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  1. I took the "funny" part he was referring to as being the over the top whining and media circus as a result, rather than the fact Cardoso's nose was broken. Inarticulate and clumsy from the captain, but I don't think for a second he's suggesting that it's fun to injure fellow professionals.
  2. Agreed, although he seemed to make the wrong decision almost every time he had the ball. But it's 1) pre-season and 2) he's what, 17? Enough to see a bit of something about him though. Certainly did well in his appearances last season. Like you say, it does feel like we need a bit extra up top.
  3. Aye, very much a pre-season friendly. A couple of really nice first touches from Gorrin and Rose to pull down a high ball, and a few nice passing moves from Bigi and Turnbull, but little else to shout about. I don’t remember us even registering a shot on target...
  4. Agreed. Still one of my favourite Well tops to this day. Just looked a bit horrendous as a full kit.
  5. Did I imagine it, or did they announce him as "Turnball" on Saturday? (As well as not bothering to have photos for Aldred and someone else, who I haven't bothered to remember [emoji23]).
  6. Yeah, GDPR requires "opt-in" consent rather than "opt-out" and a legitimate business reason for keeping contact information. It's not as easy now for companies to email you about something just because you bought something else from them that one time. Although having not seen how this was handled for the ticketing, they may be on top of this already.
  7. Edit: nevermind, SCDave beat me to it. No surprises there really, except perhaps Demi moving on. Not because he was any good, just because Robinson seemed to persist with him.
  8. The nice thing about this season's "rebuild" is that we're talking about enhancements rather than wholesale changes. Testament to the job Robinson did last summer. This summer is an altogether different challenge, but not one to be underestimated. However we've got a really solid foundation on which to build.
  9. Despite the assists, I didn't actually think that Tait was quite up to his usual standard today. A few stray passes and not quite as assured as normal in possession. If anything though I'd say it's a compliment to how consistently good he's been this season that he can have a bit of an off day and still contribute three assists.
  10. I'm totally expecting the three in the middle to be McHugh, Campbell, and Grimshaw.
  11. Could be a number of options as most did well today without being outstanding. Delighted to see how much big Cedric’s goal meant to the rest of the team and all the fans. Overall though I went for Grimshaw. Much like the semi final he was pressing hard, chasing everything and added a little quality to boot. Campbell was similar in the second half but I thought was unusually off the pace for a lot of the first half. McGowan’s a decent player but what a wee arsehole he is.
  12. See, not for me. I agree that the football is often very short on quality, but the character and commitment on show from the team more than makes up for it for me. We replaced something like 17 players this season (someone can no doubt provide the exact figure), and given the lack of foresight from his predecessor, Robinson’s first full season was always going to be one of transition, and building a core from which to build a team. He’s done incredibly well to lower the average age of the squad, secure key players on longer term deals, and add some quality. Next season we need to see forward progress, no doubt. But to make lasting progress there needs to be a solid base. If a transitional season brings us narrowly missing out on top six, a cup final, and chance at another, I’m really looking forward to seeing what the next season brings, when the manager has more of a chance to build on his foundations.
  13. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a MOTM vote on here where all the votes have gone to the same player. I’m not about to break the trend either, Main was immense today. The boy’s an absolute unit, and is showing that he’s not short on technical ability either. Superb.
  14. I've not seen it mentioned anywhere, but I thought Cadden had his best half in quite a while in the first half on Sunday. Playing in a more advanced role it meant he wasn't receiving the ball with 60 yards to run, and I thought he looked really lively. Obviously not a direct replacement for Tanner, but I'd be happy to see him continue in there with Frear/Tait at WB.
  15. Campbell for me. Totally bossed the middle of the park and showed Scott Brown how to play that role without being an utter shambles of a human being. Closely followed by Main, Carson, and Tait. Possibly would have gone for Tait were it not for his fairly shaky first 45. His second half performance was absolutely superb though. That last-ditch block where he came out of nowhere was incredible, and I thoroughly enjoyed him shoving Brown out the way while jogging back as well.

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