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  1. On your point regarding strikers, who’s to say at this point that Johnson isn’t the ‘striker of quality’ you’re looking for. His record is comparable to Moult’s before he signed for us and you still seem to be sore about us selling him... The Sammon signing seemed strange to me but I can only assume he was available at a relatively low cost and at worst he is definitely better cover than what we had last season. The number of midfielders does seem strange at the moment but there’s still time for any / all or Bigi, Cadden and Campbell to be off... the meltdown on here would be incredible were that to happen, even with weeks left before our transfer deadline.
  2. If people are going to go into meltdown every time their team sells / loses one of their better players they should probably avoid supporting Motherwell (or any Scottish team for that matter).
  3. Some people need to get a grip I think. Selling Kipre will not be the difference between us staying up or going down just like the possibility of losing to Hibs on Sunday with a bit of a depleted squad will not relegate us. There is a long season ahead with almost a month left to get players in. It's very likely the 'football' on offer this season won't be great again but we're a long way off being relegation fodder.
  4. Already posted on the actual match thread but probably makes more sense here... 2 spare tickets going in the West Stand if anyone's interested?
  5. I've ended up with 2 spare tickets for the West Stand if anyone's interested? Any Sellick fans sniffing about the forum need not apply.
  6. Not that I have an issue with what was said, as I personally don't stalk the club's general manager online like some people seem to... but... he could have simply said nothing about potential future signings and left talking about the footballing side of the club to the 'football department'.
  7. More likely to be him talking pish as usual and passing his opinion off as fact...
  8. tottenmfc

    Mcghee Out?

    Personally I'm not ready to join the 'McGhee Out' mob yet for the same reasons that many have outlined here and to be honest, I have zero faith in the people currently running our club to make a better appointment if McGhee was to leave. However, this nonsense about the video that appeared on Twitter is ridiculous. People calling it embarrassing while at the same time saying he doesn't care makes no sense and in any case, he showed a lot more restraint than I would have in the same scenario. If my team was putting in that sort of inept performance and getting absolutely pumped and I was ordered to sit in the stand like a wee schoolboy, only to have some bawbag shout abuse at me and stick a phone in my face, I'd have the phone smashed to bits and probably be done for assault. Alright saying he should have been more professional but the same people saying that would be in an uproar if McGhee had spent the full 90 minutes sitting in the dugout emotionless. The guy can't win with a section of our fans and while there have been a fair few decisions he's made that I disagree with, we could definitely be much worse off.
  9. tottenmfc

    Mcghee Out?

    Sums it up for me. We're picking up points against the teams we should be at the moment and I'll settle for that up to the end of the season. Some of the negative tactics recently have annoyed me a bit (both Sevco games especially) but I think saying our form is terrible is a bit over the top... 'bang average' would sum it up better for me.
  10. tottenmfc

    Mcghee Out?

    The stats don't seem to back-up the statements being thrown about regarding our form though... we appear to be in a solid mid-table position in that regard and in the league at present, which is more or less what you'd expect. You can argue whether or not there is any entertainment being provided but I think this is the case for the majority of teams in the league. A 12 team league with as little between 7 or 8 teams is always going to lead to teams focusing on grinding out results to avoid relegation, rather than worrying about entertainment and/or developing players, but that's another issue altogether!
  11. I would guess that the figure the club are looking for is not 7 figures (although if he was playing for Crewe or some other diddy team down south that'd be the going rate) but at this stage it's all speculation. What we do know is that we've had one insulting bid from Oxford and nothing else so at this point I'm all for the club's stance. Saying we bought him for a nominal fee so we should accept any scraps we are offered (as his agent appears to be sating) is a joke. We gave him an opportunity to step up a few levels and are entitled to expect a fair price for our part in his development.
  12. Just proves money can't buy you sense then!
  13. You still working in the taxi trade? If so, what company? Just asking so I make sure there is zero chance I ever get into a car with you.
  14. Reading this has put the idea of going in my head now... £21.40 as far as I can see.
  15. Beat me to it with this. A full-back with a serious inability to header, tackle or block crosses is never going to be a fans' favourite.

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