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  1. Think it was always going to happen .... sadly.
  2. You'd be in the know there Busta ,you've said that would be his destiny...
  3. My dad always said that we sold Ian St John and used the money to build the monstrosity that is the main stand. If Turnbull goes to Celtic I hope the money won't be used on white elephant projects.
  4. You’ve mentioned a few times now Busta that you think he will sign for Celtic....you know something so spill the beans.
  5. Huge respect to @Alan_Burrows and @MotherwellFC board on an outstanding deal. Never good to lose our young talent but leadership is about choices and the long term health of our club. This secures a generation of talent to come. Well done!
  6. Correct. Not the first time two clubs agree a fee only for the player to knock it back.
  7. It’s starting tae look like he might not be going tae Celtic.....
  8. Can’t wait tae see Turnbull resplendent in his Celtic top plastered all over the Scottish media.......pwoud very .......but wait..
  9. Eventually the well will run dry ,sooner probably than later.
  10. No as far as I’m concerned ,I never renewed mine and the way I’m feeling I won’t be ,in fact I won’t be back for a while ... if they ARE selling him tae Celtic . This would also apply if it was Rangers.
  11. @takeaway.com or something as I remember, happy days.
  12. Absolutely Dave early days but the signs are looking good for next season .
  13. If we go back to the 352 formation they can stick it , football has been great of late but I’m waiting till the transfer window closes before I decide on renewing my season ticket. I’d rather nail ma baws tae the floor than go along and watch hoofball again.
  14. No that it matters but I was told that Jake was a Celtic fan .
  15. Beat them in the play offs and in the cup semi final, in fact we best them convincingly on the three occasions. But these games were the exception rather than the rule, which is generally pants down and a damn good thrashing.
  16. Our midfield in particular was poor today ,rangers were comfortable throughout the match and worthy winners ,but we have this uncanny knack of making a decent rangers side look like world beaters .
  17. I would agree mate ,still a chance if we get it together
  18. Doing at the moment what we tend to do again the rangers ..... crap it. Offering nothing up front and stupid mistakes costs us.
  19. Can’t really complain, we played ok but Aberdeen were the more dangerous team, looked more like scoring than we did.
  20. Thought when we scored we looked a better team ,three good goals , best move of the game was the breakaway from our own box ,some great passing and Frears shot just past the post. Great to see Cadden back .

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