He also played two Scottish cup games, with one of those against Cove Rangers. So that's three league starts, and three European starts, with two Scottish cup games. In total. Not to be funny, but I spoke to two guys who were sitting near (but two metres away, of course!) me and my mates in a beer garden during one of the Euro games and they were banging on about Patterson being a future star and that he should be starting for Scotland, with the added piece of information that seems to be popular, that neither of them were Rangers fans. They ended up admitting that they'd seen him play once or twice on telly. Their opinions have undoubtedly been crafted by the seemingly relentless drumming up of this lad by the written press and talking heads in the media. And we all know why that's the case. Could Patterson turn out to be the real deal? Of course he could, and if he does then he'll deserve to be looked at as an option for his country. But the truth is, he's proven nothing at club level yet, never mind done enough to warrant international football. O'Donnell isn't a world beater, but few of our players are. The clamour to see him dropped for this kid was as blatant as I've seen the Glasgow-based media act in recent times. I'm glad Clarke didn't bend. O'Donnell deserved to be on the field as much as any other player.
  14. @Onthefringes & @Kmac put down the handbags and give it a rest, eh? Christ almighty. We've signed two players! Two! Surely that's a good thing!
  15. David

    Chris Long

    And thus it became reality, despite anything to the contrary.
  16. If O'Donnell does go, it may not be down south. All well & good talking about things from a football point of view, but that recent video the club posted of him at home suggests that his home life is very settled, with family nearby and so forth. Would he disrupt that for a few years at Stoke? Possibly. But again, possibly not.
  17. RIP Graeme, I never knew the guy but the tributes on here are more than enough to hint at the type of person he was. Condolences to his family and friends.
  18. David

    Stevie O'D

    I don't understand that argument to be honest. If he was playing for us in an opening game of the Euros against England at a packed Hampden or Wembley, then fair enough. He was playing against the Czech Republic in a half-full Hampden. A team he played against in the Nations League also in a half-full Hampden when we beat them 1-0. It's not as if the Czech team was suddenly better because it's the Euros. Or are we thinking that O'Donnell suddenly lost it mentally because despite the surroundings all being the same as previous times he's played for Scotland, it was the Euros? I actually feel for the guy to be honest. He must know every single foot out of place will be highlighted by the Glasgow media and Rangers fans on social media as to why a kid who's played a handful of senior games should be in the team ahead of him. A kid who, if he played for any other side except Rangers or Celtic, would never be near the squad in all probability. Looking at it subjectively, he was no worse than most of the players out there yesterday. We were bang average all over the park. The Czech's took their chances. We didn't.
  19. David


    Extremely sad news, and I can only echo the sentiments of others who have posted already. Condolences to his family and friends, he'll be sadly missed.
  20. David

    Stevie O'D

    Clarke has never been one to pander really, so I don't see him caving now. Having the kid along for the experience and as back up is fine, but he's never starting unless O'Donnell is injured or whatever.
  21. David

    Big Dec

    None of that matters though! Alleged injury! Contract clause! Etc!
  22. Absolutely. But that's not where he's at just now. As things stand he's within everyone's price range because he's a free agent, which means he's earning nothing. His circumstances today aren't comparable to where he was a few years back. What he earned at Preston doesn't come into the equation, because that's a contract he signed coming off some great performances with us. He may very well find that there's no clubs of substance down south willing to take a punt on him, and at that point, regardless of where he wants to live, Motherwell could be an attractive proposition. I'd be disappointed if we don't at least sound him out.

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