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  1. Absolutely no threat up front even when we’re on top , good to see Turnbull back but when you look at the bench apart from Dunne coming back we’ve got nothing . Certainly not calling for anyone’s head though, no danger will we sack Robbo, it’s a fine line when you sell your best young players to keep the club going and replace them with has beens and never beens .



  2. No matter what you say about selling of our young players (and I personally don't like it) , sitting  third in the league, no debt,in fact a bit of cash in the bank ,our business plan up till now is working

  3. 11 hours ago, Brazilian said:

    Very much this^

    Felt like the first time in decades we had a a squad worth developing, at a club who were equally in best financial postion in many decades,  yes we had debt, but on very favourable terms, that most trading businesses would love to have access to.

    but the squad has been totally decimated, even the next phase of kids has been broken up

    we've not always been a selling club, the only success in most of our lifetimes came from allowing a manager to build a squad season to season for success, then Bosman reset that and it felt like last season was the first opportunity since that the club had worked to a position to build on, it will not hapen very often as the model includes offering players opportunity to relaunch career, so can only build core from within

    but it seems every single influencer in the club and society are chasing the income over the team capability, I'm sure they do it in good faith and with good will, but I just wish they hadn't been desperate to sell on the kids

    Well said that man, I would have a beer with you anytime . 

  4. 31 minutes ago, Andy_P said:

    Would those "personalities" be the ones  who make deliberately and sometimes repeated attention seeking posts who get miffed when they get called out for them?

    Like ones whose 7 year olds that turn into 8 year olds in the space of a couple of posts? Or the ones who tried to get away posting under different names, those kind of "personalities"?

    Andy ,I was thinking more along the lines  of the ones who ridicule or belittle other posters if the dare to criticise the party line. Who take themselves way to serious in what is a forum for serious discussion yes , but also surly a bit of banter .

    This used to be a great fans forum , but almost all the good posters have left or rarely comment ,you’ve got to ask why.  

    And if your not happy with me Andy and you think that I’m just an clown and the forum would be better without the likes of myself then just ban me from using the forum , I certainly won’t be offended.  

    And as for posting under two different names , that was done for a laugh ,a wind up ,petes sake nobody was hurt or injured . Im sorry really really sorry forgive me , I won’t do it again. Promise.


  5. 34 minutes ago, Orinoco said:

    Maybe Turnbull did not want to move at this stage, as he was guaranteed to play every game,but realised that the transfer fee was huge for us, so has reluctantly decided to move on. His options seem limited for continually to play every 1st team game and has decided celtic might be best at current time.

    Think you might be right mate. 

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