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  1. Always thought some kind of set up where you could drop kids off , say 1pm , for some supervised activities and a visit from players and mascots , allowing you to have a few sociable beers in the Cooper before picking them back up in time for kick off , would be a good idea . I'm sure most folk wud be willing to pay a modest fee for such a service , say £3 a time , and then put another few quid in the coffers enjoyin a beer without worryin about the kids . While the adults are in the Cooper you could have raffles etc. to draw another few quid . Not ideas to pull big bucks , but every little really does help , and anything that can draw more youngsters into following the well should be worth considering .
  2. Really impressed with this kit , also good to see that they took posts off here into consideration when working on the design , well done to all involved !
  3. For sheer elation / relief , big Mitch Van Der Gaag's free kick in '96 - '97 season ( I think ) , to avoid a relegation play off against Airdrie springs to mind when I get asked this question . For technical ability both Hamilton and the Juke are right up there .
  4. 100% every game and one of lifes good guys . Not everyones cup of tea , but must go down as a true club legend having skippered us during a period of sustained success , and to some of the greatest heights in our history . Cheers big guy , and all the best .
  5. Gutted yet again with usual outcome against that mob . If we don't get pumped we give away goals through poor defending . As has been said , McCall should have made changes with about 20 mins to go . Humphrey was blowin out his farter , and at that point we had a lot of posession in the final 3rd , introducing Daley or Murphy at that point could have made all the difference .
  6. Celtic wanting to jump back into bed with Rangers to vote against change and reform is exactly what you'd expect from the arrogant , self-indulgent rats that they are , after going on record saying they could live without them . Take away Rangers right to vote until they have a ' fit and proper ' owner in place , because if Duff and Phelps are allowed to vote on their behalf , they will only go for whichever option offers most financial benefit to them , regardless of any other options which are proposed for the betterment of Scottish football as a whole . Taking the power of veto away from the old firm is the only way our game will ever begin to build again and prosper in the long term . The chairmen of the other clubs have taken this stand , and they MUST see it through . No buckling under pressure and idle threats from Lawell et all when they come face to face at the next meeting . It's all fine and well giving anonymous interviews to the press , but they must look these arseholes in the eye and tell them enoughs enough , we may all be smaller than them , but in the SPL as a business , everyone should be equal . No matter their income or fanbase , every member club is one twelfth of that business , no more , no less , and they must be made to realise that . Alternatively they could just tell them both to f*ck off , and gie us all peace .
  7. If they get between 1000 - 1500 in the POD , I'd reckon thats around £30,000 revenue to the club . Why not just lump £5 onto the cost of a ticket for the south , which if it holds 4800 works out at £24,000 . That leaves a deficit of only £6,000 , which for the safety and enjoyment of our own fans is surely a price the club should be willing to pay . And as a few folk have pointed out , with them housed in the one area , a few more of our own may be inclined to come along and take up some of the resultant empty seats in the POD . Obviously the O/F would greet about it , but there is no doubt that when push comes to shove they would always have enough willing to pay an extra couple of quid to sell out their allocation . I know the club needs every penny it can generate , but the enjoyment and safety of our support needs to be the main priority . Apologies if this suggestion has already been made , haven't had a chance to read whole thread .
  8. mfcdez


    Clancy was solid at the back today , and I can see why he's getting a fair share of the vote , but for me Jenno's dig and fight in the middle of the park was the MOTM performance in what I thought was actually a decent game of fitba .
  9. My first experiences of coming to Fir Park were the mid 80's when we won the 1st division to seal our return to the top flight . Since then I have obviously witnessed the highs of 2nd and 3rd place finishes , european football , and numerous trips to Hampden , including the Scottish cup win . The contrasting lows of administration , final day survival fights , and the Malpas era put into context the varying fortunes a club of our size faces . With the fanbase we have and the modest revenue it generates , there can be no arguing that we have been spoiled in recent times . The problem is that the more success the team has , the more some people come to expect . The perspective I try to maintain is to enjoy the good times when we have them , while realising that the tougher times may one day return .and in these times of ever decreasing gates and budgets the chances are that they will . Win , lose or draw , so long as there are 11 players on the park in a 'Well shirt putting in an honest shift more often than not , that'll do for me .
  10. mfcdez

