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  1. Was speaking to Stephen Hughes the other day and he did say that he had spoken with a few SPL teams including Motherwell. All we can do is wait and see.
  2. dazamfc

    Cup Final Tickets

    yeah mate it is but i would need the money tonite
  3. dazamfc

    Cup Final Tickets

    I might have a spare ticket for the £28 singing section. Would anyone be interested
  4. I stay in Craigneuk so I dont think I will risk putting anything up on windows everywhere else has Claret and Amber related things up
  5. We need something that most (if not everyone) can enjoy and know with an easy way to add some of our own words into it Also not Bob Marley. Its too slow and we need a decent speed to try and out class ''Just Cant Get Enough"
  6. A thought he was a winger as it said something about him being good at bombing up and down
  7. dazamfc

    Cup Final Tickets

    Whats the latest number sold? Anyone know?
  8. We know who we will face in the Final now so I thought I would get a thread started for the match as it is obviously going to be an exciiting time leading up to one of the biggest games in the clubs history. Here, you can post your Predictions, Team Lineups, Stories, Thoughts, Feelings, etc about the match and what you think will happen before, during and after the match. She Wore, She Wore
  9. 5 weeks to collect alot more money and get a bigger and better display for the final
  10. Whats the latest number of tickets sold?
  11. dazamfc

    Missed Out Again

    Chris Maguire ahead of Jamie Murphy? You must be having a f*cking laugh
  12. If you think thats good just wait to next Saturday
  13. So what officially has been ordered guys? Btw sound great. Will there be anything to ''throw'' in the singing section?
  14. When we beat the Celtic The Tims go in a huff I just cant get enough I Just cant get enough
  15. dazamfc


    Well I think I was because why else could they throw me out?
  16. dazamfc


    I dont know if I was on the park as I couldn't see anything but ulouminis jackets but why else could they throw me out
  17. dazamfc


    Well I was getting pushed down and I dont know if I reached the gate or not as there were 20odd stewards in front of me pushing me back and hundreds of fans behind me pushing me down. I was more worriedd if I was going to survive
  18. dazamfc


    No and the thing was I was the only one that got threw out. I was stting down the front and how was it my fault that I got THREW over the wall?
  19. dazamfc


    Yes but it was by no way my fault. I was getting pushed by a few hundred on my back. What was I ment to do? Levitate?
  20. dazamfc


    I've just been chucked out the game for absoloutly FUCK ALL. Was celebrating the penalty when everybody at the end of the east stand piled down and I was pushed out onto the pitch. To my shock the 4 stewards grabbed me (you would get less for rape) and chucked me out for absoloutly nothing. If you were sitting in the end section you would see me getting man handled. I knew they were bad but this just takes the fuckin biscuit.
  21. dazamfc


    Went for Hammell. Great performance from the guy today. The only one in the team that can hit a corner

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