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  1. A lot of things that have led to this present situation , I feel a some of our policies are wrong, our recruitment is flawed, losing good young players ( not necessarily the clubs fault ) before they make the first team is another , but it’s certainly not all down to Alan Burrows.
  2. Thought we looked a lot more organised today . Great point .
  3. Good player and signing. Will walk straight into the team. Knows the club and will give 100% for the cause. Welcome back Stevie.
  4. A number of our club policies are now coming back to bite us on the arse.
  5. I really don't care about old firm games anymore ,home or away . Would be delighted if we can get something today , just can't see it though.
  6. What game was this guy at. From Twitter- Motherwell piling bodies forward in search of the goal.- Cole and Polworth shots saved after brilliant flowing moves.- Hastie causing havoc down St Mirren's right.- Polworth heads just over from Gallagher's flick.
  7. Something seriously wrong somewhere with our approach to old firm games, other" Diddy" teams if not winning can at least give a decent account of themselves. The last time we were half decent against Celtic was a few seasons ago when got a 1-1 draw playing with 10 men.
  8. I agree with you Yorkyred , I understand the club can’t do anything and that it’s happening at other clubs . We’ve done ok in transfer fees over the past few years and that’s always welcome for club like ours . But imagine a scenario where the club is financially secure and has a squad that’s shite and we get relegated.....nah that couldn’t happen .
  9. Our best young players being cherrypicked before we can get them under contract will eventually bite us on the arse. Do we actually have any good youth players ready to break into the first team ?
  10. We don't have enough quality players for Europe.
  11. 2 goals and 0 wins in 5 games says it all, Hamilton defended well and took 1 of there 2 chances .
  12. I'm going to say tonight before someone else does , we've done nothing since James Scott ( a real striker) left.
  13. We had umpteen corners and did nothing with them , Hamilton showed us how it's done . That was absolutely dire in no way did we deserve anything from that ,apart from Turnbull's header we created nothing. Doing nothing and going nowhere at present sadly.
  14. Do we still have h.o.t.d or whatever it was called ? If yes then get this shite in it.
  15. that was weird watching Norwich v Man Unt and the commentator mentions that Barra got the Ireland job. I wasn't aware that he'd got it.
  16. Absolutely no threat up front even when we’re on top , good to see Turnbull back but when you look at the bench apart from Dunne coming back we’ve got nothing . Certainly not calling for anyone’s head though, no danger will we sack Robbo, it’s a fine line when you sell your best young players to keep the club going and replace them with has beens and never beens .
  17. We’re not going to make the top 6 on this form never mind Europe, when was the last time we won a match ?
  18. Tae be honest I wasn’t overly confident of winning tonight , it’s just a pity that after a great fight back we couldn’t do it. Ah well put the Scottish cup thread away for another year....sadly.
  19. Well we would have taken that at half time Ian.
  20. Whatever happens this is why I love supporting Motherwell.

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