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  1. Went onto one of the Aberdeen forums and as you’d expect they’re livid at getting beat by a rank rotten , crap, pathetic ,useless Motherwell team…..absolutely brilliant. Best was a Dons fan who said “ this is nae gan weel.
  2. Dick Campbell being touted by some.
  3. Gave up my season ticket a few years back and I won't be renewing it any time soon. Hardly ever missed a game at one time but I only took in 3 games this season, 2 league and 1 cup game.
  4. Not to worry guys because "were all going on a European tour"....with one of the worst teams and managers we've ever had. Utterly embarrassing .
  5. postiejim


    This reminds me of Hibs when Terry Butcher was manager , they went from safe tae the play offs and relegation .
  6. postiejim


    Thoughts after today’s debacle?
  7. We’ve been pretty awful all season if I’m honest in what has become a dreadful dreadful league. Saying that ,I think over the years we’ve actually done very well though considering. The calibre of player that were signing is pretty much to do with our wage structure, that old chestnut comes to mind “ if you pay peanuts you’ll get monkeys “, I’m certainly not advocating a gung-ho approach to our wage structure, but as long as we continue with this way of operating this is where we will tend to be. Recruitment has been poor the past few years which hasn’t helped.
  8. Nice tae see Tony Watt wishing Alan Burrows all the best for the rest of the season.
  9. I’d settle for 10th in the league right now, this team is up there with the worst I’ve ever seen in a Motherwell shirt…..and I’ve seen a few.
  10. Tells us what we already know Dave ,the old firm are streets ahead of us, Rangers beat us 1-6 at home earlier in the season. Doesn’t make it any less disappointing though. That’s us gave both halves of the ugly sisters two of there biggest wins of the season on our home patch……depressing.
  11. Tony “slower than a week in jail “ Watts , who cares , we move on .
  12. Thought it was a good win in terrible conditions, whole team played well . The front three were brilliant and a special mention for big Beavis , he gets a bit of stick at times but he was superb last night.
  13. Great win , always good to beat that lot.

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