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  1. Let's keep our powder dry at this time folks, comments can be made after his court appearance.
  2. Oh that's a sore one ,accies get the bragging rights over the winter shutdown by winning the last Lanarkshire derby of the decade , typical Motherwell.
  3. I was actually pleased that we kept the score respectable, our league form against Rangers is an embarrassment. They're in a lot of ways bigger and better than us I know.
  4. Watching the game in Mallorca on hesgoals..... poolside Bacardi and coke. Great.
  5. I think with the big turnover of players we have every season it was inevitable we would eventually end up with what we have at present.
  6. Well said that man, I would have a beer with you anytime .
  7. Andy ,I was thinking more along the lines of the ones who ridicule or belittle other posters if the dare to criticise the party line. Who take themselves way to serious in what is a forum for serious discussion yes , but also surly a bit of banter . This used to be a great fans forum , but almost all the good posters have left or rarely comment ,you’ve got to ask why. And if your not happy with me Andy and you think that I’m just an clown and the forum would be better without the likes of myself then just ban me from using the forum , I certainly won’t be offended. And as for posting under two different names , that was done for a laugh ,a wind up ,petes sake nobody was hurt or injured . Im sorry really really sorry forgive me , I won’t do it again. Promise.
  8. As long as you agree with the “personalities” you’re opinions will be fine.
  9. Ah well if true , which seems likely, Turnbull has went from hero to zero.....
  10. Think it was always going to happen .... sadly.
  11. Exactly, keep hearing how they’re “ moving on “
  12. The tweets from Celtic fans are hilarious again.

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