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  1. Been good if we could have kept him for a few more seasons Dave, we could do with a bit of creativity in the team.
  2. Young Stuart McKinstry on the bench for Leeds tonight against Newcastle.
  3. Just based purely on what I've seen this season, this present regime is going nowhere .We look like a pub team . Airdrie looked well drilled and athletic while we looked clueless and unfit. Airdrie the pride of Lanarkshire.
  4. I think Alexander is caught between a rock and a hard place, he’ll know the squad aren’t good enough and that certain players couldn’t care less. Bringing the totally uninterested Chris Long on yesterday , hoping he just might ,as he occasionally does ,do something ,highlights his problems. More often that not he does S.F.A. But what can he do ,we could still be relegated, he’s got to try and get the best out of this squad of players .That means to the best of his abilities trying to keep the players onside hoping we can get to the end of the season still in the top flight. 1-4 Accies, 0-3 St Johnstone was bad ,but that display yesterday i.m.o was our worst result and performance of the season. If I’m reading the stats correctly that was Killies first win in 11 games ,of which they’ve lost 9 and scored 5 goals along the way? Another concern is we’re struggling against the bottom 6 teams, we can beat Hibs and Livi , but get steamrolled by Hamilton and Kilmarnock .
  5. What’s the big surprise .We’re where we are in the league because we’re crap.
  6. Not overly impressed with Alexander if I'm being honest .Even when your shite you should at least set up the team for 0-0.
  7. Never mind the revamped John Hunter shed is looking good, new sound system installed and hot water in the toilets. We'll have one of the best stadiums in the championship.
  8. We basically shit it against the accies almost every time we play them.
  9. Aye 4-2 was at both games. What I remember is Rangers supporters just pissing all over the east terrace .And at Ibrox a Rangers fan launching an empty bottle down the terracing , the police came up a few minutes later asked if anyone know or saw anything. Nobody said a word , I knew after that tie what I had always suspected that Rangers fans are a bunch of scum bastard's.
  10. A lot of things that have led to this present situation , I feel a some of our policies are wrong, our recruitment is flawed, losing good young players ( not necessarily the clubs fault ) before they make the first team is another , but it’s certainly not all down to Alan Burrows.
  11. Thought we looked a lot more organised today . Great point .
  12. Good player and signing. Will walk straight into the team. Knows the club and will give 100% for the cause. Welcome back Stevie.
  13. I really don't care about old firm games anymore ,home or away . Would be delighted if we can get something today , just can't see it though.
  14. What game was this guy at. From Twitter- Motherwell piling bodies forward in search of the goal.- Cole and Polworth shots saved after brilliant flowing moves.- Hastie causing havoc down St Mirren's right.- Polworth heads just over from Gallagher's flick.

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