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  1. I know marc pretty well and xan tell you he has been so frustrated by his injuries and lack of fitness. he has worked really hard to get his fitness back. he never complains about it, totally accepts the gaffers opinion and has nothing but motherwells best interests at heart. its great to see some support for him, it seems like it has been a long time since there has been anny. he would accept the praise graciously and take the criticism on board.
  2. Maxi, he broke both the bones in his lower leg, needed surgery on it. Think he was only 14/14 at the time. Nasty break did well to recover from it and go on to get full time contract. Well done stephen and the other boys, credit to the club and the youth system!
  3. Think it changes on a daily basis at the moment due to the weather. They sometimes train in doors at hamilton and sometimes at Toryglen. No set schedule though i'm afraid. Might want to wait until the better weather.
  4. James

    Darren Smith

    sorry to disappoint you yabba turd! I might have inside info but im certainly not Jim Gannon........or am I??
  5. James

    Darren Smith

    Steelboy -not sure where you heard that the problem with Fitzy is that he went looking for answers but as far i am led to believe he just went (along with other players) and asked what his position was....nothing more. It appears he's not in Ganon's plans but at the same time he didn't let him leave at christmas which seems a bit crap. Flow - marc's not had his op yet goes on the 10th of november. Problem with tight ligaments giving him recurrent hip and groin pain. He's to go to leicester for key hole surgery, just doing some core work in gym with J Think Darren is a bit off training yet unfortunately. Whatever you think of them lets be civil and wish them both all the best to recover from their injuries and hopefully get a move to somewhere they can get a game.
  6. James

    Rab Thomson

    Rab was actually let go at the very end of last season.along with Willie Falconer. Purse string tightening apparently.
  7. James

    In's And Out's

  8. James

    Marc Fitzpatrick

    Here's me thinking I had made my point quite eloquently but obviuosly not so I'll try again.... Fitzpatrick can't seem to do anything right in some peoples eyes so why do they keep going over the same crap all the time. Change the record.
  9. James

    Marc Fitzpatrick

    FFS are people not getting bored with this. THe guy can't do anything right! All he has ever done is conducted himself with dignity, kept his nose clean on and off the park and represented the club with a high level of professionalism and it still isn't good enough. During the interview with BBC he said he never heard the boos the other week from the crowd... of course he did! BUt instead of bad mouthing the fans he was professional and respectful (which is more than can be said about some players) and answered in a way that brushed it off! Good for him. Despite the fact at times he can do no right he remains professional. If you don't like him/rate him thats fine your fully intitled to your opinion but no need to be sarcastic or slag him off when he's only doing the job the club asks of him!!!!
  10. It's really interesting to read the comments on here and its good to see so many positive responses to the abuse Fitzpatrick takes. As i said in the game thread its a disgrace that when players are commenting on the fans behaviour. I realise that it is probably a small number of very vocal fans however now every reader of the record knows that our fans are so negative towards their own home grown talent. Very sad really. Fitzpatrick is not one of the fans favourites but you cannot take away from him the fact that he has been a loyal servant to Motherwell now for nearly nine years - not bad for a 22 years old. I'm sure he can't avoid noticing the abuse he takes - infact i know he notices it. However he's never been anything but professional and I am sure he will continue to do the job that McGhee and Leitch ask of him ever week as long as he is in a Motherwell jersey. Lets get off his and other less favoured players back and make 2009 the year the motherwell fans really got behind their players and supported them throughout the season no matter what. Let's get back some of that sense of united support we had following the days of Phils death.....that was real support.
  11. I have to say that I was totally appaulled by the supporters yesterday who booed Fitzpatrick off the park. It is an utter disgrace that these moron's call themselves supports. I'm no English language buff but i'm sure the word 'supporter' does not mean lets pick a scapegoat and get on his back every two minutes whether he's the worst player or not. There are people on here who say he needs to grow in confidence then they boo him as he is subbed! what's that all about! He may not have played his best game ever yesterday but he is an integral part of the team. Like it or not. There was a thread started recently about the MOtherwell fans and how we rated ourselves? I think yesterday answered that question. Anyone who read the record today should be embarassed to call themself a motherwell fan. Stephen Hughes was interviewed and stated that the treatment of Fitzpatrick was noted and disgraceful. No wonder players can't wait to leave the club when this is the treatment from their so called fans! So not only do our own fans and other teams fans think we're crap so do our players!! Unhappy days I'm afraid
  12. James

    Vs Falkirk

    To be fair to Fizzy I think last weeks goal was his first in two years not 3/4 I think if he had scored again today no one would have been more surprised than him
  13. James

    Vs Falkirk

    I have to agree with Moe Green and Jonesy. It's so frustrating when people like Dewell criticise players like Fizzy for missing what was a sitter (but not the worst i've ever seen) yet they will forgive Porter (a striker the last time I looked) for a similar misdemeanour. It's really quite pathetic. If you don't like the guy then far enough but don't make things out worse than they are and get off his back for once!!
  14. I suppose thats the beauty of being a football fan Weeyin, you don't always have to agree with the managers decision but if you can respect them then I believe you are showing your commitment to the Club. I believe we should be very proud of our club. Those who know a bit about the everyday running of the club will know that the people there everyday work very hard for the club and many of them are 'motherwell minded' and work as hard, not only because its their job but because you can't help being caught up by the passion that other people have for the club. It is a small club in comparison to others in Scotland and I believe there is a 'family-like' atmosphere at the club which is probably quite unique and something you only get at smaller clubs. So its easy to see why tempers become frayed when things don't go our way and I suppose in his role as manager the buck stops with McGhee and people will take their frustrations out on him.....I'm sure he knew that came with the job though!!!
  15. I think the thing to remember, and I have seen a few people say the same thing, If you speak to the player McGhee is highly thought of. He has good people skills, he is articulate and can get his opinion across without ranting and raving and he bases his team selection (from what he has said) on players attitiude and performance on the training field. I am sure this is motivation enough for those players who are fighting for a position each week. The club has obviously been through difficult times lately so I think it is imperative that fans get behind their players each week, the Gaffer and Leitchy are staunch professionals and we should respect their opinion when it comes to team selection because they are the ones seeing the players every day and can see the work that they put in and their desire to play in the team. So get behind our players whether you think they should be in the team or not. As for Mcghee 'only doing a job...of course his is! He may not be 'a motherwell man' but that doesn't impact on his ability as a manager.. I'm sure there are many of our team who are not 'motherwell minded' but they do a job and have a want to do well for MOtherwell FC which imo is the most important thing!

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