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  1. Good to have Frear back, along with Tanner that offers us a fair bit of creativity and adds width. Big performances required from the midfield in the absence of Campbells dig and drive. Mulumbu and co will be a handful. Looking forward to this one and interested to see what formation we start with. COYW.
  2. Just been posted on club twitter that a limited number of tickets will be available at the away end 1hr before kick off tomorrow. No idea how to copy link to here, technophobe of the highest order, sorry.!!
  3. Earlier communications from the club said tickets must be bought in advance from Fir Park, but the match preview post on the official site ticket info section now lists PATG option available. Just incase it helps anyone who hasn't noticed this and is planning on going and not bought yet , could save a trip to FP (assuming it's correct!!). On the game itself, would settle for a scoring draw in this one. 1-1, Ciftci to get off the mark for us.
  4. Back on topic from the pundit chat, on current form the January window is going to be massive. Too many of our supposed strong bench have been found wanting in the absence of a few regular starters. Griffiths iffy at best, Bigi Fisher and Petra so far less than set the heather alight. Moults departure is obviously going to hurt us the most and getting his replacement right is imperative to the cause. Both him and Johnson served us well, earning us a decent wedge on their departures, but now is not the time for another lower league punt. Whoever comes in is going to need to be proven at this level, as none of our current backups are capable of stepping up to take his place. Robinson has stated numerous times in his pressers that we have plans in place and targets identified. I hope this is the case, as although it's not quite panic stations yet, our current slide can't continue
  5. Always disappointed to lose heavily, but in context a late collapse given the effort and energy put in over a quick 6 days shouldn't be in any way unexpected or inexcusable. Celtic have the luxury of making three or four changes, bringing in players who would walk into the starting eleven of any other team in the league, then bringing on internationals in the last quarter to take advantage of tired legs and push home that advantage. Games against Celtic have minimal effect on our season as a whole. In the main I'm delighted with how our club has acquitted themselves both on and off the park in the past week. Time to draw a line under it and look forward to Tynecastle next week and getting back on track against teams we are more realistically able to compete.
  6. This is the essence of the optimism in our ranks from the manager, through the team, to the fans. Mindset and approach to games against them is the key. Most sides when they go behind to them, or even under periods of sustained pressure, seem to accept the inevitable and collapse. Robinson has instilled a real belief and confidence in this group that by playing to our strengths and gameplan that we can match anyone. Celtic don't usually come across that in domestic games, and that's what I think sets us apart from the rest in being the side most likely to end this invincible pish, especially as they haven't met us yet and as such we are still a bit of an unknown quantity to them on the field. There's no denying that we will lose significantly in the possession stats, but if we stay disciplined in defence, and get good balls to our front two when we get a chance to break, we can take advantage of their weaknesses which are their defence and keeper. We are rightly underdogs, but every dog has their day, and tomorrow could just be ours.
  7. Absolutely buzzing for this now. I honestly have a feeling, like many others, that by this time tomorrow we could have welcomed home our new generation of heroes. The odds in the eyes of most are stacked against us, but of anyone in the country I really think that we are the team most likely to end this whole invincible charade. Celtic are streets ahead in the league, but how much of that is down to genuine quality, and how much is down to opposition sides giving them too much respect, the fear factor, playing the occasion rather than the team, or any other clichéd shite you can think of ? I have no doubt that tomorrow Robinson will turn up with a game plan that has been meticulously worked on this week, and if the players go on the park and execute it with every ounce of energy and effort they can muster, we really do have a chance. As the club promo blurb says, it is time for new heroes. Get your arses along, be vocal from first minute til last, and help put that extra yard on every run, an extra inch on every jump. By getting behind the team and pushing them on , we can be heroes too. This is our time. Or, alternatively, fuck all that sentimental pish, have a bevvy in the morning, get to the park and sing your heart out. Then return to Motherwell and get blitzed - win lose or draw, as where we are now from where we've been the last few years is some fucking achievement already. MTW.
