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  1. As part of our plans to improve the matchday experience the Supporters Advisory Committee are exploring a number of ideas we'd like to share with the support. There a number of exciting initiatives being considered at present, all of which you should notice soon enough and hopefully enhance your visit to Fir Park. The plan is to use this thread to initially convey our ideas, garner interest from you and also ask that you give examples of any alternatives we aren't aware of with respect to the matchday mascot(s). It has been proposed that perhaps Claret and Amber have seen better days and we should potentially look at a more stoic and inspirational mascot to "shock and awe" the home and away support visiting Fir Park. While we are conscious that the target demographic of the mascot is the children below 10, it has been suggested that possibly going for something echoing the area's industrial past while being slightly confrontational opposed to passive is what we should aim for. Using the suit with the mask up would potentially take the edge off this. The idea on the table at present is something along the lines of an Iron Man outfit, obviously altered enough to keep Marvel Comics off our back. There is scope to make this out of moulded plastic/fiberglass or rigid foam – thoughts? We'd also like to incorporate a small tablet PC in the chest for graphics/animations/commercial messages etc. http://www.twitvid.com/MVCOJ We have also considered that when not in use this could be displayed on a manikin in the POD. There is still potential for Claret and Amber to be used in some capacity or just retired. Would be an interesting eBay auction if it did. Based on what we learn, we shall start a separate poll thread to get a definitive answer of which direction you would like to see the club go. As we said we are open to any comments and suggestions on design, materials and implementation.
  2. This is being reviewed at present. Changes are planned however are at an early stage so it would be wrong to comment further until we've more to add. Before anything is implemented we hope to start a discussion on both fans forums for input.
  3. MFC Carpool Further to the announcement last week, we are pleased to advise and remind fans this initiative is now up and running. It is hope this thread will act as a catalyst for debate and stimulate interest. We recognise that many fans live in areas where either public transport to games causes issues or the costs associated limit their frequent attendance at Fir Park. As some members of the committee live as far away as sixty miles from Motherwell we can empathise with the issues faced by a significant number of our support. As we understand it, the first club in Scotland to do this. It's envisaged that it may persuade a few floating fans to attend an extra game here and there and help ease the burden on those already travelling to Fir Park regularly. Therefore from season 2011-12 we plan to offer supporters the opportunity to combine their resources to help get them get along to games. If you live outside a 15 mile radius from Fir Park or in a remote location within, you are invited to post your details via [email protected] If interested, please indicate your: Name Address Postcode Mobile Email Number of places required/on offer And select one from the following: a) I would prefer to take my car every week b) I would prefer to share the driving c) I can only passenger and contribute to fuel costs By submitting your details you consent to the club exchanging your details with other like minded individuals. We will then put you in touch with interested supporters from your local area, future arrangements would be made between yourselves. The associated map shows the location of all those currently registered. Direct Link to Official Site Or alternatively type in "MFC Car Pool" into Google, the first result should take you to the map.
  4. The club now pays an extra 2.5% to HM Revenue & Customs, so an East Stand ticket holder would have been faced with a £7 increase regardless (not counting inflation or the WellEVATE scheme). You've also got added value with the season ticket that if used frequently will keep money in your pocket. Not bad for £3. If the kids are hooked now for life then the club will reap the rewards in the future when they take up full season adult season tickets.
  5. Pretty sure the club has yes. However unsure if it can be released as it may be considered commercially sensitive or of no consequence to have time spent to compile it. Will ask the question though and come back to you. Regardless, we doubt many other SPL clubs would be so open or frank as to their day to day dealings.
  6. The official website is reporting the season ticket growth this season: Official Website Story We're up 10% on last year and combined with the 13% in 2010/11, then were sure most will agree its definitely in the right direction, even bucking the trend of many other teams in the SPL. However, the club has absorbed a £10,000 deficit as its understood with this the future benefits outweigh the current loss in revenue. There are now 850 extra season ticket holders than there were 2 years ago. All encouraging stuff.
