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  1. Was he not on a similar slump earlier on in the season, before absolutely dominating in the 3-0 Pittodrie game?
  2. Interesting read, maybe it's just a sign of supporting Motherwell but wasn't aware that we made money from our players playing at a tournament. Also positive that he is saying the right things in terms of focusing on Motherwell, even if his agent is allegedly saying otherwise behind the scenes. With regards Long's demeanour, it reminds me of Roy Keane's postman analogy. His job is to score goals and help us win games (which he has done when played in his position), not look happy.
  3. Of my green-minded friends, I don't know anyone that supports Celtic's position on this. I'm quite surprised more hasn't been made by them over St Mirren/Killie getting to rearrange games, possibly would've had the league been closer. He actually looked like he was mid-meltdown in that press conference today.
  4. 1 year ago today was Long's hat-trick in Dundee. Doesn't look bridges have been burnt going by the club's social media.
  5. I’m maybe in the minority here but don’t think we need another striker. Cole and Long will score goals at this level, and Watt will contribute through goals as well as assists. There’s three strikers that I’d argue walk into most SPL sides, certainly those around us in the league. Unless White were to leave, any new additions start making our squad quite top-heavy. We really need midfield reinforcements. I stand by the sentiment that Donnelly will be like a new signing once fit again. If we were to sign a replacement for Polworth, or at least someone in that creative mould to provide competition, I’d be fairly happy. A new defender would be a nice to have, if not only to cover ourselves for when O’Donnell/Gallagher leave, but don’t think it’s necessarily critical given how we defended on Sunday with just one week of GA training in the bank.
  6. It was quite obvious I felt that we were happy to let them cross. One of Rangers’ key strengths this season has been their wide men and getting their full backs forward, nobody has dealt with that this season so I thought letting them cross and crowding out the box was actually quite clever. The goal came from possibly their deepest cross of the match, which we hadn’t packed the box for, which I thought was quite telling of how well our strategy had worked. All in all I was quite pleased with the performance. We sat deeper and deeper as the game went on, which you’d expect given the lack of confidence and our record against Rangers of late, but in the first half I thought we played pretty well and moved the ball about with rushing or panicking. Certainly steps in the right direction.
  7. I asked the question of what happens with a pre-contract a few weeks ago when the clause was first mentioned. To my understanding, when a player signs a pre-contract, they're saying "I agree to sign this contract, at a later date". Any clause in his current contract, unless worded to say that it's nullified should he sign a pre-contract elsewhere, would surely trump any agreed future signing of a contract?
  8. I too liked him, and think he was unfortunate with us in that he didn't suit the system we were playing at the time. The tongue-in-cheek point I was making is that while some are discussing the strike rates of Smith and Rooney and how 1 in 5 isn't going to get us out of the quagmire etc, we let go of Johnson who has scored almost as many goals this season as Harry Smith has in his entire career while playing at a similar level. I'm not suggesting that we try and re-sign him, or that if he were still here that he'd be the solution (he might've been), but I don't think it's fair to judge any new/potential signings on what they have done before. You can use statistics to tell whatever story you like...
  9. Oh what we'd do for Danny Johnson these days.
  10. The SPFL (via independent panel) gave the decision in our favour. It was the SFA that overturned it. I’m not sure how much ‘blame’ can be aimed at the SPFL here. The process of having the independent panel adjudicate in the interests of fairness was the right one I think and the decision was pretty clearly justified. They wanted executive powers to try and sort these things out before the season even began, and weren’t given them. I don’t think they’ve done much wrong. I know that the SPFL and the SFA are separate bodies, but they’d surely be on a similar page on matters such as this. By cancelling one another out they’ve just made the game in Scotland into a joke, which makes the end outcome much more infuriating than if the initial punishment had just been the slap on the wrist and token fine. As others have said, I don’t think the club should be saying anything on the decision publicly. I would expect Burrows et al to be following up in private however, for all the good it will do. I doubt that stipulations over what players can and can’t play would had to have been outlined as part of the decision.
  11. The cynic in me thinks that the socially distanced team photo was to emphasise that some clubs are taking things seriously...
  12. The official site has him returning in February. Updated just before Christmas, so you’d hope just a few more weeks. Realistically won’t be contributing to game as we’d like him until into March/April I think, as you’d expect after being out for as long as he has.
  13. The "didn't cut it last time" chat is a bit misleading. How many players need to take a step down as a young player to then make the step back up again? The captain of the national team springs to mind.
  14. Lawless appears to fit within our current financial model as well, which is good.
  15. Agreed. I always remember thinking that he looked pretty decent, and wondered why he had been let go.
  16. The ex-Livi theme is becoming a bit laughable now, but I wouldn't say that makes this a bad signing. Decent pedigree in Scottish football and fills a position we've been lacking in, the 'graduate homecoming' thing is also a nice sentiment.
  17. Doubt it seeing as Kilmarnock and St Mirren are already playing.
  18. Very generous of you to give him 45 minutes before being denounced as shite.
  19. Morally dubious yes, but not sure Celtic have broken any rules as such. If they had failed to play Hibs the other night that would've been a different story but can't see them being charged with wrongdoing on this occasion.
  20. But when fans get back into stadiums, that'll equate to more time to visit the kiosk! Revenue generation at its finest.
  21. The squad is nowhere near as bad as some have made out. Carroll and Donnelly (hopefully back soon) are like 2 new signings. I suspect we'll get 2-3 new faces in at most this window, and likely on short term loans as others have mooted. I think I'd have bigger concerns about GA turning things around if he went out and signed 6 or 7 new players, as that would suggest he isn't capable of getting the few extra percent out of a largely capable but underachieving squad. I'd also be concerned if we started throwing money around during what has always been an inflated January market. Aye, we've done well in revenue terms recently but that money is ringfenced for new training infrastructure and stadium maintenance/improvements surely? I'd be pretty raging actually if we started eating into that, as I suspect those wheels will be put into motion in the next 12 months once fans are back at games. I'd like to think that the board interviewed potential new managers thinking "who is the best man to turn this around" and not "who is the best man to turn this around if we give him a few hundred grand to spend on new signings". You could say that our squad overachieved last season but it is certainly underachieving this season, I have faith that GA will get things right without any major surgery this window and we'll finish clear of the bottom.
  22. It'll be Madden, Dalls and Collum etc in the VAR booth, so I wouldn't hold your breath that they'll all of a sudden start getting things wrong less often.
  23. Just out of curiosity, how does the headers stat compare against other teams. Admittedly we've scored fewer than most, but I would've thought headers make up a minority for most teams. Quite glaring when you see it broken down like you have but I wonder how it stacks up against others.
  24. I think things are improving, just not very quickly. If the professional bubbles work as they're supposed to and clubs can cut out the piss-ups by the pool non-essential travel then there's no reason that our league can't continue uninterrupted despite prevalence in the general population.
  25. I'd be surprised to see more than 2 or 3 players max join this window, even if we were to lose a couple. Given the apparent divide in the dressing room and the known difficulties in getting quality players during January, I don't think half a dozen new faces mid-season is necessarily a good thing. Although I could be wrong.

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