  8. Just caught Hartley and Cadds interview on STV there and the attitude from them and way they spoke about the game was exactly the same as Robinsons'. Basically we'll turn up in trackies as that's what we're comfortable in. We're a hard working, physical side and won't change what we do just because it's Celtic There to play the game, not the occasion. It's that attitude and outlook compared to the defeatist and small time mentality of the past that has me feeling that something special may be about to happen on Sunday. Bring it on !!
  9. Disappointed but not too disheartened. Weren't at the races first half, and although the subs made a difference and we could have snatched a point in the second, can have no complaints about the result, Hibs without being great were worth the win. Misjudgement from Cedric at the goal, but we have to remember he is still young and playing regularly at this level for the first time. Mistakes like that will happen from time to time, just got to hope he learns how to deal with these situations better in the future. Today was probably the most toothless we have been in attack too, but as I say, after the run we've been on, will accept it as an off day without too much dejection and move on to next week.
  10. The amount of column inches and airtime dedicated to Sunday's incidents and disciplinary sanctions is truly staggering, and all in the name of appeasing the thick followers of the newco, who simply cannot comprehend or accept that they are no more than an average league side who absolutely no one fears now, or for the foreseeable future. Had the roles been reversed and the flashpoints happened at the other end of the pitch, with say Candeias breaking Hartley's nose and Cedric kicking out at Morelos to receive a ban , would there be the same outcry from Keith Jackson et al.? Would MFC have been so incensed as to issue an utter embarrassment of an official statement.? Don't think so somehow. In some ways I wish the cnts would suck it up and shut up, but then again the utter seethe and meltdowns we have caused them by having the audacity to rough them up and pump them out is still absolutely glorious reading even 3days later.
  11. Mindset is the key to success in games against them, as has been mentioned over and over. Yes they have some decent players, but we have the personnel all across the pitch who are equally as good and can match them for quality if they play to their full potential on the day. The influx of players from outwith the Scottish game and the emergence of raw young talent in Cadds and Campbell will have eradicated much of the perceived 'fear factor' in facing the no longer mighty Rangers , and the positive style favoured by the management so far, I'm sure will be on show on Sunday. Play our own game and see where it takes us. Things like Hartley's comments in the press don't bother me in the slightest, ill-advised though they may be. Whether it riles and inspires Morelos remains to be seen, but there is no doubt that after 90 mins up against the big man, he will know he's been in a game and endured one of his toughest 90 mins since coming to Scotland.!! It will be a close encounter and potentially nail-biting hour and a half to endure , but there is no reason to think we are in any way a lesser team with any less than a 50/50 chance of progressing. Intae them Motherwell.!!
  12. The biggest mystery is why all Well fans are not backing Hartley to score goals. I took £160 profit today for anytime and last goalscorer. Cashed out after 65 minutes or it would have been £100 more
  13. The big man is the biggest threat in the opposition box at set pieces we've had for a long time. Backed him as an anytime scorer today at 15/2 as well as both teams to score with Motherwell win, so betting money for our victory next week sorted.!! On the game , never managed along but sounds as though we were well worth the win, and as has been said, any win on that surface is a good win and sets us up nicely for next week. My only concern is another seemingly poor performance from Dunne, is bringing Hammell back next week for his experience a better option? I know he has his limitations too nowadays, but Dunnes' frailties and suspect distribution could be badly exposed by better forwards than Accies'.
  14. Expected today to pan out as it did with either team nicking a goal to win it. After Thursday it was always going to be a bit flat, both on the park and in the stands, with the shitty early kick off slot adding to the lack of atmosphere. A few off days, particularly McHugh whose ball retention and pass completion was shocking, and Kipre who was maybe jaded and just showed a wee bit of his inexperience. All in all disappointing but far from gutted, on to Partick next week and hopefully back to winning ways
  15. This side just has that feel of being the perfect blend to have us dreaming of a level of success / glory this season. In '91 we had a real mix of seasoned / accomplished players like Angus, Ferguson and Patterson, genuine class in the likes obviously of Cooper, and exciting young talent in Boyd , McCart and Phil. Although coming from less illustrious clubs , we have the experience of McHugh and Hartley, the mercurial Moult, and two of Scotlands best prospects in Cadds and Campbell along with all the rest and a positive mentality. Not saying they will go on to emulate their predecessors greatness, but the mix of players at different stages of their careers with different objectives and points to prove, the belief and fight for each other ethos that seems to be growing week on week , has me thinking that with or without silverware at the end, this could be a season to remember.