  7. QUESTIONNAIRE We're glad to announce that the questionnaire has now been published in our own dedicated area of the official website, you can find it here: SAC Questionnaire CARPOOL In addition we are glad to announce an initiative to attempt to attract back the lapsed visitor back to Fir Park and also assist those who come regularly but find their remote location or the public transport on offer isn't convenient or available. Name Address Postcode Mobile Email Number of places required/on offer Please select one from the following: a) I would prefer to take my car every week b) I would prefer to share the driving c) I can only passenger and contribute to fuel costs FAQ's & COMPLAINTS The members of the Supporters Advisory Committee benefit from sitting just below the club board and also use the same facilities as frequently as the core support. We are therefore in a unique position to act as advocates on behalf our fellow fans to champion and achieve satisfactory answers or solutions to issues raised by our peers. If you have a particular issue relating to the stadium or facilities please read through the FAQ's first to see if it has already been covered, if not please feel free to email us and we will take up the case on your behalf.
  8. Big Stall - Thank you for highlighting this, we brought this to the clubs attention and they are now investigating. This thread will be updated accordingly with the full T&C's. In the meantime, as a goodwill gesture the club would like to offer you a complimentary ticket for the Leeds United game at Fir Park to cover your inconvenience and mitigate your expense. Finally, congratulations on your recent wedding. Please contact us by PM to organise.
  9. We're trying an experiment with the largest "deal" websites running at present. Therefore we're looking from help from both SteelmenOnline and FirParkCorner to get a final push over the threshold and make the offer go into the public domain and be seen by 100x more people. Our current season ticket deals have been posted as they offer the best deal in the SPL by a country mile (when you combine the offers, cost, 2 free kids and general lowering of prices for juvenilles throughout the stadium). If you factor in using the added value offers, then for many its effectively free football for the year - i.e. if you join a NL Leisure Gym, eat in Pizza Hut once every two months, use KFC and McDonld's once a month, etc. All plausible frequencies. An item goes HOT around the 80/100 degree mark. It appears to fluctuate with respect to other deals posted that day and how it compares. At present we've got 79. It would be interesting to see what temperature it could get to when released into the general public as a "Hot Deal" and what commercial bounce (if any) the club gets from it. Recent Wigan Athletic & Blackburn Rovers deals went almost stratospheric when they transitioned from the "New" category to "Hot". Wigan Deal & Blackburn Deal Therefore we need your help, ideally you'll have an account already as lots of new accounts joining and voting on something alerts the website owners. After logging in or joining, please go to MOTHERWELL FC SEASON TICKETS 2011-12 and click on the red arrow to the left of the current temperature. If you are joining for the first time please have a look through other deals/offers and spread your votes and comments. Thanks in advance for your help.
  10. It's been ready for about a month now. The club are creating a dedicated Supporters Advisory Committee area within the official website and the survey results will be posted on the launch day to hopefully drive extra traffic due to the considerable interest it created when launched back in February. The progression to the cup final has unfortunately meant that time sidelined for the website update has been re-assigned to higher priorities (ticketing, updates, season ticket launch, etc .). Not that we find this a problem, delay's for cup finals is something we could learn to live with.
  11. A thread on this subject was started at lunchtime today. We'd reiterate it would help everyone if those planning buying their tickets via the season ticket pre-sale to endeavour to print out and fill out the form before arrival. http://www.steelmenonline.co.uk/forums/index.php?showtopic=10663 With respect to the second question Kat, its purely down to resources, the hope is that season ticket holders will self police their allocation, only giving it to people they know and pre-qualify. There will be cross referencing from the database as we understand for ALL ticket requests where possible.
  12. Opening times were being finalised last night and will appear on the official website. We'll post on here too when we get that info.
