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  1. if you get this , and ross needs a lift I will be leaving ek around 530-545.

    Is he one of the ek branch from st.leonards?

    mob number 07830383971

  2. hi...does yer boy need a lift too.

    I will be leaving from ek about 530 and none of my mates fancy the game tonight so have 3 empty seats

  3. they are intending selling tickets up to about 4pm .They have to take unsold ones to ibrox on the night...was just off phone asking that meself...best to phone before going up if you are talking late afternoon tho
  4. stoney

    Sunday's Game

    that is always teh problem with written stuff...people dont always get the meaning that was intended mate. i just see most of the negative responses about our gaffer and any player referring to them by surname and see it as a bitty disrespectful imo
  5. stoney

    Sunday's Game

    SOME fans may have finlay Is wednesday night not the ONE defeat we are talking about and the reason why i think its so ridiculous that anyone would walk away...be it from team, sorry that was my understanding from your comment, or even the manager, because of 1 defeat is simply stupid
  6. stoney

    Sunday's Game

    if we win we all enjoy Thursday. ..if we lose some posters in both sites will enjoy that too
  7. stoney

    Sunday's Game

    please do still think its fecking ridiculous some of the comments on the aberdeen thread, where there are more positive things sed in the standfree site about our team than our own site, and i simply cant understand the talk of our gaffer losing the goodwill of any fans or fans walking away from him(?), apart from the ones that dont already have any for him from reading the way some refer to him anyway while we have just had one of our best seasons and started so well in the league this year.
  8. stoney

    Rangers V Motherwell

    the club statement is simply a polite response to green's one about us last week....they may have fealt it was ignorant not to respond so put taht statement up
  9. stoney

    Sunday's Game

    here is a link to the aftermatch thread from the Aberdeen site. there are faaaaaar more positive things sed about our team on their site than in either well forums so thought i'd put a wee link up. everyone is entitled to their own views but , imo, some of the comments on both sites have been a wee bitty over the top with some even talking of walkin away if we dont win teh cup game on Wednesday or that Mccall...never the gaffer/SM/stuart Mccall etc ...will lose any goodwill he has from some fans if we lose. It must be fecking great to be a player/coach/manager or board member of our club [/url] http://boards.footymad.net/forum.php?tno=4&fid=27&sty=2&act=1&mid=2114049432&page=1
  10. i can't understand talk like that finlay some people seem to have an agenda against SM and are looking for defeats from how it seems on both our forums he has done great since he came....made some mistakes too......but again i will say we are STILL unbeaten and top of the SPL with our squad and budget who would have predicted that? a lot were predicting a relegation struggle...we may not stay there and may even lose a few games by the end of the season but hopefully we can stay top six
  11. page before my last post...sorry can't quote on phone gutted to lose a goal last minute... but would have bitten yer hand to be still unbeaten in the league and top of it after this game if you had offered a draw at noon
  12. what good will unbeaten in the league top scorers pity we didn't hold out for a win so is it off with managers head if we don't beat both halves of the OF get a grip ffs
  13. did tom hately not sign an extension this summer? and is hutchieson not signed till 2014?
  14. are we getting 1,000 tickets for this game. I thought we were only getting an initial allocation of round about 700?
  15. that was cos we were chanting it right up to the moment they scored

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