  16. Kudos to Robinson, the work ethic and energy levels he obviously demands make us a match for any team in the league, and I'd go as far as saying that I could see us being the team to end Celtics unbeaten run over anyone else , based purely on the desire and belief this group have in themselves, they give 100% and fear no-one. Fantastic night, and the genuine joy of every player at the final whistle was great to see, a real connection between the team and the fans in the stands that has been absent for far too long. Very few of our squad have any previous experience of coming up against the old firm or big city clubs which seems to have removed the fear factor so we go to Hampden really with a clean slate and a very decent chance of progressing , bring them on !!
  17. First away game I've managed in a while, but was determined to make it as it had the makings of a decent contest, and so it proved. The character of this side is superb, a real togetherness and belief. Even after falling 2 behind I immediately said to my mates we were far from out of things, and in the end I really thought we were going to sneak it. Really looking forward to the Aberdeen double header now and have a feeling there's a Hampden visit on the cards this season. Kudos to Robinson and the management team for the overall positive vibes around the club at the moment , what a difference being a 'Well fan just now compared to the last few years.
  18. Zaine Francis Angol currently on BT1 having found his level at AFC Fylde in the national league.
  19. Loved that today. Assured at the back, competitive in the middle, and a threat up front. Sure there are flaws and like many others I'm yet to be convinced of Rose, but far more promising than recent years. Love pumping Hearts. Big Cedric is the messiah.
  20. Absolutely howling first half, but the two subs at half-time changed the dynamic of the game in our favour. Campbell's energy and dig in midfield along with Bowman's movement and willingness to show for every ball put County on the back foot, which Tanner and Fisher failed to do once in the first period. Still much to be concerned about and improved on , but I like Robinsons willingness to change things early if it's not working. All in all a decent days work to get our first points on the board.
  21. Statement on the official site would seem to show where the club stands in regards to feelings towards parting company. Normally a wee spiel thanking them for their services and wishing the exiting player well in their future career. Not for the bold Jacob, one sentence. Bolt. One of the biggest wastes of money I can remember in over 30 yrs of following the team. Good riddance ya twat.
  22. Cheap option, given the gig after moves for preferred candidates never came to fruition. No coincidence that after binning him Oldham went on a run to secure their league one safety. Failure to push the boat out to get someone with experience at the helm when we are in such a precarious position is quickly coming back to haunt us. Maybe he'll be a good Championship level manager.
  23. Zak Jules is truly fucking awful. If his mistakes send us down we should charge Reading compensation. How is he ever a professional footballer, and how would any semi-competent manager see fit to field him.? We really are rotten from back to front, and relegation will be thoroughly deserved should it come to pass. Even with the Baraclough team, bad as we were, I always had hope and faith that we would prevail. With this lot all I feel is dread and fear. Never felt so low and pessimistic of our chances as a 'Well fan in 30+ yrs as I did leaving the ground tonight. Hamilton has, on the whole, been a graveyard for us in recent years, and don't see it changing much next week. I will be there more in hope than expectation, but expect the pub session will be far more of a highlight than the football.
  24. In an ideal world , the bottom six fixtures all result in home wins , maintaining our seven point cushion over Inverness and edging us above Accies and Dundee. This set of results would also basically guarantee Killies' safety and give us the incentive to go to NDP the following week and actually grind out a win. Killie would then visit us in the mid-week in holiday mode, gift us 3pts , and leave us with a stress-free visit to the highlands on the last day to celebrate our 33rd (?) consecutive season as Scotlands top flight establishment club. Highly unlikely that things will pan out like this, and opting for the glass half full approach, but I guess at some point Samson is a cert to happen.! Anyway, a totally irrational guess on current form at a 3-1 home win to keep the dream /fantasy alive.
  25. Very true , the service is obviously key and been seriously lacking , but in the couple of games he's been absent there have been a few chances that I would have fancied him to put away , where his stand-ins have been found wanting. One man doesn't make a team , but we can at least look a threat in the final third with him in it .

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