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    Rangers V Motherwell

    Just about to head to work and take my medicine off the buns there . Goin to be a sore one , but in the cold light of day and behind the smokescreen of jibes and jokes about Sevco , are we really that much different to them quality wise ? They have a few experienced spl heads like McCulloch , Shiels Alexander and Wallace , while we have Las , Hammell , Murphy etc. They had a few promising youngsters on show as did we , in Cummins , Angol , Kerr to name a few . They also have a few muppets , like we have in Daley , and more and more these days , the shitebag that is Humphrey . It really wouldn't have been a disgrace to be beaten off them if they were playing in the big boys league , infact at Ibrox it would be a given , with our track record there . The real disgrace was the manner in which they so easily disposed of us . It's goin to be a long day .
  2. mfcdez

    Rangers V Motherwell

    Think the general consensus is that , although defeat tonight was always a distinct possibility and not in the least unthinkable , the manner of the loss is just so hard to stomach . Spineless , gutless , heartless , and every other kind of . . .less you can think of was applicable to that performance . Yes Sevco were always going to be up for it under the circumstances , and no-one ever thought it was as simple as top of S.P.L. against 3rd div. cannon fodder .But to roll over and take it up the arse as easily as that was unacceptable . It's all fine saying people are over reacting to going out of the diddy cup , but that showing did not do justice to the efforts of the supporters who went to the game , and it is definitely a night to forget . A big performance is owed now on Saturday against the other ugly sister , and a change of starting line - up and tactics required if we are to gain anything . Onwards and Upwards .
  3. mfcdez

    Rangers V Motherwell

    Come on 'Well , out the traps fast in the 2nd half and get these chunts on the backfoot . A quick goal to settle the nerves and I think we can take control . 5 pints in , and I've still got butterflies in my stomach , shittin myself . Need a goal for the sake of my health , and no doubt that of Dossers everywhere !! Intae them !!!
  4. mfcdez

    Rangers V Motherwell

    Not seen interview in print , only heard snippet on radio which may have been selective editing . But would it hurt to , instead if trotting out the same shit , come out with something more along the lines of , we're unbeaten at the top of the league and go into the game confident that if we apply ourselves correctly , we are more than capable of getting a result . Start wi 2 up front and get in aboot them !!
  5. mfcdez

    Rangers V Motherwell

    McCall just on Clyde sports news sayin theres no way we can be classed as favourites tonite , and its the hardest draw we could have got . FFS , change the record ! If he cant issue a rallying cry saying we are more than capable of a result , and will be going there to go for the jugular from the first whistle , when they're on their knees , when will he end the negative , inferior comlpex talk ? His attitude is the only thing that gives me the fear for tonight
  6. mfcdez

    Rangers V Motherwell

    Baffling . If the point is that we are supposedly going to be warmly welcomed by their hierarchy , so we should be nicey nicey and avoid the issue of their current status , the club can quite frankly feck off !! Do they honestly think that the Rangers support are going to do anything other than spit abuse at us for 90 mins ? . Get an early goal to settle the nerves , and let the fun begin !!
  7. mfcdez

    Rangers V Motherwell

    If they line up as Jay has suggested above , with Faure and Arygriou at R/B and R/M , we should be looking at starting Murphy and attacking down the left and pressuring these two early doors , as from what has been seen of them on t.v. so far , they are both absolutely ganting . Personally would bench young Kerr and move Hateley back , and start with both Higgy and Henrik . Get ball out wide as much as possible in early part of the game , with emphasis on the left hand side. Be bold and approach the game as the favourites we rightly are and there is no reason to doubt we can win this one .
  8. mfcdez

    The Next 3 Games

    Was wary of this game , as many others are , but got to agree with the above from StipeIsGod , they are absolutely brutal , and we should be looking to beat them with some to spare . Yes they will be up for it , and there will be added pressure as the first SPL side to go there , but watching some of that tonite , a full strength 'Well side should be capable of seeing them off comfortably as long as they don't let the occasion and hostile atmosphere get to them .
  9. mfcdez

    The Next 3 Games

    My thinking is the same as that of Texan , would absolutely LOVE to do those c#nts over and have a good run in the cup , but at the end of the day I see the league as most important and , looking at the other fixtures over the next couple of weeks , I see the potential for a lot of draws . So if we take as many points as possible , we could build a gap between us and the pack as we did last time , then we hope to stay injury free and let the rest ( Celtic included ) do the chasing !
  10. mfcdez


