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  1. Whats McCall playing at? Why even comment on it, he must know the feeling amongst his own support. Am I the only one who thinks there is an ongoing agenda within media/SPL to bombard fans of other clubs about a doomsday scenario for Scottish football with Rangers not in SPL. Over the last few weeks every fan is being buttered up by a manager/player/chairman from there club to accept Rangers going bust is the worst thing that could ever happen . I for one can see through it and are beginning to question why I should even bother with Professional football in Scotland !
  2. andybug

    Brian Mclean

    Signed for Preston
  3. Best song "Terry's alright but Mo is a wank"....class
  4. andybug

    Cup Final Tickets

    Heard a few Celtic fans talking about getting tickets in BT stand for Motherwell End ! As it would be the only way they can get tickets! This could be a big problem
  5. One of ma mates pulled out of going to Semi and we now have a spare seat on JD's bus PM me if ya want it £5 and a roll bargain! Cheers
  6. rangers fans get tae f*ck too
  7. The Topless Elmer Fudd demands an apology !!
  8. You sound like a prime candidate for Parkhead and Ibrox , enjoy the bus journeys
  9. I'm guessing he still owns Fir Park therefoe he'll make his money when we sell off Fir Park and move to Ravenscraig
  10. I really hope your being sarcastic, last night was woeful, but to say he has to go is just plain daft
  11. andybug

    Ross Forbes

    Is Mark Murphy a new signing?

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