  13. Within the last few minutes the club have added a pre-sale registration form to the Official Website. Scottish Cup 2011 Season Ticket Pre-Sale Application Form Over the next few weeks there is a real chance to capitalise on what Stuart and the team have achieved. Many of you will be aware the club has positioned itself as Scotland's Community Club and therefore a strong desire to increase the core support, the aim being a double-digit percentage growth, year on year. The form above not only helps the club achieve this,it will aid the office staff in times of high workload/long queues and finally allows you a speedier visit to the Chapman Building or Brandon Parade. By printing it and filling it out in advance you will greatly help all those involved. We understand it may be consider a pain by some however many will recognise the importance to the club so please persevere, it will take two minutes of your time at most. With over 16,000 Well fans attending the Scottish Cup Final in three weeks time, the club has an infrequent yet fantastic chance to attain important information on those who are Motherwell minded or choose to associate with the club. The games against Odense and Dundee Utd. this year have been particularly memorable due to the atmosphere created by the surge in the home support. For season 2011-12 the Supporters Advisory Committee has worked very closely with those who have the remit, ability and drive to implement new club initiatives. It has been a very fruitful relationship so far and will be fully communicated in due course on the official website. However at present in addition to what Leeann has conveyed on the ticketing thread we are happy to announce: Car Pool - We recognise that many fans live in areas where either public transport causes issues or the costs associated limit their frequent attendance at Fir Park. Therefore we plan to offer supporters the opportunity to combine their resources to help get them get along to home games. If you live outside a 15 mile radius from Fir Park or in a remote location you will be invited to post your details if interested. Season Ticket Added Value - By showing your season ticket at over 20 local companies, you will have access to significant discounts at a host of entertainment and lifestyle outlets. Invitations to Tender - We recognise that in the past a number of capital project contracts were awarded without giving Motherwell supporters the first opportunity to bid to secure the contract. The Supporters Advisory Committee identified this practice as counter-productive and not reciprocating the loyalty exhibited by the fans and therefore urged a change. Consequently, Motherwell fans will have the first bite at the cherry to bid to win this work before the club approach outside unassociated companies or service provider. There are a number of others but they will be revealed soon enough. We thank you in advance for your patience with respect to this matter.
  14. We were glad to help where we could, in this instance it was to aid attaining official sanction from the various authorities to proceed without any impediment on Saturday. Dee's group have also been given permission to distribute the items inside the ground opposed to outside ensuring everything they bring with them will definitely be used. Also, the planned display can be targeted for maximum impact and atmosphere. It is safe to say that everyone associated with the club supports your motives and plans to ensure attending games is exciting, memorable and addictive is in everyone's long term interest. Alan Marshall (Safety & Facilities Manager) deserves particular note for the extensive preparation and negotiation over the past few days. However, we would like to express particular thanks to the leading members of this group, they exhibited a genuine understanding and empathy with the regulatory hoops the club has to jump through in the current climate. A number of fans should also remember they fell a little short in reaching the £1,000 target as they adhered to potential restrictions with respect to ceasing collections outside Fir Park until attaining a licence from North Lanarkshire Council. The club have already given permission for future collections with the associated council permit. Some members have financed the shortfall themselves in the interim and this should be remembered and commended.
  15. The questionnaire has been compiled and a first draft input into a PowerPoint presentation, we would like to add a little more information and cross-reference to some answers that we feel may be pertinent ahead. Aiming to share the compiled version with Trust by Wednesday ideally (they have had full access to all the online results for some time), end of the week worst case scenario and full support hopefully by next week. 904 responses of which 8 were submitted from the programmes and 4 from distributed forms before the Celtic game. Just trying to tidy up and make look pretty.
  16. Final reminder this has only 24 hours to run, a gentle reminder to all that this is your last chance to convey your thoughts and suggestions on key issues going forward. Please feel free to add any initiatives you feel the club should look at implementing either in the questionnaire response boxes, via email to [email protected] or in an additional post to this thread. Thanks in advance MFC Supporters Advisory Committee 869 responses by midday, Friday 4th
  17. In an ideal world we would have universal response from all supporters, both via the online version and paper copies. We would also have adequate media exposure to ensure those not visiting the official site, forums and don't buy a programme would be aware of the survey and it's importance going forward. The majority of supporters recognise that we also don't have another home game until the 2nd of April making the issue, collection and compilation of paper copies particularly tricky. We understand there may also be a degree of apathy through prior experiences of such surveys. We hope the support can see a distinct change in the day to day management of the club with fans representations coming back to the forefront of decision making process. The club is getting close to making the decision on pricing and initiatives for the 2011-12 season tickets and the results of this questionnaire will be the foundation of those discussions, hence the deadline in 3 days time. So just to confirm, this questionnaire will close on Friday so if you haven't already, please follow the link to the survey. MFC Supporter Questionnaire
  18. We can draw information from online submissions immediately, hence why we'd prefer supporters to choose that option opposed to filling in a paper copy, however appreciate a number of the support don't use or have access to electronic media. We envisage drawing conclusions around mid March due to the time to receive, collate and manually input the paper copies. As of today we have 650 responses.
