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  1. Season tickets valid for this? do we still get a free cup game with it?
  2. patnevin

    2003/04 Squad

    Thanks sinky! Exactly what im looking for! Much appreciated. Cheers numpty also, had forgot about that Top lads thanks!
  3. patnevin

    2003/04 Squad

    Looking for a wee bit of help, if someone has a good resource. I have a signed strip from season 2003/04 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2003%E2%80%9304_Motherwell_F.C._season), that's been in my cupboard for years, but I'm now looking to get it framed (partly because Phil O'Donnell) is on it. I'd ideally like a squad photo from that year, or even any good stock images (maybe of Phil?) from that season. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Cheers.
  4. yep mine in too yesterday - thanks lads - great work!
  5. any update on potential delivery's lads? Hoping to sport it at the gig on Saturday!
  6. Any idea when these are coming in? Canny wait to wear it!
  7. What's the club's policy on letting people in at half time? I'm a season ticket holder in the East Stand but can't make this till around half time/late first half - what's my chances? would be gutted to miss this one!
  8. patnevin

    The Draw

    what's the full draw?
  9. What a night! Big thanks to the organizers and all the past and current players that came down. Big well done to Stevie Hammell for winning the tournament too, beating probably the best pool player in Scotland over the last few years, Pat Holtz in the final. Was great to get the opportunity to play against some of the legends too, but I have to hang my head for grannying John Philliben, that didny feel too good haha.
  10. That's my £10 paypaled Andy, look forward to it. Guess it's best just to play pub rules, but would be an idea to print out a couple of basic "rules" sheets to ensure everyone knows and there isn't anyone upset, as there will be guys that are all used to playing different rules i.e 1 or 2 shots on the black if it's a foul.
  11. sounds good, will need to get practicing Brian Martin came to our Pool league charity do in East Kilbride last year, and played some doubles with me and some of the other guys, but if the other players are anything like him I don't think yous need to worry to much about the standard...
  12. Hey, are there still places left for this? I would love a place in this (sent you an email about this also btw). What's the format of the tournament? 1 frame knock out? best of 3? etc. What rules are yous playing? Blackball league rules or just normal pub ones?
  13. I'll probably have two tickets for sale now, definately can't get make to replay now. So 2 £7 concession (student) tickets to anyone that wants them. PM me for interest, I'm in Motherwell so can meet wherever.

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