    Don't vote unless I've actually been at the game , but watched it on an almost perfect stream and thought Higgy deserved the plaudits for continually being in about their centre half and eventually getting his just desserts . Notable contribution as usual from Randolph with a couple of important stops and also Henrik who gave us the needed spark when he came on .
  11. A big week starting next Sunday for the boys , and was wondering what our hopes / expectations are at the end of the 3 fixtures . Personally , I would be delighted with 4 pts from 6 , ( beat The Sheep and draw with Smellic ) , and progression in the cup vs Sevco . I feel this is an achievable but tough task , so if push came to shove would happily settle for 4 pts and losing out in the diddy cup to the buns . A chunk of gate money and the chance of a right good wind-up would possibly be enough to negate the disappointment of defeat in that one . Thoughts ?
  12. Could be the hallmark of this seasons champions E_S_A , got to believe !!! MTW
  13. Atdhenet.tv link is working great for me . Poor first half , but Dundee aren't all that great . If Higgy's effort had gone in there I would have fancied us to come out 2nd half and push on after a half time rollicking . As it is , got to get a foot on the ball and gain a bit of composure . Get balls wide for Humphrey to run onto , cos that left back is there to be torn a new one . MTW .
  14. After the international break and some time to recover from the euro exertions , I feel pretty confident going into this one . A win by 2 goals would set us up nicely going into an interesting run of games over the rest of the month .
  15. Loved Simo . Reading thru some of these posts has brought back some fantastic 'Well memories . Also got me looking through lists of players from the years I have been coming to F.P. , and came across Sasa Curcic , forgot all about him . Could hardly be described as any sort of hero after his brief and ultimately shite spell , but surely one of the biggest screwballs ever to wear the C&A . No idea how to post a link , but his wiki profile is some read !
  16. Special , I realise that most people may have many such favourite players , was meaning more a particular goal or moment by one of them that sticks out , like shuggie swinging on the bar as has been mentioned , or one of psycho's many moments , like the elbow to peter grant , or conducting the singing doon the east . Still maybe doesn't help narrow it down for some people with as many years following the team as yourself mind !
  17. Was so bored in work today , I found myself reading a copy of The Sun in the canteen , and saw in the ' In This Week ' column that it was 15 years ago this week that we signed Namibian sensation Eliphas Shivute . Can't believe it's so long since the big man strutted his stuff at The Arc . Always remember his diving header against Rangers ( deceased ) at Ibrox , wearing the luminous yellow away top , a goal and name that always brings a smile to my face . I know there have been favourite player threads in the past , but was just wondering if anyone else had any favourite players / goals like this that stick in the memory and make you smile ! Mods feel free to remove to HOTD !! .
  18. They make so much out of the fact we normally take a small support to their hell-hole , but so do most other teams . Do they not get the fact that they're disgusting scummy c*nts , and no-one else wants to go and listen to the vile shite they spout ? Their fans and players will be right up for this one , but most of their signings came from average to good SPL sides , and haven't magically become superstars just because they now play in Rangers strips . If McCall can get them in the right mindset to handle the atmosphere , and stick to playing the way we know we can instead of going there with some shitty defensive set up and strategy , we have players capable of beating them and absolutely nothing to fear . MTW .
  19. Decent point in the end up , all things considered . Boab deserves a start at killie next week after coming in for an impressive 45 today . Personally would put him in for Ojamaa , and also drop Daley , putting Cummins alongside Hutch and try Ramsden in middle with Las , as hes supposed to be quite versatile , which would maybe allow Law to sit wider and give us the threat we are lacking in the final 3rd .
  20. 6th placed finish in that league is undoubtedly impressive , but their record of W- 16 , L-15 , D7 , makes it sound a bit more do-able ! Hope we can get close to the crowd and atmosphere we had against Pana to give us an edge and hopefully a wee lead to take over there .
  21. Bit of perspective required . We will take a 3-0 beating by a much worse team than that in the league at some point during the season , its fitba , it happens , especially to a team with young inexperienced players such as ours . As has been said , we had a fair amount of the ball without having the quality to get into the final 3rd and threaten their goal , while they sat in and picked us off to great effect again . Thats the difference between us and teams at this level with big budgets . A sore result ? Definitely . An embarrassing result ? Not at all IMO , just beaten by a superior team , in a competition we should all be proud as fuck to even have taken part in ! . Onwards and upwards , look to take 3pts on Saturday , and get a favourable draw in the Europa . MTW .
  22. Don't take my comment the wrong way , possibly worded it badly . I like Page and think he can do us a job , just better suited to sweeper type role in my opinion , with someone with a bit of presence in beside him , as I think he's a good reader of the game , but balls in the air are not his main strength . I didnt feel Ramsden offered anything more than the boy Cummins did when he partnered Page at end of last season , and I wouldn't like to see us blow what little money may be available on someone whos no better than what we already have . I jusr hope we hold on to Hutchy in transfer window and he stays injury free
  23. I know its only a pre season game geared towards getting fitness levels up etc. , and team was a mix of experience and youth , but central defence to me at moment is a big concern . Page to me is a few inches too short and struggles aerially , and I'm not convinced Ramsden is any better than the youngsters we have at our disposal already .

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