    Dundee Utd

    Great all round performance yesterday , solid defensively , and the midfield took control right from the off . Can't argue with any of the voting so far as their were several who were worthy of MOTM for their contribution , but my personal pick was Las.
  11. Heading up to this one tomorrow . Record and performances on the road this season better than at home , so hoping for more of the same . I see it being an open game with a few goals . Hoping we edge it , but in truth would be happy with a point . Heres hoping for a day like today weather wise , and with the same level of backing and noise thats been created at the previous away games so far , a top performance from the boys to take us into the international break in a really good position . Mon the Well !
  12. Can obviously see the logic in going with the same team and giving them the chance to make amends . The worry is that , if they go out and produce the goods and get a win , will an element of complacency remain and the players think they can have off days and still be a first pick ? With the absence of a reserve league the fringe players only have the odd bounce game to impress McCall . The league cup is the ideal stage to give a couple of these boys a chance to stake a claim and put pressure on the jerseys , especially so after an abject performance like Saturdays . I would like to see a couple of changes to freshen things up , but if it is to be the same 11 , I would be hoping to see 100% from every one of them from first whistle to last , And for the love of god , when they get a sight of goal , instead of playing tippy two-ey SHOOT !
  13. No matter who starts on Tuesday , theres got to be a reaction after yesterdays performance . Would like to see a couple of the fringe boys given their chance , and maybe play their way into contention for a regular game . A couple of regular starters could certainly do with a rocket up their arse , and competition for jerseys is the best way to achieve that . Seeing Hibs defence crumble in the 2nd half against Dunfermline gives me hope that our forwards can get at them , find the net again , and return to winning ways .Dont see there being much in it , so would settle for a scrappy , shitty 1-0 win , and progression to the next round .
  14. Losing heavily to the OF is a habit we seem to have too easily fallen into over the last couple of years , with the exception of the 2-0 win over Celtic last season . As soon as the first goal is conceded in each game you immediately get the sense that the floodgates have opened , and our boys seem to resign themselves to defeat . Although they obviously have better players than us , I honestly feel that a negative mentality is as much to do with the manner of the defeats as any gulf in class . Even with 11 players at the top of their game we would need luck on our side to get anything from these matches , but a more positive and resilient frame of mind would certainly go a long way towards at least coming out of them with our pride and morale intact . No matter what system McCall opts for , there has got to be more spine in the team and a will to at least compete over 90 minutes , instead of the usual capitulation .
  15. Hard to watch , but even harder when ur listening to a right couple of biased arseholes commentating . Sad thing is , the shite they're spouting is what 99% of their support ACTUALLY think . Volume aff !!
  16. 14 goals for a side playin the brand of football St Mirren were last season , battling to stay in the division , isn't the sign of a bad striker . If people stay off his back , and our wide men get good balls into the area , the big man will score goals . End of .
  17. Never saw it myself , but according to a couple of my Rangers supporting mates , their 2nd half display tonight was shocking . Players allegedly tired and increasingly nervous and desperate as game wore on . Hopefully this will give us an advantage at the weekend . With a near full squad to choose from , if McCall gets his tactics and formation right and the defence perform as they have been doing , we might just get ourselves a result . The lack of depth in their squad defensively , along with potential fatigue , adds weight to the argument to keep Forbes in the side as well as bringing back Las . Possibly use Jenno in a holding role , with those two in the middle , then if all going according to plan , bring Humphrey on for last 20 or 30 mins to take advantage of weary legs .
  18. mfcdez

    Game Today?

    Don't think there will be a reserve game tomorrow , Fringes . They had one yesterday , beat Raith Rovers 3-2 .
  19. I would be inclined to go with Las back in at the expense of Humphrey for this one . His dig and commitment will be vital in the middle , and while I think some of the critiscism of the Hump is a bit ott , I don't think Papac is someone he's had much change out of in the last couple of encounters with Rangers , so feel he could come on in the later stages and use his pace to advantage when some legs in their back line are starting to tire . Defence is definitely their weak point at the moment with the loss of Bougherra , and with Weir and possibly Bartley out for another couple of weeks . The new guy Goian looked decent for them against Inverness , but with some direct running from Law and Murph , we are certainly capable of causing them problems . If our back four can continue their solid start to the season I see it being a good contest , and being realistic I would be delighted with a share of the spoils .
  20. Wasn't at game yesterday , but between listening online and reading some of the comments in this thread , really pleased to see the much lambasted Forbes had a good game . But what happens next week ? Does he get dropped to make way for Las , or does someone else make way ? Don't see McCall starting against Rangers without Lasley , so interesting to see if Forbes drops back out after a good display , or if someone like Humphrey , who has been abit off the boil lately , makes way and we change shape a bit .
  21. YES ! All over , still top of the league , bring on the Rangers !!!!
  22. Todays team , as posted above by Yabba , with the exception of Forbes being in place of Las , is pretty much what I would consider our full strength starting 11 . If we can get in about them early and disrupt the new found passing style they allege to have found , I think we could get a result today . Tight game with the odd goal in 3 deciding it . Higdon to net the winner and sicken the feckers ! Mon the Well !
  23. The main thing I would do would be to fund a state of the art stadium of around 10,000 capacity , preferably at FP , rather than a move to Ravenscraig or wherever . Picking up on the smallprint in Kamikaze Bob's post , I rather like the idea of my only proviso being a penthouse flat in one corner with a balcony opening out onto the park , a la carlsberg advert of a few years ago . I would also give a lump sum of , say £10m , to be split equally between youth development and first team affairs . I would then retreat to my hefner-esque mansion full of nubile young women and narcotics , and watch with interest how MFC progress with my generous donation .
  24. Happy with this signing . As has been mentioned in previous posts ,Higdon is one of those strikers that always made me nervous when he played against us . Capable of scoring a goal out of nothing , and the occasional screamer from distance .. Good bit of business by McCall . Welcome to The Arc big man .
  25. Keen to see what you lads have got planned . This is my 50th post on site , so hopin I will get my access to protected forum now for a wee swatch !

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