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  1. It's time. Good luck lads and lassies. COME ON THE WELL
  2. Naw we huvnae ye spangle. We've got the Blue Vermin next week then the Arabs. What's tough about them ?
  3. Hello Alan, hope business is booming. Being missed elsewhere.
  4. Will be a very difficult game for my Team, St Mirren as Your Team are in exceptional form. Wont make the game as admission prices are disgracefully high. 1-0 to Motherwell
  5. Wisnae a bad day. Losing right at the end wisnae great but overall it was a highly entertaining game with a decent atmosphere.
  6. FFS. Finlay !!! What did we ever do to you ? I moan and groan about other Teams, but R*ngers & C*ltic are the real enemy. I support every provincial Team when they are playing the Old Firm, even Morton. I think i'll need to treat you to a couple of St Mirren Pies next time you're at Greenhill Road. You need cheering up.
  7. Good !! It'll maybe stop the Cnuts singing IRA songs. FTOF
  8. Motherwell 3 Green Vermin 1 Enjoy the party See you aw next season.
  9. I really do hope you win the Cup on Saturday. Do it for yourselves firstly and do it for the supporters of the other 39 Clubs in Scotland. If you win, i'll maybe forgive you all for the Cup tie ( february 1977 ) All the best. FTOF !!!
  10. I telt you last week that the SPL is overpriced and crap. Why waste yir time ?
  11. Got to be .... Stewart McLaren Peter Millar Vic " diver" Davidson Willie " snottery nosed cnut " Pettigrew Could probably include most of yir 1977 Squad.
  12. And you deserve to be. Maybe see you aw in the League Cup Or Scottish Cup next Season. We're f*cked and we know we are I've still not forgot about 1977.......
  13. And a team that will finish 3rd.

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