  19. MFC Official Site Announcement Official Launch of the MFC Supporters Advisory Committee You may recall some time ago our Chief Executive proposed the setting up a supporters committee. Leeann posted an open invitation via the Matchday Programme and forum websites asking for volunteers to step forward to help form the aforementioned committee. The club was keen to ensure that the very people who matter most, the supporters, did not become disconnected and disenfranchised going forward. From these Leeann received responses from interested fans who have now met with her on several occasions to discuss how the committee should be formed and how it would benefit the club. The main thing about the newly formed committee is we are supporters just like you, however through the committee we hold a unique position in the structure of the club by having full access to the board. The twelve members sit in all three home stands, vary in age and cover both genders. We all regularly use the same facilities and experience the same levels of service. We feel that with Leeann, board members and the club staff we can help bring everyone together, re-invigorate and enhance the experience not only on the park but off it as well. We can work with the club to bring on board what we, the fans would like to see happen at our club. Now that we are all in place we want to formalise our aims by canvassing supporters. There is no point in us discussing and deciding areas and ideas we would like to tackle or put to the club without first asking for your opinion. So with this in mind, we will be talking to you soon online, on matchdays and at organised meetings to get your views. We won’t always get things right and while we may not always have the answer or on occasion be as effective as you may hope, please bear in mind that we are the first football club in Scotland to launch such an initiative and with a united effort , in time, we can be more effective and influential. We are sure most fans accept there will be many aspects of Scottish Football where the power to change lies with other bodies and organisations. We can however influence many issues where responsibility rests directly with MFC. We would welcome any communication from our peers so please use the following contact methods to let us know what you think the priorities are, and any ideas you might have: Email : [email protected] Steelmen Online : MFC Supporters Advisory FirParkCorner : Supporters_Advisory or, if you prefer, write to us at Fir Park. We will reply within 48 hours and, where possible, give a solution to any issues within 5 days. We want to know your big picture gripes and ideas, views on reconstruction, safe standing, television and the like. In response the club have promised to be transparent on their position and policies in whatever we identify and where possible and appropriate, use their influence to push forward change. Importantly though we also want to work in areas where the club have the ability to make the changes we desire. Stewarding, ticket allocations, pricing, initiatives, club policies, facilities, match day to name but a few. The list is really up to you to help us identify. These are really the most exciting opportunities for you the supporters and where we can most likely see some quick wins. As far as our first “win” is concerned we have brought to the attention of Leeann that the way half season tickets were sold, with the first 9 vouchers torn out. This would have meant that these books would not have been valid for the Kilmarnock game were voucher number 9 to be used. With this in mind, Leeann agreed fully that everyone should be able to get into that match, irrespective of when you bought your season ticket. The club will use “special voucher K” for the match on Wednesday meaning all season ticket holders can get in. Because of the cancellation, a bonus game for those who bought a half ticket. The committee has also taken over the running of the official MFC eBay site and we have some great ideas and items for you to bid on through the season. Our committee members are all volunteers and have only your and the best interests of the club at heart. We are not here to replace any of the other supporters groups. Hopefully we can work with everyone to bring an exciting and bright future for Motherwell Football Club. Best Regards, The MFC Supporters Advisory Committee Mission Statement The aim of the Supporters Advisory Committee is to enhance the experiences of all who choose to associate with Motherwell Football Club. We will advance frequent, clearer communication due to our unique position between board and fans, endeavour to improve the matchday experience and further increase club revenues through innovative means.

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