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  1. There must be another Dougie Arnott type player out there somewhere waiting to flourish in a 'Well shirt.
  2. Does anyone else think Ricki Lamie is absolute pish or am I the only one? So far he has cost us goals and free kicks all over the place , his position is questionable and I think he is a pish player altogether? Not see any positives from the guy yet but he keeps getting his game.
  3. The fact is we are an average Scottish team and a very poor European team, it will never change so get used to it. Does anyone actually think we will ever do well in Europe?
  4. Good to see Polworth back and he gets my MOTM.
  5. Thanks for that, I've got a decent android box so that helps a lot.
  6. How does the streaming work, is there and app or is it YouTube or something like that. Could it be airplayed to my Apple TV without losing quality. Fuck watching the season on a 15" laptop.
  7. I'd like to see Alan Campbell improve on his passing, as much as he runs about and gets stuck in winning balls his distribution of the ball is shocking most of the time, even simple 3 yard passes.
  8. You sound like a glass half empty type of guy, I think the positive vibe about the club just now, with two cup finals and a decent position compared to last season will increase season ticket sales by a fair amount. It definitely helps that it is a lot easier to buy online.
  9. Thought we did ok today, we were beaten by the better team but the players couldn’t have given much more I don’t think , we just aren’t good enough to win games like this against quality opposition and it’s unfair to ask them to produce any more than they did today. The main thing we need is a decent winger to fire in quality crosses and take players on. We have never replaced Marvin Johnson or Lionel Ainsworth who had a touch of quality about them and had the ability to change games. Hopefully we can make some decent signings soon to improve the quality of performances on the park and hopefully make it possible to win a cup.
  10. Does anyone think we could sell out half the stadium? We’ve done it before and I think we should be asking for half as it’s the Scottish Cup final. Even if just annoys the Tims it’s worth it.
  11. Just to let you guys know, the Ballroom in Bellshill has about 30 tickets left for the bus, just phone them on ‭01698 768908‬ to book it. Just got 5
  12. Craig Samson can go and take a fuck to himself, ginger heided fucking useless twat. Seriously how many fucking points has this guy cost us this season. A goalkeeper is supposed to command his box, he is a joke and can't even come out 3 yards to catch a ball.
  13. Wait to you see it if we go a goal down, they are all sitting waiting to pounce. Ripping Aberdeen apart here by the sounds of it.
  14. They lifted him afterwards. A load of pish imo. https://twitter.com/Nardone67/status/655373431303749632
  15. Flow said on twitter yesterday when asked, "We won't know for a couple of days yet - we've had to wait to get a scan whilst the swelling goes down. Fingers crossed!"

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