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  1. we just couldn't play that system - Vigurs at left wing back, are you having a laugh? you need a team full of players who are very comfortable on the ball and who know what each other are going to do - that is not us i'm curious as to why you think this would work well??
  2. when angol plays he has a hidden magnet that attracts him to hammell, as a wide left player, he needs to take a man on, he needs to take a few risks and do the basics - if he can do that, then we have a player - but he does it no where near enough. he has the pace, he has the strength - he just doesnt use it get the ball, take the man on, and smash it across the box..............go on, give it a try
  3. unfortunately i 100% agree with this. whilst he may not have inspired us with flashes of brilliance, his presence alone was enough to make teams think / change how they lined up against us. and whilst i hope Law comes in and is a success, i think we need to drop the comparison or the fact he is the faddy replacement - i think that incredibly unfair on him
  4. m,aybe due to the small numbers in our squad - SMcC doesnt want to take a chance with someone getting injured.???? another thing - losing out on thursday night, i think will define whether or not we make a move in the transfer market - it will definitely affect the quality of player that we can bring in we need to come out the traps flying on thursday night and try and blow this mob away - we need at least 2 goals
  5. weesacs


    Carsy without a doubt
  6. Motherwell to win and BTTS - 14/5 - im on that!!
  7. i'm not going to say i dont think he could do well there, but if you play one up top and one behind, surely you want one of them to have pace? thats one reason why last season with Sutty and Faddy - it just didnt work and as for saying the 4231 should turn into a 433 when attacking - how does that work? - you've got two wingers who you want to push on and you've got Vigurs in behind Sutton - by my reckoning, thats 3, plus Sutton = 4
  8. anyone doing the bristol route??
  9. was he not one of those players similar to neil mccann, targetted by the boo boys for being "from the wrong side"??
  10. A. Goalie Reid --Ramsden --McManus --Hammell -------------------lawson -------------Carswell --Lasley -- ---Ainsworth---------------------------Vigurs -------------------Sutton not that i think this should be the team, however it shows that without further signings we can still put a decent team out on the pitch
  11. unfortunately money makes the world go round - if you were due/owed £200k, would you want it? I know I would. And I also know that is some smaller company came to me offering me more money to do the same job, i would be off. This isnt Wayne Rooney or another elitist we are talking about here, we are talking about a guy who has spent most of his playing days in Scotland - not earning a fortune in footballing terms And while I understand your thought process about not setting the heather on fire when playing against part time opposition, the same could be said about alot of those players who were proven SPL players - and I wouldn't be refusing Cammy Bell, Nicky Law etc coming to the Ark You say how he does against SPL players is what interests you - well he got a move to Doncaster on the back of a good few years at HIbs, and when at Killie he was nominated for Player of the Year by his peers - surely that is enough to say he has "something"??? I just dont think we can be too choosy - i certainly dont think we should break the bank for him, but at the same time, i do think he is the type of creative player we should be looking for as a replacement
  12. mmmmm - we cant afford proven players so we need to take gambles, and thnakfully most of McCalls have paid off - 2 of our best strikers in recent years have been gambles from the scrap heap - Ojamma and McDonald A nice pay day - that could be his pay off from Rangers. He isnt going to get another 'big' club after his performances for Rangers and for Doncaster when he was down south. Players have proven in the past - come to us, you put the effort in, you will get the game time he has 14 international caps, and whilst it would be great to have 11 players we can sell on - it doesnt work like that - we need a mixture of young and old, just like we need a mixture of graft and flair in his time for Rangers, according to wiki he has 15goals in 39 games many of which im guessing he will have been a sub - not bad return in my eyes one of the main reasons Motherwell have done so well over the last few years in the morale and harmony in the dressing room, the will to fight to the end and fight for each other - have you read any of the reports while he was in Belgium?
  13. IIRC Shiels and his agent had a meeting with McCosit due to his lack of appearances he was injured for some time, so didnt play - when he was fit, McCoist didnt put him in the team because they were winning - why change a winning team? then they had the above mentioned meeting, he came in and scored a few goals i'd take him - think he is what we are looking for, got a bit of trickery, can socre some goals, but his best asset is creating them - exactly what big Sutty needs. As long as it aint bank bursting wages, he'll get his game time with us and i'd happily see the Killie Dean Shiels (who was nominated for POTY) play in a Well strip
  14. i dont understand what you are trying to say
  15. and the other mob have 1000!! if it's in Wales - then you might find, and its a big might cos I have no idea how the rules work - that it might get moved to Wrexham or Chester (but they play under the English FA, so i have no idea how that will work either!)
  16. i dont know if it has been mentioned, and im not trawling through to find it...................... but i heard that we have made an approach to UEFA and also a pre-chat with Police Scotland aout the home game being 17th (to make it clear - we are asking for the first game to be at home) this is due to a multitude of things coming from the Commonwealth games which is due to start 23rd July police resources will already be stretched and i dont think we will be allowed to play the game without a police presence UEFA practice is that the home team are to source/recommend accomodation for the visitors - everywhere is going to be busy because of the games security / visa / transport issues when the games are on are also likely to make it difficult for a team to visit just as the games start anyway - dont shoot the messenger, its all hearsay - it could be gospel, it could be a pile of shite
  17. the only place you will be going in australia is fort denison
  18. what if there were 4 of you wanting to go? the harsh reality is - for some people, football is just too expensive - you cant hold that against them i thought what Dundee Utd did for the cup final was amazing - they knew people would struggle with the price, and for what they raised and the donations coming from around the globe shows lots of people agree (and im not suggesting for one minute that we should do that) but we are getting to the stage where it is going to become a vicious circle (if we are not already there), yes the club are introducing new offers trying to attract kids and hope they are fans of the future, but that doesnt help the here and now. Yes the club have froze ST prices and can't be faulted for increasing for the first time in 4/5 years - but where does it stop? the club needs the money, people do not have the money to give - we are a small town team with a small fan base, we cant keep asking the same people for money all the time (unless they have wads of it!!!)
  19. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  20. i think the fact the club have put the tickets on sale this early and at this price should be enough to tell folk we are in desperate need of the cash...............NOW the price of the ticket is not great and I do believe it should be cheaper, however I understand why the club have done it. What it will mean though, is that some folk will have to pick and choose their games. i can see the smallest ever attendance at Fir Park for a home league cup game this season
  21. it would be great if we could do that, but we cant force clubs to buy our players. We cant offer bigger and longer term contracts like Hibs and United do - we simply do not have the money. Darren Randolph was one of the best players to play with us in recent years and not once did someone offer us £££ for him. Ojamma and Murphy went for peanuts in comparison to what they were actually worth. Is that a develpoment issue? or is that a business problem? maybe we dont big them up enough like other clubs or the media do - but again, thats not a development issue. This season, we have the chance to see how Leitch, Carswell, Moore and Erwin all fair - other than that, we have been very successful on the park the last few seasons with the model being used by McCall - should we really change that? Are Erwin or Moore really going to knock Sutty out the team? I dont think so
  22. means what exactly? develop them and sell them on?

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